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Experts discuss a post-Trump America and healing a divided nation | Nightline

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, ABC News contributors Tara Setmayer, LZ Granderson and Leah Wright-Rigueur reflect on the challenges President-elect Joe Biden’s administration will face.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Hold on the Democrat party's is playing any kind of cult like Martin Luther King algebra just like Donald Trump we're all cults in America so what the hell American lives y'all going to let the Devils of the Democrat destroy American lives freedom y'all maze me where y'all lost your balls in your back.

  2. " I got hairy legs that … turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and watch the hair come back up again. They’d look at it. So, I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap, and I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap."
    -your pres biden

  3. At least until Biden is out of office, I don’t see America uniting anytime soon.

  4. America is more divided even though most of Trump supporters did not agree with the radicals storming the white house. You will not see the eerie quiet storm brewing in our hearts and minds. Headline news in WSJ, China asks Biden within hours of taking his oath to open NYSE back up for them. What does he do? tic toc, tic, toc. Sends billions of dollars of the $2 trillion covid relief package to pet projects, China, Kennedy art Center, Ukraine????? All the while the Citizens of our country are losing their businesses, most people are barely getting buy. What is all this money going to. You will see a decrease in the value of our dollar. Wake up ABC News. Let's see you do some digging.

  5. How Liberals will unite the nation: By no longer being assholes to Trump supporters for no reason.

    The healing can begin, now that Biden is in Office.

  6. There will be NO uniting us! We will fight the evil left every step of the way. BLM and Antifa burned the country and the evil left did NOTHING! Impeach Biden on day one!

  7. Black voters like me that used the right to vote as leah says was frowned upon and my mother was kidnapped by the sc cartels as a message. So all this fake blm stuff is straight marxist communist demented black lies.

  8. Accountability is the main thing, if we don't listen to each other and acknowledge the hatred and sensationalism especially from the media we won't be unified. It'll still be the divided states of AmeriKKKA under Biden still. It will take many years after 2021 💯

  9. All this did was confirm that we're not going to be unified.

  10. When you need to silence all your dissenters on public media, refuse to audit your fraudulent elections and need 25000 troops to protect an empty inauguration – you didn't win. And you aren't uniting anything.

  11. White people are racist simple as that

  12. Yeah congratulations the only ones responsible for dividing this nation is you you Dirtbag media people… because you will do anything for a paycheck and your masters you serve.. the six corporations who own you are paying you to say the things you say ..you know they are outright lies and one day you will have to answer for This.. I Promise You… you call what he saying lies with mountains of evidence but none of the evil communist Democrat judges don't want to see it..they want nothing to do with it… just ignore it …so who is the evil one here… you people are the ones responsible for lie after lie after lie… you people disgust me as you disgust many millions of Americans..
    you're the worst thing that could ever happen to this country… you don't want to talk about the fact that BLM supporters were at the Capitol and even arrested but you won't speak a word of it will you..you biased dirtbags…video evidence of the police just opening the gates and waving them on in…but not a word of this because your bias dirtbags… and there's another lie out of your disgusting pie holes… effective vaccinations…lol..are you kidding me you people are literally the most unintelligent group of scumbags I've ever seen… what about all these highly accredited doctors talking about the whole covid-19 saying it's not what the media is saying it is…

  13. So where are the 'experts'?

  14. MLK asked millions to be strong and march on the Capital…
    I think he should be impeached – twice for the crap we've had to endure since.

  15. We have reached the point of no return. There is no “uniting”.

  16. "Road blocks"? Like having an ID?…

  17. This idiot talks of Jan 6th? What about $3 billion, 37 deaths, burning hundreds of buildings and looting 1000's by LIBTARDS JUST LIKE THIS RACE BAITER which started NINE MONTHS AGO..

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