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Everybody Who Eats Needs To Hear This Warning | David Perlmutter on Health Theory

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Dr. David Perlmutter is a Board-Certified Neurologist and the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Grain Brain. In this episode of Health Theory, he and host Tom Bilyeu discuss the important health metrics to pay attention to, how lifestyle affects health, and the importance of connection.


The cutting edge in health now [01:09] How to use your genetics to your advantage [04:34] Is lower blood sugar always better? [06:02] Why there is no treatment for Alzheimer’s [08:07] The effects of exercise on your brain [12:16] Why aerobic exercise makes sense from an ancestral perspective [19:00] Is a vegan diet bad for blood sugar? [20:55] Are fecal transplants the future of Autism treatment? [24:37] Why now is the time to prevent dementia [31:30] Why you may not need to lower your cholesterol [33:33] How you can actually prevent dementia [38:54] The importance of sending the right signals to your genes [41:55] Are we all brainwashed? [46:53]

Grain Brain by David Perlmutter: https://amzn.to/2DvlpvW
Dirty Genes by Ben Lynch: https://amzn.to/2FYJdd8

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  1. the title of this video is dumb as shit.

  2. Thanks Wisdom Whisperer 👍👍

  3. So grateful for this episode.

  4. Please do a video on Chelation Therapy and Ozone Therapy.

  5. Amazing interview! Thank you Tom for always interviewing so many great people in your channel!

  6. Really stunning guest Tom 🙊 I Loved the interview 👌🏼It’s got amaizing information 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 God bless you and your love ones 😀 thanks a lot for sharing it👍🏼

  7. Embrace the recognition that connection is the most powerful notion we can leverage for health. 🧠

  8. BDNF can decline more rapidly in people that WERE highly mobile in the youth and middle years once they STOP their physical activities – like a marthon runner who stops running because of old age. The genesis of BDNF was high then all of a sudden exercise is terminated and so BDNF levels fall rapidly, more so than in formely untrained individuals who had a baseline BDNF level throughout their former years.

  9. Would a fast paced dancing be considered a cardio that would have the same (or more) beneficial effect that running cardio? It seems that it would also be "fun" and cause pleasurable brain activity also as a social event often.

  10. I always say ; " Sugar is a glue that holds the toxins in your body." It actually does become like little crystals in the brain. Blocking out memory and motorskills. It glues fat in the body. Which is why so many people complain about those diet shakes. It does not rid fat as long as there is cane sugar in it. Did you know that in the 1700's sugar was snuck into France to give to the religious leaders because it always put them on a high. And yes, they began to gain weight. Then the Governments, who worked with the religious leaders, were also starting to take this stuff. Now remember SUGAR WAS A ILLEGAL. IT is a true drug that is harmful. This is like marijuana, or crystal meth. Sugar gives the exact same reactions. Alcohol. People become violent because of the sugar in it. ADHD, SCHIZOPHRENIC, BIPOLAR DISORDERS, DEPRESSION, EMOTIONAL, LOW IMMUNE SYSTEM, FLUID IN THE LUNGS, STRAINS THE LIVER, HARDENING ARTERIES BLOOD FLOW, U name it. IT's causing the Death. No one gets sick from fruits n vegtable sugars. But cane sugar we do. Why ? Because its not healthy. People say " but its NaTuRaL. So isnt poison ivy or oak or shumack, are going to eat it ? What if it was sweet ? Would you still be gravitated to eat it ?
    Best sugars, when weaning off of it, are berries as often as you want, and apples mostly 3x times a week. Eventually when off the sugar for about 3-4 mnths, you can have other whole fruits. And can inculcate molasses and honey. I strongly encourage you to Find the book called Sugar Blues. Amazon. Very powerful information. I too am at a guilt in eating sugar. And I'm seeing harmful affects being caused on my own body as it is. But im working very hard to get away from it again. There are a few countries that will not allow cane sugar to be eaten. Its against the law. They see it for what it is………A DANGEROUS DRUG. I hope this info was helpful. And this doctor has some strong points opening up our eyes to the true reality how our bodies are made and affected by things we digest. As he said, we stay on this cycle. Until we break off. Love to all.

  11. wow this is capital information thank you so much yes back to nature and real food

  12. William Dafoe s long lost brother

  13. TODAY! Kids are being born with inflamation of the brain- ADHD, Alzheimers and are addicted to the Sugar and toxic chemicals, SAY NOTHING ABOUT ILLEGAL DRUGS!

  14. Meat is murdered earthlings

  15. ​Health Hub are specialising in Dietary Supplements .We believe that everyone should feel better in their Body to Improve your health. You will learn about quality products that is the best for your body and spirit. https://www.gtzhealth.com/

  16. someone I knew had that fecal transplant for C-DIFF she was close to death, complete recovery its amazing!!! But disgusting at the same time!!!

  17. Wow!!! This is the most important and informative YouTube video I have EVER seen!!

  18. How fascinating to hear this discussion between two intelligent and passionate advocates for living your best life; deserving at least equal admiration for being superbly skilled and nuanced communicators..
    Seriously, listen again with special attention to the WAY they speak— respond, reinforce and re-state— translating complex and interconnected medical research findings into working concepts we can grasp and process without our sharing their professional credentials.

  19. Can you please change the headline of this interview to "Dr. Andrew Wakefield was right after all?" He already demonstrated 20 years ago that autism and a damaged gut microbiome are interlinked. But the hysterical media and corrupt pharma killed him in the public court of opinion and only now do scientists come out with the same theory. What a tragedy for the world.

  20. This is incredibly eye-opening. This information will literally change my life. Thank you so much, Dr. Perlmutter. I have never heard of you until this video. Same with you, Tom Bilyeu! And I shall now subscribe, as you provide a very valuable service.

  21. amazing, inspiring, lets wake up!

  22. I wish one day I’ll meet Dr Perlmutter to shake his hand and say you changed my life in a huge way since 2013 “ Grain Brain” !!! Thank you !!

  23. When do you, people understand that no drug produced by big pharma is good for you. NOOOO. ZEROOO.. They are poisons, manufactured only for profit and depopulation agenda of course..

  24. What an impressive interview! So much knowledge to be gained from listening to David Perlmutter. I really like how you conduct the interview and your style. Your Spiderman footwear is awsome too.

  25. Daghang Salamat! Ive learned a lot🙏

  26. Great interview and great job!!👍🏻💕👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  27. Doc, you are on point! Makes me laugh when you said blaming firemen because they are on site as an example of cholesterol. I believe you. You are correct. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I ate a lot of eggs (organic) and meat- grass fed possibly organic and I don’t have any problem or issues. Thank God🙏💐💕👍🏻

  28. does anybody have a comprehensive list of the optimal blood levels they discussed? Like for sugar, homosystein, Vit d etc?

  29. loving what your getting out there!!

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