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Ex-Trump adviser slams Biden administration over 'reckless' immigration policies

Former White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller shares his thoughts on the Biden administration’s immigration policy and discusses former President Donald Trump’s upcoming CPAC speech, which will be his first speech since Inauguration. #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Citizens have lived in fear for too long, now the governments an elites should worry as citizens be be coming for them Nuremberg style!

  2. the act resulted in new immigration from non-European nations,

  3. Jobs cheap labor from iligal immigrants

  4. Now Mexico doesn't want them either!

  5. Miller faced criticism over sharing links to white-nationalist websites with a Breitbart reporter. Despite calls to resign and reports that even President Donald Trump found his ideas too extreme at times, Miller survived the scandal.

  6. How can you have him on Stephen Miller is the one the got Trump VOTED OUT of office how can you have him on Republicians he is not the one for you guy's 😂🤣😂 get him away from you Kudlow that is why you are not the one for Fox

  7. miller is white supremist a-hole who doesn't give a f**k about the immigrant children . he has no room to be criticizing on immigration . bunch of BS . TRUMP is responsible for thousands of deaths and now that things are getting better they want to give him credit that he doesn't deserve . miller and trump are both monsters

  8. They want the children for the Adrenal gland properties. That why so much focus on the children. Open the border let the children come in. Where are the parents? The love the children.

  9. Joe Biden is already screwing the American people! He's ordered ICE to stop deporting illegals who are known sexual predators! HE'S PUTTING AMERICAN FAMILIES AT RISK!!! Mothers who voted for Biden – did you vote for this???!!!!!

  10. That picture sends 1000 messages… Child trafficking specifically.

  11. The press secretary said the Democrats want to be humanitarian in their policy.The citizens of this country should come first in any immigration policy.

  12. This is rare. Caligula (Miller) saying that something is "inhumane," after spending years planning some of the worst atrocities possible against people seeking asylum, refuge and a new and better home, here in the United States of America.
    The level of pathetic this man hits is staggering.

  13. Know, this is something. This POS calling Bidens inmigration policies "reckless ", is not funny but sadly pathetic. Miller can go and fu@# himself.

  14. Human trafficking, slavery, pedophelia, etc. are huge money makers, (along with illegal drugs, and war ) for the "elite" crime families and their mercenaries. There is always a need for more children and women to be sold. War is the best way to obtain large number of orphans to be sold by the traffickers, but CHAOS at the U.S. – Mex. border works out well for the slavers and organ thieves needing more inventory.

  15. Why can't you send all the men and women at the white house to the boarder where they are realy needed


  17. Oh! lock human beings in the cage! so cruel!

  18. Obviously scraping the bottom of the barrel if Miller is a they can get 🤣

  19. Prepare yourselves border states, lots of bad people coming your way

  20. Reckless? Loser and criminal Donald Trump had no viable policy other than putting children in cages and removing the reproductive tracks of innocent women but those are the real values of the Trump faux-Christian right! Violent Fascists that have never understood what the real strength of America Democracy is!

  21. That so called PS, is such a Moron. What a discrace, the whole administration is.

  22. This FoxNews has become so old & boring – why I came here…….

  23. Who gonna work in chicken meat processing plants to make our Mcnuggets etc if they can't stay here…you? I seriously doubt not even ONE reader of this would ever consider working these kinds of jobs. Farmers have a hard time just finding people willing to work in their fields.

  24. The snake "Swallower of Children" is being referred to over immigration? Lolz!

  25. You have a fence in Washington. But not the border. Come on man. You look pretty dumb

  26. the key word is EX and I would rather listen to one of mine then give this fascist bobble head any time

  27. Ex for an Ex is worthless as fox is

  28. 612 children in cages for four yrs under Trump was monstrous … what if they were American's, Africans, Asians or Israeli children would this still be an issue GTFOH already !!

  29. Do we still have kids in cages??

  30. Funny how these clowns are so afraid of terrorists coming into the country, the thing is the recent issues in the capital were perpetrated by terr izers that live in the US their whole lives! Not to mention they were prodded and encouraged by members of that party, my $0.02

  31. Eff you Fox, you stabbed Trump in the back.

  32. I look forward to working with Steve Miller doing the next eight years of the Trump Administration. This man deserves a Medal.
    Once we get pass The Orangeman, that knew what he was getting into, and General Mike, a military man, where
    certain things comes with the territory. Stephen Miller stands as the most targeted member of the Trump Administration.
    Every 5 months there was a new initiative to discredit and slander Stephen Miller. Part of a never-ending campaign of the most hideous lies and Slanders by the jackals of the mainstream media.

  33. A 6 year old is running the country, mind that is ..

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