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Ex-KKK member and Muslim man share unlikely friendship | Humankind

He used to be in the KKK. Now he celebrates Ramadan with his best friend, a Muslim man and refugee.
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  1. Mayday mayday mayday! My videos are under attack by those criminals in India, they don't want the truth out regarding the genocide violent against Muslim by Hindus.
    Some of those might be working for YouTube where malicious strikes and copyright violation has been hitting my videos really hard to shut me down.
    If you could go to my videos titled "1st Amendment violation torture because of their religion"

  2. From the frying pan into the fire. The guy obviously makes a lot of bad choices with his life and easily lead by others.

  3. Everyone won’t be cheering when they wipe out half of upstate New York

  4. How is it unlikely???? Logic out the window these days…

  5. This beautiful story made my day. Ignorance can easily turn to hate. It takes one hell of a man to see through that and turn that negativity into understanding and love.

  6. This aint shiz. Try being friends with my mother in-law geeez

  7. For people in kkk we love you all please please find now why I love the way you were find god and good friend please USA need to change thank you

  8. The left has always love the Muslim, KKK skin head are the DemoRats Party, doesn’t surprise me, both men believe in slavery and a lot of other evil behavior,

  9. One World Under The Anti-Christ. Unless its thru the one and only true God it's not a true brotherhood 🙄. The Beast System will rise under the pretense of LOVE.

  10. Awww this warms my heart ❤️

  11. Why cannot the Muslim share in kkk traditions like lynching and beating shitty ppl…..sometimes of colour🤨🖕🏻lose your culture in America and embrace muslim and mexican….no thanks they have nations. AMERICA IS FOR THE FREE NOT FOR SHITTY

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