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Explosive Trump tweets overshadow Jerome Powell speech

Was Jerome Powell’s statement on interest rates overshadowed by President Trump’s tweet escalating the trade war with China? NorthmanTrader founder Sven Henrich on weighs in on Federal Reserve policy, mounting U.S. trade tensions with China and their impact on business leaders.

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  1. US is loosing because people and companies are willing to sell to China as long as they are paid good. Simple as that. Money talks. Strategy stopped long time ago for USA.

  2. Fox (Rino) News, your passive aggressive approach to covering President Trump is no better than all the liberal left Fake New, Fox News continually broadcast negative commentary that spread negative advertisement and notoriety across the air.  Fox, Your behavior is obvious to all Conservative viewers, you are chasing patriots over to internet social media networks.  At least Democratic Fake News Networks have gone public with their intent, you on the other hand, have chosen to take the more stealthy (Trojan Horse) approach. I do like the various Fox Network personality commentators, but don’t appreciate the properganda sound bights from negative editorial interviews.

  3. 🤡🎪🤪👹Tramp Twitter Troll using Twitter to run the world 🤦‍♀️

  4. Trumpy the Lying 🤡 Clown !!!!!! 😁😀😁

  5. Don the Con is doing what he's done his entire life. Lie, cheat, steal and blame others for all his failures. But now without daddy's millions to bail him out, he kneels before his puppet master, Putin. His new daddy bails him out and Donny Dumb Nuts heaps praises on him. Then tries to get Russia back into the g-7. What a tool. Useful idiot is what the Russians call him.

  6. Who is this moron. If you going go with 50 years of FAILED policy you are a TRAITOR. TRUMP2020

  7. The global economy is falling because other countries can't use the USA as their cash cow any longer.
    Trump 2020 !!!

  8. Makes me wonder what nasty-gram the Chinese sent that President Trump is responding to.

  9. #45 doesn't seem to realize when he spews immaturity, it has a effect on the world

  10. You spineless bass turds need to start putting this country and the lives of Americans before our trade reputation with China. The President is justified standing up for America's security, and the flow of fentynal into this country. America is what helped to build that 3rd world communist sheethole and their plans to take down this country with the globalist must stop.

  11. Demicrats/Antifa loving this! TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  12. I am not sure you are America people reporting the news! Why is it so hard to believe our country what to provide and to protect us!!

  13. Hello, Americans are dying from Fentanyl. Americans are getting the screw job on trade imbalance. Americans are getting the major screw job on intellectual property theft. Americans are getting the screw job on currency manipulation. American students are getting bypassed for Chinese & Indian students for the top STEM education and graduate opportunities. Hello Media! You act like there's something unhinged w the President. No, it's YOU! Seditious!

  14. Trump could sit in the middle of Fifth Avenue buck naked, eating a live pigeon and growling at passersby, and he wouldn't look any crazier than he actually is right now.


  15. Hail Trump businesses must obey our most wonderful 👑 leader. China 🇨🇳 will not replace us. Trump stands for God and the true American people 👫

  16. The king in cheif has ordered all companies back home if not you will be throw into the dungeon and beheaded

  17. The monetary policy being enforced insures a Greatest Depression ever.

  18. trump sharted his explosive diarrhea all over powell's speech

  19. "Nobody was expecting this". What exactly was no one expecting?

  20. Trump is making a bet on the "Chinese Trade War" will pay off for the 2020 Presidential bid. Just keep on mind ! if the Economy goes bad. There is no conspiracy or Democrats influence on the Economy because of this Trade War, if Trump has some balls and the USA goes into a recession, this will be Trump's fault.
    Besides I don't understand the America First BS, when Trump is giving Israel 4 Billion per year plus weapons free of charge, and Trump has Americans suffering with no Healthcare here in the mainland.
    Imagine that

  21. nixon and kissenger opened that door !

  22. During Obama admin, the fed raised the rate just once in 8 years. During Trump admin, they raised 8 times in 2 1/2 years. It is clear the fed is in bed with globalists. The fed must be audited and investigated Immediately.

  23. This is why Trump is such a loser. He is too lazy to plan an overall strategy for anything. He never had a long term plan for this trade war. He now expects Powell to bail him out. What an idiot.

  24. And that right there ladies and gentlemen is why you vote trump 2020

  25. The problem is, you people are so dumb you don't understand that if you want to get paid minimum wage, your product is going to cost 10x more than you are used to paying for it. Grow a brain cell.

  26. Impeach Deranged Terrorist Trump.

    Bernie Sanders for President.

  27. Trump brands ARE made in China. Try to lead with example…

  28. The President is calling Fed chair Powell worse than (Chinese president) Xi because he won't lower interest rates further. Am I the only person who's noticed that Donald Trump and his businesses owe a LOT of money to various banks and organizations around the world. He has already admitted that he owes $360 MILLION to Deutsche Bank alone. But without his tax returns we simply have no idea how much money he and his businesses owe.
    Drop interest rates by half a percent and Trump saves a whopping $18 million in interest payments over the next year to Deutsche Bank ALONE. So to believe that the President has no personal assets in play in this game is simply naive.
    Does Trump want to lower interest rates to help Americans? Or is he doing it to save himself all those heavy interest charges he's paying? The problem with this President is, we really don't know.

  29. Two US Presidents defied the central bank of their nation. Both were murdered in office shortly after they did so. Join the dots, Donald. Resign before you are killed by a "lone nut".

  30. Loke at these parrots. Singing a song without lyrics.

  31. Trump is a master of self promotion. He can take away the attention from the central bankers for his own agenda. He’s a master. The central bankers don’t realise the natural rate of interest is 0% under fiat and has been for many years but they haven’t come to terms with it yet.

  32. If America gets free from China made goods and makes our own products again our economy will sky rocket

  33. lol nobody is holding on anything while GDP growth and is in positive balance.

  34. Jerome Powell is playing politics..he should lower rates long ago..he is hurting economy not lowering rates

  35. Trumps right! He IS the chosen one! Trump is better than Jesus Christ! MAGA!!!

  36. It took Mr Trump to finally end what Nixon started, a free ride for communist China. US spends Trillions propping up communist governments, and why? Russia and China would look like Venezuela without past US support. Look what the US did for Japan after conquering that country. If this were to continue ANY longer, Russia and China would own the US, literally.

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