Friday , January 22 2021
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Examining The Racist Origins Of Runoff Elections | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Priscilla Thompson takes an in-depth look at the historically racist origins of Georgia’s runoff elections.
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Examining The Racist Origins Of Runoff Elections | NBC News NOW


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  1. JEEEZZZUUUZZZZZ! Would someone teach these idiots a new word!!! Or do they really enjoy showing off there stupidity that much!!

  2. Vote blue and vote early Georgia, it's time to fix this BS

  3. Nice ladies, greetings and respect, who want to chat, let's meet.

  4. Not very accurate, you did not mention the 
    passed the Runoff Election measure that AFFECTED BLACKS PREDOMINATELY……

  5. There are no excuses. Get it done Georgia. Vote blue big and early.

  6. I wish there wasn’t any background music in this

  7. But it makes sure the one elected represents the majority of the people.
    50% plus one is way more accurate than 40% or less for a winner.

  8. Vote Against Democrats for shutting down small busines

  9. Almost every ill of this country can be traced back to the original sin of slavery/racism.

  10. Our entire election system is designed to give a disproportionate amount of control to to the party who only has a slight lead and often only a plurality. This leaves 30%-40% or more of the population with little or no voice. While it is understandable that the minority political party in any group should get less representation but quite often they get none at all, at least when it comes to many local elections. I would suggest a constitutional amendment where in the case of any legislative body, half of its members, would have to be elected as "at large" candidates. For example, the Senate is made up of 2 senators from each state. Instead, there should be one senator from each state and 50 at large senators, in other words, anyone in the country could run for the 50 open seats I am proposing and the 50 with the highest number of votes from around the country get a seat. With the current system, a group that makes up no more than 25% of the registered voters in any state but constitutes 10% of the nations voters would most likely get 5 senators that would represent their interests. Every minority of consequence would finally have some say. This would cure most of the inequities caused by gerrymandering.

    Where I live, the county gets 3 state reps. 46% of the population is Democrat, 47% is Republican and 5% or independent or registered with minor parties. Yet we have not had an elected state rep who is a Democrat in over 20 years and this is because when the Republicans finally won an election 20 years ago they re drew the lines in such a way that no one district has more than that 46%. If two of the candidates were at large candidates then the Democrats would have 33% representation from the county at the state house which would come closer to the actual percentage of the voters who are Democrats which as I said is 46% But instead Democrats have had 0% representation for two decades. This problem is state wide. One recent bill was passed to finance turning a large tract of wildlife habitat into condos for millionaires. The owner was set to donate the property to a conservation group when the Republican controlled legislature ordered it taken by eminent domain. The majority of voters didn't want this. But since the majority of state reps are Republican and only care about making their buddies richer, they passed the bill. That is just one example. By the way, the state would derive no benefit from the condos for millionaires because they made it an "enterprise" zone so they will be collecting no taxes for many years. Not sure how condos qualify but that's the way it worked out.

  11. History repeating itself go figure

  12. Lies racism is not real? lmao 🤣 ok actions over words.

  13. Y’all can have that Kentucky fried Bull shittin back water state

  14. Share, and spread the Truth.

  15. The runoff needs to be abolished.

  16. The video talked about race. And it talked about runoffs. And yeah, there have historically and today been attempts by politicians to suppress the black vote, but as far as I can see, there was nothing in this video which shows that the origin or present status of runoffs has anything to do with race. Sure, some black candidates have lost in runoffs after getting a higher percentage of the votes in the original election, but so have whites.

  17. 1,200 Stimulus Checks now or shut the government down !!

  18. Background music is do annoying!! Loud! Loud…loud..🤔

  19. Come on Georgia you can do it. Your country needs you. Love from over the pond.

  20. I'm just wondering why no one talks about population decline based on family size. People are having less and less children because of the disproportionate cost of living for the middle class that without immigrants the population will continue to decline. This topic deserves to be investigated from a population and financial outlook!

  21. This is propaganda. It fails to explain how black people can't just vote more than white people in the runoff. Gotta make sure biden wins for china, right?

  22. The USA are an incredibly racist country, and there is plenty to despise about it.
    But runoffs do make sense if none of the (many) candidates got more than 50% of the vote. There is nothing racially charged about it; to the contrary: Nothing else would be fair (Just from a game theory standpoint).

    By the way: Runoffs are extremely common in Europe, e.g. for electing the french president.

  23. Racist is just such a divisive word though?

  24. Great video. Thanks. But the background music volume is a bit loud.

  25. Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  26. So, systemic racism. The backbone of America.

  27. Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  28. Is it racism, or is it the fact that black candidates are basically always Democrats in Georgia & democrats just have a hard time getting a 50% or more of the votes in the state? I don’t disagree that the runoff system has racist roots but if the only time democrats can win in the state is when they are facing multiple Republican and the vote is split between them, it isn’t hard to figure out that Georgia voters prefer republicans. That’s sort of just the will of the people at the end of the day…

  29. Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  30. Only thing racial is the news!

  31. Joe Biden disenfranchised African Americans

  32. There is no systemic racism in the United States

  33. While it’s obvious that the Georgia runoff system has racist origins, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad process now. Think about it. If we had runoff elections nationally, Trump probably wouldn’t have won. The third party candidates (Jill Stein and Gary Johnson) wouldn’t have been spoilers. It solves the problem of third party candidates being spoilers & means that third party candidates won’t be so hesitant to run bc they don’t have to be concerned about being the eventual spoiler. A lot of progressives are also pushing for ranked choice voting. We now have it in NYC.

  34. "Some experts say" is what NBC starts a sentence with when it has an opinion it wants to push. Most experts don't say.

  35. Voter suppression from the very beginning.

  36. Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  37. Now do a story on the origins of Georgia's state flag that flew over Georgia from 1956 to 2001…

  38. However, this year early in person voting in the Georgia run-off elections has seen a higher voting rate than the general election.
    It depends upon the people – like all democratic processes.

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