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Extreme athlete Jessi Combs dies in car crash | ABC News

Combs, known as the “fastest woman on four wheels,” died instantly in a crash while attempting to break a land speed record in Oregon. READ MORE:

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  1. I always liked her. The one woman on car shows that had intelligence! She wasn’t there for T and A…she knew her business. I love that.

  2. We went to the same school. Wyotech. RIP Jessi.

  3. Do stupid shit, win stupid prizes.

  4. So tragic… adrenaline junkies end

  5. RIP jessi you are my favoryte mithbuster

  6. That's a young age to go but she did more in her short life than any of us will ever do!!

  7. But weed is harmful and illegal.

  8. She was so cute with that strawberry hair

  9. She died because she didn't have the mental capacity to take this serious she acted like a child she just wanted to go fast the first record she broke was a fluke she should have quit then

  10. Nobody gives a damn about me so I can not see any reason to give a flying fuck about this bitch or her friends or her family.  in fact, I hope they're all suffering and I hope their houses burn down and I hope their dogs die and I hope they all have festering boils in their crotches.

  11. She has NEVER broken a speed record, ever. She was NOT the 'fastest woman' on anything.

  12. The first time I saw this car I felt it was repurposedbaddly as it was originally a Starfighter and had no escape capsule that most every other fabricator has gone to with land speed record cars. This car was a deathtrap from the start. Serval things were inaccurate in the report as this was testing and not a sanctioned drive…

  13. White people and their stupidity for adventures and excited things.

  14. Sad news for the car world .Jessi passing away . I watched her on Sundays mornings On Spike TV .y regards to her family and friends .

  15. When did the car crash ? Did she break the record? That is what she was trying to do I hope she at least got that before she died.

  16. That so-called “car” was an accident looking for a place to happen! It’s the fuselage of a Cold War Jet fighter known as the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. It was a Mach 2+ Interceptor designed back in the late 50’s to intercept Soviet bombers in the event of war!

    Not to have its wings removed and wheels put on so it can run on the ground! ALL of the successful Jet Cars were PURPOSE BUILT to run on the ground! Ask Craig Breedlove, who pioneered Jet cars and set numerous records before retiring, or Andy Greene, from the UK, who is the current record holder at 762 MPH, who also broke the Sound Barrier on the ground and will be attempting to break the 1,000 MPH barrier on the ground soon, in Africa in another Purpose Built car, with lots of engineering behind all of it! You can’t do this on the cheap!
    Jessi Combs should still be alive today!


  18. Sometimes it is the risks that elevate you to a higher plateau.

  19. What are people like this trying to prove anyhow? So she's "The Fastest" woman on earth…and?

  20. The sad reality is that who really gives a shit about how fast your car goes? Most of the world doesn't even know her or her record. Such is human nature, some risk their existence for little return, and some praise it as if it is something to be worshipped, it's not. It's actually a waste, an unnecessary reckless abandonment to the sanctity of life. Futile and meaningless.

    The speed limit is 70mph for good reason, and nobody drives around in a rocket car. Grow up.

  21. She died attempting something worthless yet something she loved, but absolutely unnecessary and without any reason.

  22. Wtffff?!?! I would watch her every Sunday fixing up a car no way unbelievable dam RIP

  23. It’s not right to ridicule people for dieing by doing dangerous stunts but it’s also not right to say that those who talk bad are people who just stay in the house. Just because some people don’t risk their life with stunts increasing possible death by 80% doesn’t mean they don’t do other things. Risking your life in all honesty doesn’t make you anything but a show. When it comes to stuff like breaking sound barriers and human growth, now your just a test dummy who either lives to see another day or a “hero” who sacrificed for “the greater good.”

  24. That THING, a decommissioned F104 fighter,
    didn't even have a cage! How the heck did it ever pass the technical inspection?
    Seen a lot of land speed cars, they ALWAYS had a cage built into them. At least
    2 people should be brought up on criminal charges, the designer, and the tech
    inspector. The F104, or ANY aircraft for that matter were never designed with
    crash protection in mind. ALL race cars, by any race rule book I have ever seen,
    are supposed to, or they are not allowed to compete. This was supposedly running
    under FIA's eye, how was it ever certified to run ???

  25. Rip young lady but in my opinion it isn’t and wasn’t worth it

  26. Damn shame that any one will try n keep trying to break records.but to each his own on how you may wanta gamble with ur life.

  27. She played life at it’s limits…..most of us play it safe but some don’t….either way we’re all
    going to go….

  28. So where is the crash? She wasn't young and every land speed record ever attempted – where there has been a crash, it's the exception that was not filmed. Perhaps the team and their filming of it and that she was some kind of a minor celebrity and all that, and they did have really good film crews on site, and everyone is kind of distraught over it, and people were saying, it wasn't an attempt to break the speed record, it was a test run…. And with Jessie sitting in front of a jet engine, when it crashes – maybe they don't want to show a chick going through a 50,000 HP blender….

  29. I remember her from mythbusters. She was the cute girl Jesse chased after Kari byron got pregnant


  31. Were just human made of flesh and blood.

  32. Why an investigation "you put yourself in that situation"

  33. Sometimes God comes for us an sometimes we go knocking on his door RIP but should of thought about your loved ones how they will be the ones to suffer now just to prove a point an win a record Sad all the way around

  34. When you tighten a harness strap yr helmet on and start the engine you know you can get hurt or killed but do it because you love doing it it's always sad to loose a driver and as friends family and fans you know the risk they are taking but usually don't understand the why it's to bad she is gone but she went doing what she loved

  35. Sad! But you gotta follow your dreams! If not you will surely die!

  36. 15 minutes are up…….Next!

  37. There will not be much of an investigation. If it was an aircraft NTSB would investigate it. The accident was due to high risk record setting in a 1950's jet fighter they knocked the wings off and bolted wheels on.

  38. How does driving a car make you an extreme athlete? Sorry she died but that title is ridiculous.

  39. women stay in the kitchen!!!!

  40. I am very sorry to hear about her loss. I understand that a mechanical malfunction caused the crash, not something she did. I have a slogan that I live under “ You measure life in depth, not length.” She lived life to the fullest and my prayers go with her.

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