Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Exclusive: Russia’s Show Of Military Might In The Arctic | NBC Nightly News

NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports from above the Arctic Circle, where Norway’s aging military is on the front lines for the U.S. and NATO as Russia grows increasingly aggressive in the region. NBC News was given a rare look at intercept videos of nuclear-capable Russian aircraft flying in international airspace.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Exclusive: Russia’s Show Of Military Might In The Arctic | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Their trying to setup artic military camps to melt the ice with thermonuclear explosions resulting in sea levels increasing and the sinking of Florida look it up its the latest cool conspiracy online 😎


  3. you American news outlets are disgusting no wonder everybody in America has such mental health problems they’re being fed BS propaganda every day Americans really need to wake up and stop being so blind about everything

  4. Oh my God Russian planes flying in international air space. No one else does that "DO THEY"

  5. Russia controls the arctic with its icebreakers some of which are nuclear powered and Navy’s northern fleet. The U.S has no balls or resources in the Arctic. The U.S possess no threat to Russia in Russia’s backyard. 😂

  6. for all we know they want you to make a move… not firing or anything like that.. but testing your skillz….. ohh yea…

  7. aging or not.. the falcon can kick serious behind! you better believe it and understand it.

  8. Хахахаха, да норвежцам не стоит бояться учебных полётов, у русских хорошее отношение к скандинавам, потому что есть особое отношение к северным народам, и то, что самолёты летают вдоль границы страны над свободными водными территоиями это только подтверждает

  9. If we are allies they should have the capabilities to handle the situation

  10. better buy planes from France or Sweden… maybe Russia… simply put, Europeans have neighbors

  11. bunch of bs waste of money ,,,if anyone is gonna be the aggressor it will come from the yanks ,neither russia nor europe is interested in conquest wars ,that is a silly thought

  12. Keep up the good work Norway!!! Don't let Putin bully push you around. Keep Norway safe!!!!!

  13. These days who is there to believe. They're all liers the only thing they care is for them selves, not the tax paying slave citizens.

  14. Such reports are exclusively a promotion for the US military-industrial complex. Russia is scary, therefore we need your tax dollars … and by the way, Norway needs to buy more F-16s. Daylight robbery ….

  15. Classic anti russia propoganda even as we speak 1000 nato dogs cannot defeat a bear

  16. Bruh Russia don't really want no smoke. Fake as bullying

  17. Don't worry…Russia will just nuke it's self again…for the 3rd time…lol.

  18. General George Patton was right!

  19. Putin is smart. he is juicing NATO resources.

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