Thursday , November 26 2020
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Eric Trump: Pelosi, House Dems have accomplished nothing next to Trump

Trump Organization executive vice president Eric Trump on 2020 Democrats, Hunter Biden, the impeachment inquiry and more.

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  1. Russia is in Turkey. Polosi went over there with her elk. What deal did she do with Putin? She had no authorization to do anything. Yet she will blame Trump. Wait n see.
    This is the kind of crap she and her party does. Cage hillary the yipping dog.

  2. Yes indeed Mr Eric Trump! Your Father the Worthy President of the USA is indeed a Fighter, and He is doing remarkably well, and his adversaries will keep standing against Him because they want to wipe out the true Moral Christian Values in the USA, thats the war going on here! May our beloved God Almighty Blesses your Outstanding father Mr the President even the more and keep giving him Wisdom from above to keep fighting the horrors wizards and witches that are trying to put America down in any shape or form. Pray for Him and His good efforts, his Loyalty and His Beautiful Heart, and keep on raising your voice to defend His good and outstanding performance. May God Blesses America more than ever and keep Mr the good Fighter President Safe always! Blessings!


  4. What I am hearing is Fox emphasizing the few mistakes Trump has made. Three years ago Fox would be defending Trump instead of highlighting his errors. This is the Paul Ryan effect to move Fox to a position of antiTrump reporting.

  5. We will see, Eric, we will see.

  6. What has your father accomplished, moron!

  7. little trump is like his father. same rhetoric lol
    they are so easy to spot when they are lying hahahaha
    you dad and all of you will pay for their crimes. by the way, thee American people is not the 35% of disgusting creatures. why you talk like a little scary girl lmao!
    the dems have the goos on you criminals, pelosi will get your criminal father impeached and removed. with evidence, you know what evidence means?

  8. 95% of Republicans, 80% of independents, and 48% of Democrats, sport, President Trump.

  9. Trish, can you please serve as a host sometimes on THE FIVE & GREG GUTFELD show?💜🇺🇸💜

  10. Eric is the dumbest tRump, no wait, Don jr is, no wait, Ivanka is, no wait, ….

  11. Democrats need to be be removed permanently. They are the enemy of the people. Everyone can see it. We have to we must get rid this evil.

  12. Perhap's one of Eric Trump's best moments. Really liked his quick-mention: ("… or while in Office…").

  13. Just one minute, Trump Jr.
    Do you know how difficult it is to name a post office?
    It takes, like, like, at least an hour.

  14. Derussify your incomes, please!

  15. The “why give them the ammunition” critique is precisely why conservatives have lost almost every important institution in this country. In culture and politics, playing it safe is for losers. Do what is right because your opponent will attack you no matter what you do.

  16. The Clinton's need to be executed


  18. ወንድ
    Way to go son!

  19. who let this idiot out from under the stairs is what Iikes to know.

  20. Trumps kids need to get somewhere and just hush. They hands are so dirty and the only reason they have not went down is because the Democrats are well…..stupid🤷🏾‍♀️

  21. This chick is she trying to model or maybe has stocks in a makeup line, it just seems she tries to hard to be attractive for the camera…

  22. Orange Man didn't do this, Odumbma did. Altar Boy did not do anything to the economy, Traitor Hussein did.
    Hahahahahaha !!!! Trump 2016-2024 !!!

  23. These people are sick with the monies they have corrupted. Therefore, the corrupted Dem are fighting together against President Trump to stay out of jail. Corrupted Republicans like Romney  turned RINO because of their corruptions, They are being subjected to blackmail,  and have to fight together to impeach the President in order to stay out of jail when the Speaker of the House become President after usurping the President and the VP through the faked impeachment. The President should invoke court martial when he has the proofs[like subpoenas issued] that Congress is in the process of fake impeachment.

  24. After the Donaldus Magnus wins in 2020, Eric will follow him in 2024 with his fantastic wife Lara at his side. It's going to be an awesome family tradition!! MAGA!!!! KAG!!!!

  25. why now is the media even after the truth pushing for something not there god bless!!
    any one in a crooked deal should be held accountable god bless!!

  26. I kind of see a future president here….this guy can speak, I haven’t seen a presidents child present him or herself without obvious ignorance or scandal….I’d vote for this guy one day..

  27. ​When congress does not do their job in favor of pursuing baseless accusations in trying to delegitimize our president and his administration and all who support him, a remedy MUST be found. I think I have done so. The leadership of the house of representatives- Pelosi and her cohorts- should be sued by every single person who voted in the 2016 election. ON what grounds? That's just too easy. They have accepted pay from the American people for work they never intended to do. They have said repeatedly, in public, after they were elected, that they never intended to do the work of the people. This is called theft by deception- FRAUD.

  28. Twinkle? Does he mean fallen angel bloodline? Pretty sure they all hailed from Royalty in Europe and from one of the 13……

  29. Glory to God ! In MN! (I’ live here ) SO HAPPY!

  30. Eric Trump is a good guy IMO

  31. Time to get out the Draino lol

  32. An Idea we have gotten to know the trump and family so well let us start saying “vote for Trump and family “ for 2020. Remember Trump forever madness. Jealousy for power, driving the Congress impeachment crowd. Ether that or let them crucify the President for loving America and the Americans. We have people that, died for our individual freedoms let us stand for them now.

  33. NANCY PELOSI WOULD BECOME THE NEXT PRESIDENT when President Trump and VP are impeached?  WATCH [GLEN BECK'S]CHALKBOARD to understand how Dem deceived the American people BY CHERRY-PICKED STEPS to initiate impeaching of the President, thereafter, the Dem can issue unconstitutional[without the House full voting] subpoena to anyone while President Trump is being denied his right to defend. The Dem would use this unconstituential impeachment to find dirt and/or faked dirt to kick out the President and then the Vice President thus giving the Presidency to the Speaker of the House! And you would know what would happen next!

  34. You hit it right on the nose (So as to speak) ERIC – Your father is a fighter for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. A fighter that we have needed badly for so long and all we got were more politicians. The gesture to host the G7 conference was a wonderful one, but the democrats & their cronies have turned it into something bad. Now we will have to spend $ to go elsewhere. Someplace not so nice & at a higher cost. We NEED to replace all DEMOCRATS!

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