Thursday , November 26 2020
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Ex-Overstock CEO living in Indonesia after wild media blitz: Report

FOX Business’ Charlie Gasparino explains the backlash behind Patrick Byrne’s decision to resign as CEO of Overstock.

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  1. I  think  this   is   a  crock   of  crap.    This   is  fox  now.

  2. Smart guy to sell all his stocks and make money and cut his losses! Good job enjoy your retirement and good to get out of the country because you can run but you can’t hide you corrupted lying democrat! It’s going to catch up with you!

  3. Whoever is interested or entertained with this needs to get a life.
    Boring as hell!!!!

  4. And if it had enough sense you would have realized months ago why you idiot

  5. Love you Liz Please move to OAN I don't watch FOX anymore. I found out Paul Ryan was on the Board.

  6. we don't care if he's innocent
    We the people Demand he's extradited back to the USA where we can Abuse him Legally
    because that's what these Media Bastards want to happen for ratings

  7. That guy is extremely mentally ill and upset that he is not the center of attention. He's a narcissistic freak.

  8. Liz Luv Ya
    Charlie ur Freaky
    Patrick ur lose’n ur NutNut

  9. Why would we trust anyone who was mentored by Warren Buffet? Sorry, but time to take your BS on down the road. Hillary Clinton is a CRIMINAL, at the CENTER of the CRIMES and ESPIONAGE this LYING Overstock FOOL speaks of. …..PPPFFFFFFTttttttt!!!!

  10. The real issue is the perv in the white house

  11. We will be hearing about this unhinged democrat taking his own life soon…

  12. I bought a feather mattress from overstock a few years ago was not cheap..
    Made in china of course…
    It was infested with bird mites..
    Their customer service was totally
    It was a nightmare

  13. Indonesia🤔. Did he see the beast coming out of water's? Beast is Barack Hussein Obama the African raised in Indonesia in collaboration with Hindutva-Buddhism yoga-Kamasutra-martial art's classes for global Islamism communist world and deported to USA just like that illegally and becomes president of USA and Michelle Obama work's inside Pentagon. Wow.
    Obama is a illegal immigrant!

  14. What is the newsworthy part of this interview, if it even was an interview? and not a hit piece as I see it, wow guys guys get back to reality! a person can stomach just so much nonsensical reporting before it becomes unbearably stupid, I used to perceive Fox as a relatively reliable source but lately I have to rethink that.

  15. If it was anyone but gasbagterino I would watch this.

  16. There are many hit men in Indonesia

  17. If I had millions & millions of dollars I'd get the hell out of this country to.

  18. Byrne said they'd go after him.

  19. Self important mental case!

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