Every border expert claims this one thing could end Biden's border crisis: GOP lawmaker

Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales reacts to reports by the New York Times that human traffickers now earn $13B annually under Biden’s border crisis on ‘The Evening Edit.’
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  1. Yes get Rid of Biden

  2. Manchin , so now you join the attack against the country. How much did the Dems offer you to cave

  3. A blue suit but does that match her black eyes and cold black heart?

  4. her pronoun should be, Kamala dumb a**

  5. Who pays…..YOU DO!

    Biden’s reckless spending, recession, attack on our energy sector, and surrender of our southern border.

    Inflation and fuel at a 40 year high. Never underestimate Biden’s ability to F things up!!!

  6. I Am So Sick And Tired Of Listening To These Politicians Spewing Their Word Salad And Not Addressing The Border Crisis And Embolden The Drug Cartels ! Joe Biden , Kamala Harris, Mayorkas, And The Rest Of These Democratic Morons Need To Be Drop Kicked Out Of The Whitehouse! Joe Biden And This Administration Have Destroyed America And It Needs To Stop ! We Are Being Governed By Liars And Thieves !!!!!! FJB !!!!!

  7. Take the blue suit to boarder

  8. Her pronouns are what. I have no words

  9. GOP law makers, politicians must stop talking so much about the boarder but get behind Governors like Greg Abbott and others who have taken it upon themselves to take action that the Federal government refuse to do.

  10. Blur suit? She excluding color blind people! Cancel her!

  11. When all these ppl migrate here to country and see what horrible mess Biden has made of our country , they will be running and clawing their way back to Mexico or where ever else they came from. They will find out that Biden makes many promises that he does nut keep. He will not follow through with any promise. When they get here they will find out the truth about this lying president.

  12. BLUE SUIT🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Biden is an honorary member of the cartel

  14. The Democrats do not care about the American people

  15. I have ONE word for Kamala. EVIL!

  16. Biden is lining his pockets with the Cartel's money and high taxes for America

  17. Joe wants to know where he find that brothel .

  18. Mexico just agreed to spend 1.5 billion on border security why aren't you talking about that???

  19. How much money is the Biden aminasration getting from other country for destroying our country.

  20. How bout you take all your freedumb soldiers out of US proxy wars and chuck them on the border…hmmmm what?

  21. Buzz the migrants with drones like a swarm of bees all with audio capabilities telling them to go back, you can't come here. That the 95 percent that don't belong legally the the Senator spoke of.


  23. Load the airplane ✈️ up and get those kids ready to go to their country before we won’t be able to get them out before all hell brakes loose. Every airline will have to get together and get them out.

  24. Biden is running night flights for illegals at tax payers expense to help the people smugglers, drug smugglers and slave traders. 🤬😡🤬

  25. If the government cared as much about the border and inflation as they do about pronouns maybe the USA would heal from the disaster that's the Biden administration. 🤬😡

  26. Talk about American crises the inflations, border crises, etc.

  27. Spread Eagle Heels up Headboard Harris has committed treason with the border she doesn't even seem worried.

  28. All repubs do is cry about it. Gotta give it to the left, theyve owned the right for 5 years. Even while trump was in office they bullied repubs mercilessly. Pathetic

  29. Other countries are taking their prisoners and the people in other institutions and dumping them here. We are not getting any skilled workers just criminals and the insane, the bottom of the barrel.

  30. This has caused me to question if blue is blue.

    Hey Kammy, there’s always CNN!