Sunday , August 1 2021
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Exclusive: Former Overstock CEO speaks out on his resignation CEO, Patrick Byrne, resigned amid some ‘deep-state’ controversy. He exclusively tells FOX Business’ ‘Bulls & Bears’ why he did that.

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  1. This was refreshing, aside from the 2 fools on the left side of the screen. Thank God for Patriots like Pat Byrne!!!

  2. Why is Patrick Byrne asking a journalist who he’s simultaneously attacking for daring to ask Byrne a question: “If you wanna help me go buy your daughter something on Overstock”?

    Guy is making it clear he thinks Fox viewers should be “grateful to him”. Now why on earth would he think Trump Supporting Fox Viewers would be grateful to him? (Like a poorly written script Byrne is also a really bad actor.)

  3. How convenient Patrick Byrne is here to make Trumps fevered dreams of revenge on Strzok and Comey for exposing him come true!! GMAFB

  4. New Con is to bring in an old ex hippie who cries to convince America Trump ain’t bad, Bill Barr is really good, Comey & Strzok are the devils. Yawn.

  5. No Patrick the only one grinding you into dust is whoever convinced you this stunt for Russia and Trump was a good idea. Warren Buffet also claims to not know about what you are talking about. Oh and trying to bring in the new tactic that “Hillary was being spied on too” will get you Democrats buying the BS is like Jared Kushner advising Trump Dems would love it if he fired Comey. Trump Republicans are the worst liars.

  6. love the Brady bunch screen shot

  7. Patrick Byrnes is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. Enough said.

  8. Is anyone covering this at all? Is this guy just a loon? You would think there would at least be speculation since the media loves to do that with every other story.

  9. Smells like a Hillary cover up, trying to make her a victim so she doesnt get indicted on Barr's new email server investigation. He seems real nervous, wouldn't be surprised if he's dirty, and he's now 'cooperating' or at least trying to. Hence the real reason he'scresigning…?. Funny how he mentioned espionage on Rubio, Cruz, n Trump, but NOT Jeb………

  10. Who would be going after Trump, Clinton, Cruz, and Rubio? It would appear to point to Bushs' if it's true. But this guy seems a little bit unstable.

  11. This guy strikes me as emotionally unstable.

  12. Peter strokz is disgusting!
    Now, we know who is part of the deep state.

  13. So I'm trying to save this video when I post it on FB it says removed by user. Hummm now Walmart is banning certain ammunition because of the shootings why because they are part of the Men in Black deep state in involved in the mass shooting. We is it that Fox News is not talking about this.

  14. You can see Byrne has a good heart and is sincere.

  15. There is a video on youtube of Patrick memorizing a deck of cards. What a brain!

  16. DING DING DING … The media and journalists in this picture are frauds … they are actors at best .. the whistleblow looks legit to me … so shame on you again .. media manipulators …

  17. I hope that his family is safe! I also wonder why cnn isn't talking about this 24-7, I guess it's not enough negative coverage about Trump.

  18. This dingbat is a CEO? What a dimwit.

  19. I hear "…one of the premiere shopping sites on the internet." I think, "Overstock is still a thing?"

  20. Cause all you stooges take your orders from the (deep state) …even if you start an organic company they will infest and take you over especially if you don't play ball!!

  21. Who is Peter Strauss; am i getting that name right?


  23. Very Brave Man! Get some bodyguards you can trust and won't make a deal…..prayers for you Mr. Byrne. Thank you for coming forward and risking your life. HERO to be a whistleblower. I'm gonna make an order at Overstock!

  24. "Who was asking that question. What's the name of that fool? You're a fool!" lmao

  25. Yup with a OD of LSD!!! Ya didnt listen to chucky

  26. Thank you for coming forward and blowing it up to pieces.

  27. I don't believe the part about HRC being spied on and though he looks scared I think He is just a good actor with the HRC spin because Hilary is as crooked as they come and her soul is sold to the devil.

  28. Patrick Burr have done right he is my hero May God bless you and your family and company

  29. Blah, blah, blah, then ZERO.
    He talks then backs it up with ZERO substance.

  30. lost all credibility with that maga hat-obvious staged events like everything we see today all hegelian dialect b.s.

  31. Hilarious how Hoenig so easily gets under the skin of this former Overstock CEO, who now has a lot more free time to surf and skydive.

  32. Congregation Smyrna Website urgent 3 Earth age's we are now living in the Second Earth Age go to Website Now!!!!

  33. Thanks Peter. BUT, remove all weapons outta your house, they can make a slip on a banana look like suicide.

  34. DS protectectionist apologist cover for HRC….. She was a victim! Makes sure he says her name first and loud every time. They pushed him out first as a weather balloon to see how asleep we remain and whether it looks like we will fall for this story.

  35. He needs a media consultant to organize and publicize his story. He seems disorganized and flustered.

  36. Don't trust him.

    Anyone who idolizes W. Buffet is not our friend.

    His story doesn't add up. As soon as he threw Hillary out there it was suspicious.

  37. Incredible interview. This is BIG NEWS!!! WWG1WGA…Q

  38. This guy will be another left shill and NOTHING WILL happen to the bad actors, the pedos who run your America. Banana republic status now!

  39. This seems fishy to me!! The reason why is because what first runs through my mind when he mentioned “someone driving 600 miles to gun down a bunch of people” is the fact that nearly EVERY shooter was taking psychotropic medications. The problem is the FDA!! Maybe CointelPro comes into play with this man coming forward.

  40. I love the hat "Make America Grateful Again".

  41. God Bless You. – Stay Safe

  42. McAfee is waiting for him in a boat somewhere with a handful of Belize prostitutes.

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