Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Exclusive Look As Mexico Deploys Troops To Guatemala Border To Slow Migration To U.S. | Nightly News

11,000 members of the Mexican National Guard now stand watch over the country’s southern border with Guatemala. The aim is to deter the groups traveling north from Central and South America in hopes of reaching the U.S. NBC’s Cal Perry is there.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Exclusive Look As Mexico Deploys Troops To Guatemala Border To Slow Migration To U.S. | NBC Nightly News


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  1. if Mexican jump the boarder, why they don't want another people do it too? So hilarious

  2. The Cuban and Hondurans illegals are not welcome in MEXICO! Go to Miami, Florida with the drug addicts and lgbt w-e-i-r-dos

  3. When EPN was president the illegal Cubans and Hondurans were not invading other countries, orchestrated and organized by evangelical protestant sects.

  4. Guatemalans are screwing up Mexico ! When Mexicans go to Guatemala they need body guards ! lol

  5. Trump 2020 Trump made the deal for America. God bless Trump

  6. Six million illegals from latinamerican third-world countries, live in Florida; the corrupt state where Trump launders drug-money.

  7. illegal Cubans and Hondurans manipulated by Evangelical Sects: Go home or die!

  8. Need to bomb Guatamala into rubble.

  9. Look at all these people with a double digit number of braincells in the comment section. Pathetic.

  10. Good we dont need like 100,000 to a million illwgals in our nation.

  11. The Dreamers….this makes me sick! If your a dreamer you should stay!

  12. African Central Americans……………..Hahahahaahhahaahahahaahahahahahaahahaahahaahah

  13. We should let everyone from central america move to USA so USA can end up looking just like Guatemala….. Maybe we can also enjoy a sky high murder rate like EL Salvador, even more mass shootings.

  14. Crazy how most of cali arizona and tx use to be mexico tho

  15. Why are you not talking about the 39 weeks of protests in France? Hiding the truth maybe?

  16. He is coming in illegally. These ppl do not care. They need to go back to their countries.

  17. Mexicans should help guatemalans

  18. Took them a month and a half to do nothing.
    Shut down the border.
    Stop all trade.
    America does not need Central America.
    They need us.

  19. At this point , the people from Guatemala are safer in Mexico ! No Mall murders or MAGA Hats to deal with.

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