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Escaped prisoner in Tennessee spotted

The inmate who allegedly murdered of a prison employee has been on the run.

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  1. These piece of shit white supremacist had nothing to lose when he killed that black female employee. He went from death sentence to death sentence. Smh.

  2. WTF I live in west Tennessee😱😱😱😭😭😭

  3. He is with his UGLY and ignorant brothers, the kkk's y'all know they're helping him.

  4. I have school tomorrow and I'm watching these late at night lol.

  5. Perimeter hello perimeter. Was it a normal tractor? Or was it like the County Fair tractor pull tractors cuz those could be pretty fast. Other than that, how in the name of Zeus's butthole have you not caught him yet?

  6. “Chilling. It looks just like him.”

    Dude. That’s because it is him 😆

  7. Whites are the 0:50 that the Bible speaks of.

  8. He stayed in the same town as the prison!? Lol

  9. My goodness… May God have mercy on his soul

  10. This is unacceptable ..wtf we pay taxes for? To feed inmates and then let them escape putting everybody at risk? smh

  11. “Chilling image, it looks just like him “

    Um, maybe because it is him?!

  12. Only a matter of time and he will be back in jail.


  14. I guess he doesn't know that people have cameras now.

  15. I hope a bigfoot rapes this big waste of scum.

  16. Already caught many hours ago but still trending as "news"? YT just sux anymore. Total failures.

  17. 56 grand. I have 4 grand in non lethal weapon but right when my 4×4 hits the shop….urrrg

  18. “Chilling image looks just like him”
    Ummm… it’s him bro.

  19. Ladies and gentlemen, may i present to you the next shooter…

  20. That tattoo on his right neck is going to cost him big time

  21. white people in the comments trying to justify his actions😑 smfh……

  22. Lol so fucking stupid he was to ignorant to shave off that gnarly trash goatee

  23. Maybe Tennessee prisons will be smart enough to shave facial hair after this one.

  24. Hello! he was already caught! Anyone home ABC. he was caught!

  25. This is why I carry a gun..

  26. Looks like Fidel castro to me. How the hell can you escape on a damn tractor 🚜 for crying out loud.

  27. i hope they catch this dangerous white violent gang member an put him away for good. im praying for all my minorities be safe out there✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼💯

  28. dumbasses dont tell you what town….dipshits

  29. Wait wait wait, fleeing on a fucking tractor? A tractor? What? He's topping speeds of 18 mph and he manages to get away on a fucking tractor?

  30. He was striped. Now, he's spotted. Master of disguise.

  31. You can tell from his tats that he is a really nice guy. Bet he has one of hillary above his ass.

  32. "In the same town as the prison"

    What town? Is this close to me? Should I look out my window?

    Great reporting jackasses

  33. SPOTTED? But has the son of a Bitch been caught yet?

  34. Mainstream media reporting means it’s deceptive. I’d buy this guy a beer for killing the terrorist that poses as a government employee.

  35. 57k? Shit i would of done it for free. Definitely could use the money

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