Exclusive access during a U.S. Navy submarine’s nuclear missile test

The U.S. Navy has a fleet of the world’s largest submarines in the event of a nuclear attack that keep enemies guessing about where and when it could strike. NBC News’ Courtney Kube got exclusive access to watch the crew perform missile launch tests.

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  4. Does the crew of this American nuclear sub ever reflect : " If we get the authorization ( From who ? Corrupt , senile, creepy , " Sleepy Joe " Biden ? ) from DEEP STATE , we will have no country or families to return HOME to " ?

  5. 00:24 I wont call you boomer anymore. Please don't nuke me , boomer

  6. Why would Putin install a madman a the head of a country that has 1000 nuclear missiles pointed at Russia?

  7. Lame, same story that has been broadcasted for the past 30 years.

  8. Nuclear Weapons terrify the Underdog.

  9. US is prepared for a nuclear war and that subarine can Blow up in there Face just like they did the Nord Stream pipeline 😂😅

  10. As a naval veteran who spent 3 years on a ammunition ship USS BUTTE AE27 I was sleeping with all types of ammunition from bullets missles and yes we carried nuclear weapons also

  11. Here we have the young men & woman doing outstanding work for our country, but OTOH, we have kids wilding and LOOTING stores daily to the point where the stores are FORCED to close en masse. IT. STARTS @ HOME.

  12. This is the most terrifying headline. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE BOMB ANYMORE?

  13. Thank God Donald Trump is no longer in the White House.

  14. SOOOOOO we're suppose to trust these middle school lookin boogers with nuclear missiles???

  15. The movie “On the beach” comes to mind.

  16. Everybody is gansta until the U.S starts testing nuclear missiles

  17. One submarine carries 20 multi warhead missiles…it would obliterate half a country in one hour. Total obliteration …so, let's not start a war..bright Mr Vladimir Putin?

  18. The driver is 21 years old lol

  19. Wow the peole who named the sub just gave up

  20. We've got kids in metal tubes with nuclear missiles patrolling the oceans. What a crazy time in the history of the universe.

  21. I'm going to sleep SO well tonight… NOT! OMG, we're living on the same razor's edge of nuclear annihilation we have for decades. Complacency is our enemy, humanity.

  22. The usa may have more subs but i can assure you that all it takes is one nuke to destroy the entire earth.

  23. Without the submarine American can't survive fighting

  24. I saw the test nuke launch out of the water a couple days ago from Venice Beach. The Triton leaves a very distinct trail.

  25. I can wipe you off the face of the Earth.
    Okay " Boomer "

  26. My grandpa used to be on submarines

  27. What happens if there’s a civil war? Which side are they on?

  28. The us can test launch but other countries cant ? Isn't that hypocrisy