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Ex-police officer is remorseful for killing Botham Jean: ‘I hate myself’

Amber Guyger took the witness stand, saying she tried to keep her neighbor alive after mistaking his apartment for hers; the prosecution countered, saying she had not done enough.



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  1. it's amazing I put, comments up on the situation and as fast as I go back to put down and a lot of them won't let you leave any comment but she has no remorse she's just sorry she got caught and she deserves to die plain and simple she had no right to take a man's life or anybody's life I don't care what color or Creed he was she's a racist piece of shit and she deserves to die like one. she paced back and forth oh my God oh my God oh my God I'm going to lose my job that was her only concern and she was ordering him to open up and let her in so she wasn't that out of her mind everybody gets tired she had no business being a police officer she's a part of that KKK bulshit Knights of Columbus whatever they want to call themselves nowadays but nevertheless her ass deserves to die she deserves to go in the electric chair! that man didn't stand a chance and I myself being a black woman had an officer pull a gun on me pulled one on my brother after it was all said and done over sorry but when the fucking sorry could have easily pulled the trigger and what have been going on with you so the bitch needs to die send a message to her and all her people just like her. she seemed like she was on meth and even if she wasn't she's a piece of race of shit and needs to know that there's consequences to what she does what I don't get is a black bailiff stroking her hair consoling her that's totally ludicrous! two wrongs don't make a right but stand up and have some dignity when you put that uniform on and the judge 10 years your jacket you and the bailiff need to go in jail and spend some time in there a lot of black people have been conditioned to this bullshit and actually think it's all right for a people to be incarcerated continually and shot dead get your head out your ass but in the meanwhile getting back to the point her ass needs to go to the electric chair to send the point of the bastards you don't think I like with no consequences is the fact she's being charged is a start but don't forget she deserves the death penalty she has no remorse. who knows who knows how many times she bothered that young man and who knows how many other black people she harassed by father charged or killed that we don't know about???????????? But I don't even remember seeing this last year the nicely take all this off the air you only see it for 2 seconds and then you never see the bastards again

  2. I still don't understand how this mistake was made. The news doesn't explain this very well.

  3. All of these cowards who disliked this video who sympathised with this murderer. I simply asked that she gets tried as a 135kg black man instead of a 18 year old Valley White girl.

  4. Fucking whore, I hope to see her on Investigative Discovery, raped, murdered and dumped like the trash she is…

  5. Piggy bitch!!! All popo in us sucks!! Fuck em not like british!! Our popo is good popo

  6. I didn't know Chucky had a sister.

  7. The apartment excuse just sounds like a bunch of hot air. Honestly, that has to be one of the dumbest stories I’ve ever heard. She knows what she did. She took an innocent life and is getting away with it. I see those crocodile ‘tears’ smh.

  8. They need to start knocking her family off one by one for that light ass sentence that they gave her

  9. God Doesn’t Hear You. You Know Not Of Thy Father.

  10. She said she was ( WET ) from what? She asked her so call Partner. (DO YOU WANT A TOUCH ) touch what ? 🙂

  11. Bad ass acting Miss Guyger

  12. Break down in court?? She just had the ugly woman fake iam crying look not one tear came down her face whatsoever!!

  13. Congratulations to the Jean family! It is of little consolation considering your loss, I hope they put her under the prison for the rest of her life and I hope she goes to sleep at night seeing his face!! God bless you for what you’ve had to endure!!

  14. Crocodile tears. Lock her up and throw away the key. Lol

  15. 😱Remorseful???? 😏pleaseeeeezzzz!!!! Very bad acting.👎🏾

  16. If you feel bad for her, just remember that Botham Jean cannot be here to cry today.

  17. She looks like Katt Williams in whiteface & a wig 😳

  18. Why would you allegedly tell someone, "Let me see you hands" if you thought he had broken into your apartment? If you really thought Brotham was going to "kill you", you could yelled for help as you RAN AWAY with your gun. If at that point he was chasing you down with a gun, ok, I'd understand using necessary force. But you didn't even have to go into the apartment. You nor he was in any danger from behind the door.

  19. If I knew I was going to get shitfaced I would never carry my gun ANYWHERE in public or at home

  20. Need an oscar bitch? How soverign are you now?!?!?!

  21. This is truly a sad event for both families. 2 lives have been lost. I honestly believe it was a big mistake, however there must be some type of atonement.😞

  22. Mark Rivera resembles a big baboom

  23. Wow two days later she was texting about that kind of stuff . Really. I would have been praying 🙏. That’s how u know she didn’t really care

  24. Not to lie , she looks so sorry about it. How are you not going to know who your neighbor is ? Also if that's the way you treat your neighbor WTF?

  25. Unfortunately it's the toughest time in our days for cops I would never be half them can't do there job correctly they are not aloud

  26. I think there should be more to it. I think it is normal to go to the wrong apartment but on the same floor, but a floor above hers?…
    I also don't know if it is my poor monitor definition or the camera definition in this video but, she is crying a lot, her voice is shaky but, without tears, i don't see a tear. Also, her voice is soft and sad, when she said: "I had my gun pointed at him" but what she said next, it does not sound soft nor remorseful nor sad.

  27. Officers are well trained in CPR!!!! Please tell me what rubbing his chest is going to do?

  28. First of all, she was wrong! PERIOD!! This is an example of why cops should be trained DAILY on deadly force. You can’t be a cop and be scary to th point your only thinking to shoot first in every situation that occurs. So many innocent lives lost because of this shit…😢. She aimed to kill…However, do I feel she is genuinely remorseful…ABSOLUTELY! I do agree that it probably happened so fast for her and she did make a really stupid ass mistake that cost a innocent person their life and now hers in th slammer for life. It’s a sad situation I feel bad for his family. Police departments all over th U.S. need to do more to prevent shit like this. I’m glad that his family gets th justice they deserve vs this being another situation where th cop who fucked up gets a slap on th hand like 90% of these same situations.

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