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Ex-cop found guilty, “urgent” briefing on Capitol Hill, drone deliveries | ABC News

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  1. The Amber Guyger case had nothing to do with race. There's a lot the media isnt telling us. These people knew each other, l dont care what the media says.

  2. ABC …All ABOUT CRAP "NEWS" The President didnt say he was going to build a moat with alligators or throw rocks or shoot migrants in the legs, you idiots, so stop with the crap. This is why the American public can't take you teleprompting reading parrots seriously. It's all hyperbolic sensationalism, embellishments, & out & out lies. I would advise you to keep it up though as it assures Trump the victory in 2020. 😀Go Trump!!💪⚡

  3. Very poweful ending to a difficult's young brother wow a well brought up kid his brother can look down from above and be proud.not something I could have done this ending will never be forgotten i hope and pray that the protesters learn from this young man .the judge showed us that underneath the cloak she is human never seen this before i actually said eatlier 10-15yrs but was still surprised when the jury handed down the sentence..a trial that has made history i hope and pray that the people of Dallas are aware that this young man has given Dallas a platform to show the world that people can come together and be loving kind and respectful a lesson learned today.RIP Bo

  4. I HOPE AMERIKKKA BURNS TO ASHES….they gave this pale faced bitch 10 years and she murdered an innocent BLACK man….but they gave MARISSA ALEXANDER 20 FUCKING YEARS FOR SHOOTING AT HER BOYFRIEND WHEN HE WAS BEATING HER….She didn't even hit his ass with a bullet she missed and was still charged with AGGRAVATED ASSAULT and given 20 YEARS…20…YEARS…..she had to cop a PLEA DEAL and was released after doing 5 years of the sentence…..of course MARRISA IS A BLACK WOMEN…..fuck this country nothing good will ever come to amerikkka again it's to demonic to be saved.

  5. Wow! I just watched live, Botham Jean's brother give his passionate victim's relative statement. How powerful.

  6. Her sentence was just announced on DFW news stations. 10 years.

  7. Poor mouse. I hope he is ok.

  8. If I ate that Burger I would feel like I just had a baby the next day

  9. Zuckerberg is worried. It is his fault that we are faceing the worst president ever.

  10. I don't know anything about the case. And none of you do either. Could have just been a mistake like she said. The media and government like to frame people. This could happen to you if you choose to have a gun type brainwashing message.

  11. Throw the book @ that white bitch. Just like they do us Brown and blk folks!

  12. Right but Cosby and Kelly are good people fuck BLM

  13. Si se puede si se puede justicia por ese moreno pinche gringa Perderte en la pinche pinta estúpida

  14. I hope she gets the 99. And doesn’t that mean it’s a hate crime too???

  15. Where’s that burger restaurant?

  16. If she was a black cop, she be in a orange suit while be shackled. Ohhhh you gotta love AMERIKKKA

  17. #Guilty I'm so sick of cops getting away with murder on the daily! 🤬




  19. Send her to a Mexico prison to serve her time!

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  21. Someone said they should throw the book at Amber Guyger, but what if they miss.

  22. About the food induced labor. The cause and effect are backwards. It is not unusual for a woman to become very energetic, active, and hungry in the hours before the onset of labor.

  23. Why don't the Democrats ask for a vote for Impeachment, what are they afraid of?

  24. Not a excop
    Was a cop at time

  25. If it was a black female police she would be in handcuffs

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