Ex-State Dept official reveals Iran’s ‘bigger picture’ goal

Former State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus says Iran wants to control the Middle East and kick ‘the U.S. out’ of the region, and ultimately off the world stage. #FOXBusiness

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  1. XI was truly excellent!

    he was very kind to BIDEN

    especially for granting him a meeting in San Francisco

    thankfully they cleaned up the city before the arrival of XI

  2. Defense contractors protect our freedom. 
    — Sean Hannity, October 12, 2023

  3. All these reporters that talk about Israel’s safety and all why should Americans have to pay their tax money for Israel intelligence screwup. why should any country have to pay for somebody else’s security screwup. It’s not America’s headache it will be if we continue to support the wrong

  4. This is what happens when you don't have a good president in America.

  5. Sounds good to me!
    The US needs to LEAVE the Middle East ASAP!

  6. Hand-picked Biden Corporations

  7. American business will SUCK anything for a dollar.

  8. O I l F I e l d s of course, it's always the oil when it's america 😂😂😂

  9. Too bad you don’t talk about the root cause….muhammad. Have the ultimate serious conversation about his deeds, characteristics and actions as factually written in the hadiths, qur’an, and history books that factually prove that muhammad was a PEDOPHILE, rapist, slave master, misogynist, polygamist, assassin, necrophiliac, cross dresser, kidnapper, warmonger, murderous false prophet. DENOUNCE AND RENOUNCE muhammad verbally and in writing or be deported or denied entry into a non muslim country.
    Remove muhammad from a muslim’s brain and you’ll discover a very decent human being

  10. I can tell you all this, unless we bring justice to our crupted government right now and bring these crooked politicians to it. There isn't going to be any laws in this country.. It's going to be open territory again, and that's what the communist democratic administration is pushing for.. Wake up AMERICA 🇺🇸 Justice must be served NOW!!! NOT LATTER!!!we can't do anything on the world stage..

  11. In 2016, we all knew that China, Iran, etc were all trouble, waiting to happen. If companies had started to moved out of China and back to the USA, by now, in 2023, things would be stable with Oil and Mfg in the USA.

  12. Why did they not mention that all of the American bases in Iraq and Syria are illegal?

  13. Can we get a list of those CEO’s who gave xi the standing ovation??

  14. Hunter Biden is in Iran right now making a deal for 126 million barrels of oil for China. He and Joe will pocket 20 million bucks off one deal. Joe also talks to The AYATOLLAH often. Im sure his wife hears him talking in his sleep or when he is daydreaming on the phone.

  15. The world is not impressed with the USA anymore – with Israel you have lost your way

  16. Biden says to Iran "dont do it" and they've done it 61 times. Another Obama red line.

  17. Gen Keane., I wonder how much he is being paid by defense contractors to say this garbage.

  18. Stop lying this woman is telling blatant lies.
    The US govt did not give Iran any money.
    The money is Iranian money held in a bank in Qatar, why do fox media lye consistently.

  19. Iran is located in the Middle East…..the US isn't,.last I checked

  20. Im sick of hearing "WHY"!WAKE UP ITS INTENTUAL !! Look back at OBAMA why would a president do things destructive to his country its always WHY?

  21. Honestly, this is your best video to date.

  22. Biden is avoiding combat with Iran! For whatever reason. Meanwhile our soldiers and military bases are taking a beating! 😤

  23. Biden has been compromised by China. He should be a registered agent, like his son. This cannot be done because of a dishonest Dept of Justice!

  24. Maria, Biden can be impeached because of his Violation of his Oath of Office of the US Constitution Article II, Section 1, Clause 8. That is the bottom line. Biden must go now! Just get him out NOW.

  25. The main enemy of the US is Biden!

  26. Why is Biden scared of Iran?? Because we aren’t

  27. our comments have no effect

  28. Biden and his crew are afraid of Iran thats why they won't strike back.

  29. Joe as millions of ' green ' reasons to take the view he does on China.And they no doubt have a ton of dirt on Hunter. Same with the Ukraine. You can trace this administration view on countries in relation to the ' business ' the Biden family had with them 😮

  30. Paying terrorist for prisoners you only get more of it. They have no fear of Biden when he plays both sides.

  31. The CEOs only care about profits not America's image.

  32. The Democrats only believe in appeasement which has no effect on authoritarian regimes.

  33. This admin. gets it about Iran, the question is, what are they up to? We know they want the whole world to play nice in the same sandbox…one world government, scary !!