Explosive Jan. 6th Testimony By Trump White House Insider

Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide to then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, delivered explosive new testimony in the January 6th hearings today. Hutchinson said another staffer told her there was dramatic physical confrontation inside the presidential limousine. The altercation was between former President Trump and the head of his secret service detail, Bobby Engel, after Trump was told his security would not take him to the Capitol. A source close to the Secret Service tells NBC News the lead agent and the presidential limousine driver are reportedly prepared to testify they were not assaulted and Trump never lunged for the steering wheel.

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  2. What a bunch of crap. She should be arrested for perjury..

  3. Explosive??? I've had more Explosive trips to my toilet than this. Smh

  4. Hutchinson is going to jail. Yikes!!! If those 2 people testify she is going to get sent up for lying to Congress. Yikes!!

  5. Hilarious! To her credit though, she's a bit of a better liar than Scamber Turd!

  6. He Never Promised Them The Rose Garden  

    They begged for pardons 
    He never promised them the Rose Garden  
    Along with his Big Crime 
    There's gotta be a little jail sometime  
    When you take, you gotta give, so live and let live  
    Or let go oh-oh-oh-oh 
    They begged for pardons 
    He never promised them the Rose Garden  

    Did he promise them things like big onion rings  
    But you don't find votes changin' after calls to Georgia 
    So they better think it over 
    Their consciousness of guilt, he's good at the jilt 
    Wants cheeseburgers and Diet Coke on a silver platter  
    See the ketchup splatter  

    Don't smile at his guile, it's his big folly  
    The coup attempt so melancholy 
    Mark and pals should tell the whole truth while they can  

    They begged for pardons 
    He never promised them the Rose Garden  
    Along with his Big Crime 
    There's gotta be a little jail sometime  
    They begged for pardons 
    He never promised them the Rose Garden  

    He could recite The Snake and offer them Trump Steak 
    But if that's what it takes to hold them, he'd just as soon let them go 
    And here's the names that you need to know: 
    Mark 'n' Mo 'n' Scott 'n' Rudy, Andy 'n' Louie 
    And then don't forget Matt 'n' John, Klan mom Marjorie 
    And who knows who's gonna cop a plea?  

    He's wise in his eyes, it's his big folly  
    The coup attempt so melancholy 
    Pat and Kev should tell the whole truth while they can  

    They begged for pardons 
    He never promised them the Rose Garden  
    Along with his Big Lie 
    There's gotta be a little jail sometime  
    They begged for pardons…

    From: Business Insider (June 28, 2022) "Here are all the people who sought preemptive pardons from Donald Trump after the Capitol riot, per January 6 committee witnesses": Rep. Andy Biggs, Rep. Mo Brooks, John Eastman, Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mark Meadows, Rep. Scott Perry


  8. WHO needs to go to 10 (OR MORE) DIFFERENT ballot drop boxes to vote ?

    Answer: 2000 MULES..

  9. Cassidy🤡Hutchinson

    "We know she is lying.
    She knows she is lying.
    She know that we know she is lying.
    We know that she knows we know she is lying.
    And still she continues to lie."
    ~Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  10. Wait so did she lie? Oh it doesn't matter as long as she said it, its true

  11. Paint this wonderful lie for 4 min then slip the truth in at the end lol so dishonest is your reporting. Less than 5,000 views. 13 yr old Youtubers are more entertaining and get a 1000 times more views than this fiction lol. You are evil people spreading lies and division among the people. All the news is good for is to sell drugs to old people during the commercial breaks.

  12. ANGRY TRUMP 2022 $$

    A angry soul opens its mouth

    And shuts its mind to reason.

    All who stay slow to anger

    Are loved by more each season.

    Hatred snuffs the lamp of thought

    And it's hard to stay serene.

    Where anger rules hatred thrives

    As the world we love turns mean.

    All who fan the coals of hate

    Have no reason to complain.

    If some hot sparks scorch their face

    Their torments multiply their pain.

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  13. NBC describing this joke as a "bombshell testimony" tells you everything you need to know about them, and their tanking viewer numbers make a lot more sense.

  14. Who needs Disney this is great stuff
    Trump rides shotgun in the beast with his ak15 definitely “ULTRA MAGA” 👊

  15. Has this dumb box ever been in a limousine?

    You can’t reach the steering wheel, even in my old Single Stretch it’s a huge reach.

