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Escaped Tennessee convict captured after 5-day manhunt

A homeowner spotted Curtis Ray Watson on surveillance camera wearing camouflage overalls, a hat and a backpack; this helped authorities to eventually catch him.

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  1. Damm he Will work long for that trusted lawnmmover thing.

  2. 44 years old? 64 years old!

  3. Aww, bless that daughters heart.

  4. Killed law enforcement…and seemed to still make it alive. Some black man should shoot him just to level the field a little bit.

  5. He had 6 years left, and everyone liked him . Could have gotten out in sooner time, smh.

  6. Clearly that mother fucker wanted to stay close to the vicinity.

  7. Dumb fuck u can run but u can't hide asshole.
    Death penalty his ass after 5 days problem solved.

  8. Imagine seeing the devil loose in your yard with his dirty hands on your refrigerator.

  9. Half to the family that lost, and the other half to the brother and sister who helped captured him.

  10. All of the reward money should go to the man and family that made the call the prison employee will be taken care of by the state of Tennessee

  11. Lol I can't believe people think the news is real

  12. And nooooo that reward has to go to the couple who called 911 please 😢why would that daughter say that

  13. I was checking the comments as far as I can go to see if anyone asked about why in the fucking world will they send any kind of female out alone with a dangerous prisoner for work assignments.

  14. Jokes on him… dumbass only had 9 years left out of his original 15 year sentence, was given multiple privileges and probably would've been out in 5 – now has a murder charge and will NEVER get out of prison alive. Idiot. RIP to the woman who had to die for this disgusting human being to continue living in the prison system on tax payers money.

  15. Thank god they got him off the streets it seemed like it was going on forever

  16. The prison should be paying her family for not providing proper security on their grounds. Minimum security or not, it's not county jail, convicts need to be monitored closely.

  17. Clintons were scared shitless now they can breathe again

  18. She went to work
    Got raped at work
    Died at work

    Im pushing button on electric chair if that was my wife, mom, or daughter

  19. Imagine if he saw the ring recording him when he was in the fridge. I think this would have been a whole different story. Glad he didn’t see it.

  20. 15 years for kidnapping your own wife smfh tf .. and I don’t think he was going after the daughter after he escaped .when u escape that’s what u do escape

  21. Wow this couple is lucky! Seeing this evil on their property

  22. Not once did anybody mention giving the reward to the black couple that turned him in. This is why nobody turns fugitives in.

  23. STUPID still had the same look. Inbreeding is bad brain cells are not developed properly.

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