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Experts Dispute Link Between Gun Violence And Mental Illness | NBC News Now

The American Psychiatric Association has released a statement disputing the link between gun violence and mental illness saying the “overwhelming majority of people with mental illness are not violent.” The former president of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Renee Binder, joins Alison Morris to discuss.
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Experts Dispute Link Between Gun Violence And Mental Illness | NBC News Now


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  1. Mental illness like the news media?

  2. Like you can believe the APA or AMA because "treatment" is SSRIs!!!!!!!! It's when they go OFF their meds they go nuts.


  4. They are not mentally ill people.
    This is premeditated and calculated .They are killers..period
    Yes there are violent mental ill people everywhere but tbey dont do stuff like this.

  5. "Mental Illness" will mean any white person with not enough white guilt.

  6. So a healthy person guns down innocent people for no good reason.
    Trump should do what Obama did, NOTHING AT ALL

  7. Fine they are perfectly Sane! Then when we do the Background checks there should be no questions about mental health! Let them buy all the guns they want!

  8. In Australia health care is a right and gun ownership is a privilege. In America gun ownership is a right and health care is a privilege. I know which I’d rather have. And the Australian model includes mental health.

  9. Okay Renee Binder these people who mass shoot definitely has something wrong. I'm not in favor of stigmatizing the mentally ill anymore than they all ready are but something is clearly wrong if some one is out on the streets targeting soft targets with an assault weapon with mass murder on their mind.

  10. No normal sane person would shoot a crowd of people, if that's not mental illness then i don't know what is. You guys have experts for everything lol

  11. The media will say absolutely anything. So you’r saying the people doing these shootings are normal? If it’s just about ‘guns’ explain the rash of knife stabbing that just happened California – THAT’S normal ? Then also explain the 17 shot in Toronto over this past Civic Holiday weekend; noting the strict gun laws in Canada.

  12. What about the stigma slapped on honest law abiding gun owners ?
    Every one of your complaints is being applied to them.

  13. JAPAN country with many sick people and "gamers" .
    Number of mass shootings ZERO!!

  14. This didn’t happen back when you could legally order Machine Guns, Grenades, and even Cannons through the U.S. Mail? So it is obviously not a gun availability problem.

  15. The APA will do everything possible to avoid the linkage of SSRI anti-depressants to the individuals who plan and carry out mass murders. After all, if all these shooters were on drugs like Zoloft, that might cut into the profits made by Big Pharma if fewer patients were given these mostly worthless drugs. Pill-pushing psychiatrists are just like the doctors who over prescribed oxycontin, creating drug addicts.

  16. Forget everything else invest in body armor for your children. Because mass shootings are going to keep happening and this is going to be one of the deadliest school year’s ever

  17. Correlation doesn't mean causation.

  18. You don't know about their conditions, because you can't recognize the symptoms, but they're absolutely detectable. Those people are experiencing torture, and will always strike with lethal force when they reach the breaking point. You refuse to investigate the causes, therefore, if you don't associate their behavior with illness, then you'll have zero defense against random mass assaults of these types. This is not to be ignored for even one second – you have a long line of angry enemies who will strike at unpredictable moments.

  19. Anyone that would intentionally murder an innocent human being has a severe mental illness, these experts need to have their licenses pulled and their heads examined.

  20. Well, all the cool movies show you all the cool guns and how to shoot them, I mean it's a no brainer, ya know!

  21. I you are out here killing people because of the color of their skin you are mentally ill…..Hate is a mental problem…..

  22. FACTS MATTER TRUMP. You and your klan have blood on your hands.

  23. Facts… exactly opposite of the NRA whisperers… who would have guessed.

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