  16. From the comments I've read on channels covering this "bombshell," most people know this is absolute utter BS.

    This is why so few people trust the news anymore.

  17. Hearsay Objection Amberturd

  18. shee look like ex Jonny Deep

  19. Two problems. #1 She's repeating something someone else said they witnessed, Hearsay. #2. It didn't happen according to the two people in the Limo with Trump.

  20. “Objection! Hearsay!” LOL! Just like Trump to break the laws … of PHYSICS. Using his 6 foot long arms to reach through bulletproof glass.

  21. Nobody believes what Crooked Trump says!

  22. See with the Democrats you get paid to commit Perjury and get away with it. Let's see what other Tricks they come up with.

  23. LoL the two agents said this never happened and they are willing to testify to that. You Dems are pathetic. The woman testifying wasn't even there lol.

  24. If you believe that Joe Biden, who lost two attempted Presidential runs, then on his third attempt, hid in his basement, and refused to campaign, got the most votes in history…You're way too stupid to argue with!

  25. LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES. Whenever the Democrats wear out their old lies, the media just makes up some new lies for them. Everyone with an I.Q. higher than their shoe size sees right through this SHOW!! DEMOCRATS AND THE MEDIA ARE PATHETIC!!! TRUMP 2024!!!!

  26. What was explosive was the lies she told! It was hilarious because Trump has class and would never attack the driver. Bunch of B.S.! How much you want to believe that majority of the people would never believe those lies. No Trump supporters were seen with any weapon because they were not there for a shoot out, they were there to peacefully protest. I don't know what they were watching but it must of been Antifa members that the police escorted that had the weapons or maybe the FBI pretending to be Trump supporters. This reminds me a lot of the fabricated Kavanaugh hearing and the lies told by his accusers.

  27. The democrats are an organized crime party, self righteous scum who want to impose their will. Of course the president was upset, now lets talk about the pathological lying Joe Biden and his son, we have the inside scoops, report them, hypocrites.

  28. Both Bobby Engel, Trump's Secret Service chief, and Tony Ornato, Trump's Deputy Chief of Staff , have said Hutchinson's testimony is incorrect and are willing to testify under oath to this effect. The logic of someone , right-handed, grabbing the steering wheel from the back seat and then choking the other front seat passenger with the left hand, defies common and physical sense. It seems, yet again, that the media is reporting on things not true. The only thing left is for Trump to sue for slander all the outlets that are reporting, uncritically, this unsubstantiated allegation. And it is to be wondered at why the Jan. 6 committee did not corroborate her testimony with interviews of Engel and Ornato.

  29. I knew Trump was circling the drain , but i just heard it flush =-P

  30. Let’s keep talking and have diffult conversation. Don’t hide behind guns and funds like trump babies 👶

  31. Arguing with Secret Service to power down weapon sensors is intent and mindset that breaches the safety of life.

  32. Grabbed the steering wheel !! My 80 year old Trump loving dad , did this when he had dementia and wanted me to take him to McDonald’s.

  33. Since 1993, when President Yeltsin B.N. shot the popularly elected parliament with tanks, Russia has followed the path of curtailing Democracy. This process was accompanied by Russia's armed aggressions: in Transnistria, in Chechnya, in Abkhazia, in South Ossetia, in Crimea, in Donbass, in Syria, in Nagorno-Karabakh, in Kazakhstan. As a result: a large-scale war in Ukraine, with constant threats of the use of nuclear weapons. Hundreds of thousands of people have already died as a result of Russia's activities. The political regime in Russia poses a deadly threat to Humanity. The world Community has long turned a blind eye to the processes taking place in Russia, therefore it bears full responsibility for a possible apocalypse….


  35. Denie, denie, denie, lie, lie, lie…

  36. that Joe Biden is getting rid of Donald Trumps wall of shame Because He lies to everything

  37. 🏆 🇺🇲 TY JAN 6 COMMITTEE 🇺🇸 🏆


    THANK YOU ! 🇺🇲

  38. At this point fake news is just insulting our intelligence.

  39. i wonder why none of the AR15s were used?

  40. 1200 views, 25 likes and 35 comments most of which are from a conservative Bot. 😂😂😂😂
    Give it up, guys. Gilligan's Island reruns are doing better