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Ex-police officer Amber Guyger sentenced to 10 years in prison

The brother of Botham Jean, who was shot and killed while sitting in his apartment after Guyger mistook it for her own, asked the judge if he could hug her.


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  1. That's some real human type shit . The brave brother forgives, I have much respect for him.

  2. Rott you fuckn pig….
    Single?…you fuckn lesian whore of religion….maybe your sargeant's dog licks your clict you sick bitch.
    I've worked many 14 hours days at HARD PHYSICAL LABOR (you Pigs lazy in a car all day)… and never did what you did…WHHAT A FKN LAME EXCUSE.

  3. I can't believe people actually think she did this on purpose. This was not cops running around looking for trouble. It was a mistake. The fact this was even a murder trial is disturbing. The hate in America is mind boggling.

  4. What happens if someone walks into a cops house and shoot him by "mistake" would that persone be out in 5 years also?

  5. Toxic femininity + Women's privilege?

  6. Only 5 years for home invasion and murder

  7. She needs a hard deep dicking……i volunteer, but i feel very sorry for the victim, and there is more to this story.

  8. In with her mother, I wish she could have taken his place too.

  9. Amber Guyger when she get out she will get some of that black dick

  10. Women should not be police patrol officers and banned from it completely. There are other more suitable careers for women. Nature has a way of making statements.

  11. Amber is Evil and should be sentenced to LIFE!

  12. You get more time selling drugs. Then killing someone….

  13. The taxpayers will loose millions again on this bs. Make the cop pay not taxpayers and reduce these bull shit millions of dollars lawsuits that this guy would of never ever came close to making

  14. Racist BITCH and ignorant negroes what a combo. Fk america🤬🖕🏻

  15. Let Karma do its trick. The day she get out of the prison she will probably get killed by stray bullets.

  16. Complete bullshit, we should be outraged not fucking inspired

  17. I don’t think anyone’s realising what 5 years in prison for a ex cop is going to be like

  18. No wonder black people think there's white privilege. If this doesn't show it to people who don't believe it then nothing will.

  19. No one knows what was truly going through her head at the time of shooting.

  20. She’s not sorry but it is what it is

  21. You are all write about her sentence. But this man is amazing. I wish I could have more of what he has

  22. He is stupid to forgive her

  23. 5 years for cold blooded murder only if your a cop tho

  24. kill her family and see how that makes her feel

  25. bet she was on steroids. A cop in PRISON, YES! SHE DESERVES IT! STUPID PIG COP EGO AND MENTALITY

  26. Lol this is a joke. A woman steals a coat and gets 20 yrs. This murderer takes a life and gets 10 yrs and will be out in 5 to kill again. Yep makes perfect sense! Stupid judicial system is truly a waste of time and money.

  27. So the brother broke the relationship off with her and she killed him, she set the entire thing up 🤔, and when the younger brother went to hug her I just knew that he was going to CHOKE!! The life out of her too as well, SWEAR!! And that also made the Judge look bad too as well, I'm guessing that the White Judges didn't even want that Case 🤦🏾‍♂️….

  28. She be out in 5 years! I hope when she get out i hope some one shoots herr in the head

  29. What would happen if you accidentally shot and killed a cop though?

  30. Why hug that bitch??10 years 4 murder?smfh

  31. Should of gave her 30 years plus trespassing

  32. It’s good to be the banned race, immigration of North America deny entry of us the banned race probably to prevent us from getting shot and killed. It's just too risky to be non-whites in North America.

  33. am i the only one that finds her cute

  34. As Black people, we are TOO kind and forgiving. That is why nothing will change and they will continue to kill us, KNOWING that we will just say we forgive them and tell them that fake white Jesus loves them, then give them hugs. They take advantage of our kindness and take it for weakness. Black people can be so dumb sometimes, SMH. These hateful people don't gaf about Black lives no matter how much love and forgiveness we express for them, when will our people understand? I have yet to see a white Judge offer a hug to a Black convicted murder and let's be honest, if Bothem was white and Amber Guyger was Black her sentence would be life. I mean ten years? Really? This whole thing is a mess. And all these whites in the comments saying this has "changed their hearts", please😒 It's been decades of hearing that bs from y'all, yet nothing has changed and are still the racist demons y'all have always been, so take that bs somewhere else. This murder get's sympathy and bible verses about love and forgiveness COZ SHE'S WHITE. POINT, BLANK, PERIOD .

  35. 🔥 🔥 Black judge verdict…
    be mad at your own…
    can you call this racist… nope

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