Saturday , July 24 2021
Home / News / Exclusive: Inside Iran As Top Officials Talk About The Growing Showdown With U.S. | NBC Nightly News

Exclusive: Inside Iran As Top Officials Talk About The Growing Showdown With U.S. | NBC Nightly News

Lester Holt meets with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran, who alleges that he was sanctioned after rejecting a meeting with President Trump — an assertion the White House has called false. In a rare interview, Ali Shamkhani, the powerful head of Iran’s National Security Council, says that he regrets the Iran nuclear deal.
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Exclusive: Inside Iran As Top Officials Talk About The Growing Showdown With U.S. | NBC Nightly News


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  1. And IRAN Apny apny ghr or Families pr fokas kro wo zeyada acha


  3. One min into the video, it’s painful to watch, just like a little kid throwing a tantrum.
    This guy doesn’t give a hoot about his country.

  4. Isolated Iran??? yeah keep telling that to yourself

  5. مرگ بر روسیه …مرگ بر چین ….down with russia….down with china

  6. Trump knows war with Iran will be disastrous. Iran sits on the world economy throat, it has a powerful armed forces that has a long reach and a united people. We Americans know Trump is stupid but he is a selfish that above all thinks of his own pocket. He knows his wealth will evaporate with that of the rest of the world by going to war with Iran.
    Once the energy source of the middle east stops, the world stops and Iran is the only country that can do such a massive harm. So, anyone thinking Trump will go to war with Iran is beyond naive and most likely a Trump supporter who is willing to shoot his own foot so long as he can boast with tough talk, just like Trump.

  7. Iranian people must rise up and replace the evil leaders of Iran. Hong Kong people are already standing up and fighting for democracy and freedom from the corrupt evil communist one party system. All people of the world must stand together and replace corrupted political elites, rich and greedy leaders.

  8. Lester Holts, and his likes are all zionists stooges part of mainstream media all without exception are traitors to their own country and worried more about evil state of Isreal, than their own country. Trump is an example of traitors working for Israeli agenda rather than their own. It is like a cancer spreading throughout out western world. And the cancer is Zionism .

  9. We only accept regime change

  10. I feel so bad for the U.S. public. Their leaders lie to them and deceive them on every level. Iran isn't going anywhere. The true axis of evil as farfar gol said so well: The U.S., Saudi Arabia and Israel. The devil is indeed an amateur compared to this axis of evil.

  11. Mother of all terrorist Iranian regime thank you president trump

  12. 80 Million Iranians: Trump 2020 " IN JAIL"

  13. Lester Holt is a clown!! Iran and USA work for Israel! Israel is controlling all this boloney!!!!

  14. If Iran has such problems with U.S this clown would have not been able to talk to anybody in GOV!! This is all apart of mind control!! Str8 LIES!

  15. Lester. The fact you are even there speaking with them says everything the American people need to know. This is a country who murders homosexuals. Who cuts off female genitalia before age 5. Who is targeting tankers, Israel and supports countless terrorist organizations. You are driving a wedge further between Americans, so keep it up. No matter the result in 2020, the left better be prepared.

  16. Why is Isreal, a 70 years old terror state enjoying the support of USA and western powers, while Iran , an ancient civilization with thousands years of history being subject to all these atrocities by the west? A clear indication that zionists have infiltrated in every aspects of western political and economical infrastructure. Sad.

  17. "I don't speak Persian (@3:26)." Come on Lester do your homework. The language is Farsi.

  18. I do believe with this President we gave them the right to do what they want to do. He, Trump, cancelled the agreement. We know where Trump and Kuchner fall in line of what the Iranian people should agree too… Saudia Arabia is a top ally to Trumps reign. Trump has no ideal WTF he is doing honestly. Along with NK and Russia.. We can work with other Countries but with this man in office. The other side doesn't have any ideal wtf is going on with the tweets etc. As so does the majority of America. Does American people want war. Nope.. But is Trump pushing for it.. YES…

  19. If we don't do something about the Amazon rainforest fires there won't be a conflict to be alive to fight over. This is a world killing event. Unique on planet Earth and in history. The news ignoring this is a major mistake. If my tone is pretentious and makes you angry, then GOOD!

  20. An impressive report from IRAN – very well done — THANK YOU !!

  21. the major problem that US has with regard to Iran is that it has mistaken Iran with it's puppet regimes in the region and so it expects the same behavior of theirs from Iran.

  22. It makes a huge difference when people speak the same language as the viewer. The people speaking English in the interviews feel much less "different" or "alien". I hope the whole population of the earth will speak the same language soon. It will be English. Since a couple of years, there are more people speaking English than speaking Chinese.

  23. I just came back from Iran and absolutely no one CARE what american think .i think TRUMP make Iranian people more united even some people are not happy with their government but they all in one side for their beautiful country

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