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Eric Garner case: NYPD commissioner makes announcement on cop at center of investigation | ABC News

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  1. What if he was selling lemonade instead of cigarettes?

  2. All the cops should have been fired who were present during the incident.

  3. Black man from New York here👋🏾
    I may be late to the after party, but I just found out that the commanding officer, who was on the scene when Eric Gardner was killed is a black woman? 🙄. Black life is not valuable in the eyes of most people, but As quiet as it is kept, alot of black people DO NOT! value each other's lives as well.

  4. I’m convinced everyone just brain dead he was resisting at first it never would’ve happened if he never resisted to begin with.

  5. The NYPD commissioner just lost the respect of his officer and some of us New Yorkers. Good luck on your career as a NYPD commissioner.

  6. This doesn't seem fair at all. A man has died, others have died due to the prolonged stress and heartbreak, yet the officer is merely sacked? This isn't justice. Not at all.

  7. Going to prison would be the ONLY right thing for that thug!

  8. Captain Picard, Lt. Warf. That's entertaining. The only commish I've ever paid attention to was named after a war crime lol

  9. Basically translation is “we didn’t want to fire him for the murder and we don’t really care that a dude was murdered, and we did everything we could to let him get away with said murder, but here y’all go”

  10. He choked out Eric Garner against police policy which led to his death SMH. But only gets fired SMH!!! Naw that man needs to serve time for those actions. And why does the police commissioner compare himself to this officer thinking he probably would do the same thing SMH!!! Police unions and their protections from being under scrutiny need to be changed immediately SMH.

  11. After 5 whole years? Man these devils ain't shit!

  12. He just had to blow up the neighborhood, "Selling narcotics, selling cigarettes, people drinking in the park, people use drugs – blah-blah". As if that has anything to do with choking someone to death as opposed to arresting them for their offense. Please. Yet in this case there was none. The police lied (it was leaked earlier last week). So let's keep this real and fire the rest of those officers who stood by while their colleague choked a young man's Life away. These people are always making excuses, "A large man." How racist. That sounds like what the KKK used to say about 'Black' men during Jim Crow 100 years ago. "Watch out for that big n&%%er!" And why do these so called 'journalists' keep saying he was resisting arrest? Of course he was! He was being man-handled like an animal not a human being. Every one of those male police were just as big as Mr. Garner and there was four of them. So again: please, stop it. We have had enough of this. Police violence, force and brutality is happening all around the country to indigenous, Asian and 'White' youth.

  13. You and your friend the mayor have used the officer as a political scapegoat….suspect should have complied…i hope the officer sues the ass of you and the mayors office.sorry mr Gardener died but he brought it on himself

  14. He never said, The cops put him in an ILLEGAL chokehold on him OK black cops listen up, Put white kids in the chokehold and squeeze. Say, Fuck your breath when little white Tommy, Ralph, or Becky say that they can't breathe. What are you waiting for? Stop reading this and start choking. Don't worry, you'll get a paid vacation afterwards and a promotion. You may lose your job at that station or district. But it'll be replaced by a better station and district. Now thumbs up this post. And elect me for president.

  15. Well his family need to deal with him…. They need to do whatever that want to do … They should get their own justice ….. You can't trust the system….

  16. Cops kill blacks because they see us as being of know value.Rip Eric Garner.

  17. This guy has too much attitude it's know doute that officer are putting their lives on the line everyday,but this office choked and killed someone's family just like the officer's have family so do others that don't where a suit.
    You don't choke and kill someone,you don't arrest black with the intention of killing someone.Rose Marie made the right decision hopefully more cops get punished for there crimes in the future for killing black people.

  18. This is why people don’t like police officers they can commit serious offenses and get away with a slap on the wrist other police officers will stand up for corrupt cops people have been asking for years for good cops to push out bad cops that never happened now society is turning on police officers you can see in the news people throwing water at the police throwing objects at the police and the police take a stance like they are completely innocent so society has had enough of police officers and their BS #UnderqualifiedIdiots. We need to start a petition to have all incidents like this need to come out of police pensions if you look at street gangs and police they are the exact same thing you just got government backing them there paid thugs

  19. I’ve made some dumb mistakes in life as has every one alive, but to think my life and memory would be spit on and dragged through the mud because one of YOUR officers chose to end my life that day…. I’m more shocked the longer this guy speaks.

  20. I’m confused, is this press conference meant to take responsibility for the police action in killing a man, or to justify the departments practices and commend the officer who killed a man?…… If I’m to go off of the words coming out of your mouth, um why is he being fired? Who is responsible? If one persons actions don’t reflect the department but yet this man is such an exemplary police officer, then who is responsible? Did you really hold a press conference to ramble on and spew bullshit non stop? The people aren’t buying it so who are you talking to?.. This world is insane sometimes, the fucking twilight zone.

  21. All the stick bundle cop lovers are mad ..lol, get over it ..

  22. I really commend the NYPD for taking care of this in a timely manner. They really showed the public their commitment to justice by coming to this decision after 5 years. I also really appreciate their highlighting this officers superb service record and flawless career.

  23. An illegal choke hold leading to a death is a murder.
    From a former cop.

  24. Hope that motherfucking murderer never works again and dies destitute in a puddle of booze and his own urine. What a pathetic man. Same goes for pat lynch, a spineless worm who came out in defense of this murderer just today

  25. 5 years is unacceptable for some investigation. NYPD has as many criminals as the government. The end. It's time for them to do something good for a change

  26. Cops don't get fired, they're relocated, so I'll never believe that they're fired or jailed.

  27. Never seen such a disregard for life with this man's speech.

  28. I spent 17 years as a CO and faught Inmates many time's but I always followed policy and procedures. This man is wrong for talking about his personal opinion to the public. Policy is Policy period! He's trying to protect his own. Back up should have been called instead of the police officer trying to get his propers so he could go back and laugh about how he took this large man to the ground. Great show of this man trying to protect his owns even when he's wrong.

  29. pussynaleo got off easy. He deserves the same justice he served Eric Garner!!! Then they have the nerve to cry like little bitxhes from having water poured on them.

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