Wednesday , December 8 2021
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Eric Trump: Companies are fleeing China

Trump Organization Executive Vice President Eric Trump on the China trade war.

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  1. You can avoid American tariffs by making stuff in the USA.

  2. Companies are fleeing china, but they are not coming back to USA.

  3. They should do that long time ago!!! diversification globally.

  4. Andrew Yang for president 2020!!! Duck trump!!!

  5. If there was any doubt left, Trump thinks of himself as a sovereign King. His "order" that US Companies get out of China is hopefully illegal.  The real fact that he has even thought he can do this is extremely dangerous. Trump is mentally unhinged, and completely unfit to be President. When is enough, enough ? "Prince Eric" thinks this is fine.

  6. Funny, maybe he should start the ball rolling with his complicit daughter

  7. Trump utterly capitulated 😅😂 Companies leaving China because its to big, what an imbecile you have to be to believe that companies are leaving.

  8. Bad news for US ! Low wages , very low wages !

  9. Royal decree tweet just announced, Trump hereby orders companies to leave China(the chosen one has spoken) all hail the GREAT MORON

  10. Eric Trump. A boy genius he is not.

  11. yeah, right, stupid…..they are going to Thailand mexico and India…anywhere but the US….and it's only cost the consumers half a trillion so far…..

  12. Eric Trump, just a younger moron, same blood.. The idea was to have tariffs drive AMERICAN companies back to manufacture in the US. They just moved to Vietnam, Laos etc.. NO jobs came back to the US, your self back slapping is just as embarrassing as your father's claim that Chinese EXPORTERS are paying US IMPORT TAXES!! The whole argument that China NEEDS the US is a US invention. China itself was already moving out of manufacturing and now assembles products in cheap labour sites in Africa. China are readjusting after the backstab tariffs imposed out of the blue.. but once bitten..

  13. I 🙏God well, That all! Mr🎺 You had to be tough on China I understand.
    Thank you for caring.

  14. Of course, you have the right to believe whatever you want to believe.

  15. Ozone layer depletion needs the most attention.

  16. Question: why still want a deal?

  17. China is crooked in many ways.

  18. why the hell won't these "manufacturers" bring the industry back to the US? Our corporate elites are too willing to give our jobs away. nobody ever talks about THAT!

  19. ok, it is much simpler than all that. Just get to work America and stop complaining. Read "Think and Grow Rich" or anything by Napoleon Hill. An American writer, and the guy who i think really pulled our country out of the Great Depression. His lessons are still relative today!

  20. Trump is a FAILING President!

  21. he hears people talk on the street and in buildings. just like dad, its the best way to make big moves on the economy. so smart

  22. Rats are fleeing Baltimore… it simply smells too bad.

  23. The Chinese leaders and Russian leaders are dictators and plunge the world into an all-destructive war. They suppress their peoples. Perhaps the US will not accept this and Hong Kong will come to the rescue. The danger is then a war. This is caused by Xi Jinping. This figure is a great dictator who will go to war in his own country if he continues like this. These are the egocentric stupidities of a dictator.

  24. Such garbage news. "I heard this all the time from people…" Give me legit facts and information to form a decision. I heard this all the time from people and we are winning because our horses are growing horns and becoming unicorns. You cant loose a war with unicorns cause they are majestic.

  25. Trump asked his lawyer to look into buying Greenland.

    “What do you guys think about that?” he asked. “Would that work?”


  26. Why was he helping consumers, I thought tariffs were paid by China not consumers??🤔

  27. If it’s true, for sure companies are not coming to the US…lol

  28. Another lie from Fox.
    Why Trump delays the 300+ billion tariffs if China is paying it?
    Otherwise, Trump is just a bluffing coward and is about on his knees in front of Xi.

  29. China is not our friend. China is a Communist country. They have millions in labor camps because of their political or religious views. Some of these people are conveniently " executed" so they can use their organs for transplants(huge market). They censor everything. and the list goes on…

  30. Lol…… last i heard China has canceled loans to your project, why ?.

  31. where did you got the loans and build the risort and hotel in Bali ?.
    ht is having trouble paying his own debt !….. from China bank ?. LoL.


  33. The American companies and businesses can flee China and do not coming back. The Chinese are not buying the American products anymore.

  34. 哇!发梦?!?wow is this even a News channel? I'm from China anyway, do you American really that stupid to believe this thing? Fleeing from China? From what? 1st of all moving a company and factory from 1 place to another is not easy and fast job, 2ndly there's no other place better then China to move from, and the fleeing word really makes me laugh, oh God American people actually watch this thing? Really amazing. I followed a link here and it's freaking hilarious lol. Good luck to you all, best luck for you guys, all I can say if you believe in this you have no idea what the world is actually happening out there now, when people tell you a country which is in heavy Debts and its people have no saving at all is winning a trade war against a country with low debts and its people with lots of saving, and you actually believe it, I think you are crazy, Theres no winning in trade war you stupid people, 怎么那么蠢的国人都有?!?这种东西连小学生都明白。everyone is loser in trade war, and this channel is selling you guys US is winning? Wow you guys ganna fall real bad if you don't prepare for the height, everyone in this world is preparing, everyone is loser.

  35. This carrot head is taking the world into recession………..

  36. China is just providing a service. American businesses went to China . China didn't force them . Why has Since 2005, Trump has filed for 126 trademarks in China for his business empire, and as recently as June
    Ivanka Trump's brand won 16 new Chinese trademarks

  37. Trump MAGA hats aren't made in china?

  38. Does this mean the Trump family is finally moving their manufacturing business out of China too,?

  39. Is he trump's son? He looks so stupid

  40. China got rich offering cheaply made products to the U.S.. China says they make the best electronics. The U.S. says maybe but we sent a man to the moon. If it is that good over there in China, then why are there so many massage parlors here in the U.S. offering happy endings and no legal action being taken against them ???

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