Extreme flooding hits New York City, Gov. Hochul declares state of emergency

NBC News’ George Solis reports from the Big Apple on flood alerts facing residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Meteorologist Bill Karins provides a forecast.

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  1. In London uk we are having a mini heat wave which is record breaking for this month and will continue in October .

  2. Hope soon as the road opens up stacks of busses roll in 😂😂

  3. Where are the meteorologist engineers to help steer this storm away?

  4. How come they not talking about the crimes that are most definitely taking place ? It’s prob a free for all

  5. Mr. Major what's your solution?

  6. Hey? Stay Home. Seriously. Keep your children home and safe. Close the schools. Comment sense!

  7. "Anyone in basments" watch out fellow 30 year old living with mom. Wait i moved out. Also i was in the attic thats like an upgrade 😂

  8. I'm sure am thankful that my mother and I are able to fly back home out of New York City the day before the flooding started .

  9. They say all the windmills are altering the weather patterns &
    destroying the ocean life

  10. Migrates flooding the streets, water flooding the streets?

  11. @superms6973

    1 second ago

    Shame on the Mayor!!!!!! Schools were open?! It's insane!???!!!!

  12. It keep the rioters off the streets one good. Thing sadly

  13. Hopefully the cat sized RATS have all drowned!

  14. "The more you learn, the more you earn." – Warren Buffett

  15. So news flash to the people of New York…..concrete does not absorb water. Just thought you'd like to know that. Cue politician blaming man made climate change.

  16. How to the migration like new York now

  17. Aught oh , how will this affect Taylor Swift and the game ?

  18. Free shower mother f……s

  19. Be prepared for a extreme blizzard next

  20. Looks like a sene from the Day after Tomorrow with the extreme flooding in NYC

  21. But all those (well, not all but most) republicans say climate change isn't real 🙄.
    When snow ❄️ begins to fall on the valley floor of Southern California, then maybe they will believe it. 🤔 oh wait, even that has happened in both LA AND ORANGE 🍊 COUNTY & SAN DIEGO COUNTY just last winter. Stupid people! 0:30

  22. Let me tell you something. Back in the 70's there was Trucks with scoops that used to go around sewer drains in the streets. I never seen that again in my life. so that's a big problem.

  23. What’s with the comment section here full of racists and disregard for others homes and livelihoods? How narrow minded and toxic. I’m assuming these are bots because real humans should be better than this