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Extremists attack US military base in Somalia | ABC News

The group al-Shabab took responsibility for the suicide bombing, in which there were no American casualties, U.S. officials told ABC News.

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  1. Wouldn't happen if Democrats would stop trying to waste the President's time with fake scandals 👌

  2. Is it extremist? Or is it people fighting for their country an resources.

  3. This is where ilhan Omar came from a trouble & poor country. If she can run away from her country She should also renounce her religion & belief.

  4. You will be amazed by how much Somalis like the very al shabab that kills them.

  5. Oh my god. I’m soamali but still I don’t understand who give me money al shabab and who gives cars etc

  6. Why do extremists have military base in others country?

  7. To take back that territory! 😂
    When did US ruled Somalia?

  8. And here in Europe we have Somalis in there millions. Great.

  9. these losers can't even march. holy fuk ya'll get a load of these guys. They are going to bite off more than they can chew

  10. Was a daily thang when I was there.

  11. The attack on our American partners was repealed by the brave and alert Somali National Army forces on the outer perimeter ring. All 30 militants are dead. All soldiers are unharmed and safe. Somali soldiers who are trained, paid on time which wasn't the case in the past and whose families are looked after are the best guerrilla fighting forces.


  13. Hell yeah im a have a good week

  14. islam is a religion which legalizes, child marriage, wife-beating, incest. Along with killing of atheist/ex-muslims/LGBTQ, male and female genital mutilation, with no freedom of speech, expression and movement

  15. The age is ending usa falls first million dollars remember my post

  16. send Omar back this is America.she don't belong here.

  17. Islamic Terrorist are threats to humanity 😤😤😤😤
    Islamic state Terrorist always prefer jihad😤😤😤
    They should be bombed immediately by the forces

  18. US and Saudi Arabia are destroying Somalia just because they want our oil

  19. Religion of peace strikes again

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