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Exiting Extremism: Inside One Group’s Mission To Help People Out Of Hate | NBC Nightly News

Parents for Peace has experienced a rise in calls from people who want to help their loved ones combat extremism. NBC News’ Hallie Jackson hears from one caller seeking assistance for her husband and speaks with a former white supremacist who received help through the organization and is now giving back and trying to help others out of hate.
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Exiting Extremism: Inside One Group’s Mission To Help People Out Of Hate | NBC Nightly News


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  1. They should go on twitter. It's basically an anti white hate group for liberals

  2. My cellphone has slowly developed a mind of its own. I'm reading comments of videos that I've just watched, and suddenly it starts playing another video that I didn't choose… and usually one that I'm not interested in watching. 🤪

  3. White people have no heritage other than hate.

  4. My God… Seeing that little kid say “white power” is absolutely heart breaking. Warping a young mind like that is criminal. What else did they teach that poor kid?

  5. Hate is a selfmedocating addiction?
    Tben so is love!

  6. Hate,Anger and Racism ARE destroying the United States
    and will cause the fall of that empire which never wii rise again🇺🇸💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  7. It's difficult to tolerate the intolerant.

  8. As a minority/ethnic/non-white American, perhaps the woke should stop hate against white males with patriotic and family values.

  9. The use of violence is not the solution.
    What do you think?

  10. Are we near the end of times 😌

  11. White supremacy is an oxymoron, recessive DNA cannot be superior to the dominant it's insane.

  12. Please don’t ever forget this. Like I said before. I’ll say it again, Donald J, Trump is responsible for all the hate crimes committed in the U.S. by the Radical Extremist Poorly Educated White Supremacists.

  13. Lesbians for Love, Feminists for Control.

  14. People who go out and commit acts of violence against people are CRIMINALS. People who have extreme biases…. some may change, some won't. But's it's not against the law to have extreme views, and, at the same time leave everyone alone and go about your business. One is a criminal, that needs to be imprisoned for life, the other a non-criminal.

  15. Barely any until MSNBC frontlined Richard Spencer's Roman Salute to get votes based on emotions because Donald Trump just made way to much sense to actually try and debate for real.

  16. For every 1 racist white person there's 100 racist black

  17. Remember it's ok to riot and the media will call it peaceful protest so you won't get in trouble. Extremism is find as long your on the right side right?

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