Ex-Walmart CEO issues dire warning over spiraling US economy

Former Walmart president and CEO Bill Simon weighs in on the U.S. economy, discussing consumer habits, the retail industry and the Fed’s actions to combat inflation.

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  1. FBI ,,na wszystkie działania już za puźno!!!

  2. Hey I'm going mack my millions off p eople first then I'll warn people

  3. People using credit for food is NOT being factored into this. All the theft. Food and manufacturing being sabotaged.

    Manufacturing a crisis won't get people to agree with you.

  4. food price is cost Higher ,then it showing.

  5. HAHAHA they're STILL saying we're not in a recession yet. Talking heads are so full of sh**.

  6. America sold their industrial base to china. Used slave labour in china to fill their homes with Walmart junk.

  7. Just change the definition of a recession again, problem solved.

  8. I'm sure glad I'm putting my $ back & have a good
    stock up of food for 2 people up in age.

  9. This ex ceo got that job, because he knows the art of talking and not saying much…

  10. I'm not kidding when I say that the market crash and high inflation have me really stressed out and worried about retirement. I've been in the red for a while now and although people say these crisis has it perks, I'm losing my mind but I get it Investing is a long-term game, so focus on the long run.

  11. Real smooth let's blend in the big boxy Elites like they're part of the economy

  12. “they have eyes and don’t see” open borders, people loose their job’s because they don’t vax, money send to Ucraina, Zelinsky’s wife spending 40 thousand $ , one day at the mall in Europe, USA food , fuel , inflation ????

  13. Grama needs a Colt 45 to get a discount for her meds and groceries.

  14. Democrats will bankrupt this country if we keep having them in power. Wake up people

  15. Slow dance into a recession
    Oh at a 100 mph?
    We are shaking hands at a depression

  16. I want this Schwab punks head immediately

  17. Stop the gaslighting! We’ve been in a recession for a year now. Is the Biden administration using tax dollars to pay these people to lie to us too?

  18. We are already in a recession

  19. There is nothing slow about the cost of everything. They know what they did to the economy

  20. Ex-Walmart CEO issues dire warning over spiraling US economy? WHAT A SENSATIONAL leads..

  21. It's a real struggle out here for many people already..many are already in a recession financially

  22. Americans work at Walmart. They get a raise. And their fellow citizens are upset and want to boycott walmart (for other reasons) threatning the livelyhood of their fellow citizens. That seems pretty sick to me. How about we leave how people make a living and provide for their families alone? Its one thing if the elite do
    Not care about you, well according to social media. Their fellow man could care less as well.

  23. So this guy is allowed to make millions of dollars a year but railroad workers can't get a 25% raise without being blamed for inflation.

  24. They get paid to crash economy?? Seems every 7 years is now every 5. Wth.

  25. Does the headline match what is being said? Did the former Walmart CEO say anything intelligent, fair, or even honest?

  26. Giving Walmart employees a raise? What employees, the stockers? Their store are going all self-checkout where I live.

  27. People are suffering….lm suffering. Who ever is running the US needs to go. This nation is ruin. The freedom to live healthy is gone. We can't survive like this. No one really cares anymore. The little l have must last until l expire. How American is this ?


  29. I literally steal from walmart

  30. Just blame it all on shipping prices.

    We'll believe you.

  31. Just keep printing money, everything will be ok.
    It's worked out great for crypto.
    Crypto WHAT!!!????


    (This is going to do for Reagonomics…..
    …..what Biden has done for Carter)

    (simmer down kids, I know that lost you)

  32. My Wal-Mart doesn't have Tp..no apples, no cabbage, no etc etc…..

  33. What do you expect to Biden’s government——nothing😫😫😫😫

  34. Dire warnings from Fox every hour. It issues predictions like seers.

  35. Why is everyone so short sighted? Blaming systemic issues on the current president is exactly that. What about when Trump wins 2024? You gona blame it all on him? Wake up Americans. You truly are the dumbest people in the wold.

  36. Where are you getting 59 percent increase for eggs????? Try 400 percent! What are you smoking????

  37. Change that word to depression and I will agree. We are already in a serious recession.

  38. We will have a crap economy until the government loosens energy policy.
    Meanwhile the influx of illegal labor will suppress wage growth. You can put 12 Guatemalans in a 2 bedroom apartment and they are fine with it. We that are used to a higher standard of living are not. We will slowly transform into something more like Spain, Argentina, Brazil etc if this keeps up.
    Places like the UK, France, Sweden are already straining under the load of unfettered immigration.
    We are not importing only people we are importing a culture. A person the worked for $1/hr will be fine with working for $8 an hour. Good luck with your teenagers getting summer jobs …..

  39. The only reason why a recession is here and lingering is because of Brandon's, and Congress's stupid policies to print money hand over fist, hand it out in barrels to people who didn't need it, and expect nothing bad to happen to the dollar.

    The only one paying for this disaster, is going to be the working class, never the rich and well connected, that would be….utterly preposterous!

  40. We are in a recession since Sep 2022! Good lord! “Slow dance into…” is she a real economist?

  41. You voted for biden. When you think of poverty, high taxes and prices, lack of jobs… remember that love trumped hate and be happy.

  42. I don't set foot in Walmart.