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FAA Warns Of Uptick In Unruly And Dangerous Passenger Behavior | NBC Nightly News

The FAA says incidences of bad passenger behavior have jumped to 1,300 cases so far this year. FAA Administrator Steve Dickson tells NBC News’ Tom Costello that the agency “will not tolerate interfering with a flight crew and the performance of their safety duties.”
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  1. When putting down the video games, emerging from mommies basement to fly to see grandma. Tantrums

  2. Kick them out jeez. It's like kindergarten if you want to go to school, you have to follow the rules.

  3. Probably were all white people acting childish

  4. This is the kind of outcome Putin intended.

  5. The Wright Brothers from Dayton, Ohio, and from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina Orville, and Wilbur Wright would be devastated. They would be so sad to see what aviation has come to today in 2021.

  6. Stop giving people liquor on plane . 🦋 NGD

  7. What does the media expect they are the ones fueling this fire. Between the media and both sides of the political field playing people like they are mere pawns in a chess game this is what happens. So……why so surprised?

  8. Flight attendants and pilots should be given Tasers. Only Tasers, no other weapons.

  9. Remember the 1980s before deregulation? It was completely different to fly even on the cheapest flights. If you had to go to a premium destination it cost a premium price so you appreciated the flight. Too many people have access to air travel these days. That is the problem. It has become Walmart in the sky and they dress like trash wearing pajamas and slippers as day wear just like in Wally World.

  10. In a country where people don't matter, what do you expect?

  11. I'm not surprised at the increase of bullying and harassment over the last year people have had enough. It would be FAR worse if the majority of those on the edge just aren't flying. Most people are ignorant about the insane amount of crap the mask idiots have been put on everyone and act like they are better than everyone else.

  12. Today lets end Air rage

  13. I told u it won't get better get ready for war.

  14. Well when you have a dangerous government trying to enslave people you’re gonna get some pushback.

  15. Good job FAA. Zero Tolerance policy.

  16. Ha! That's why I bought a Winnebago Sprinter Van. So I don't have to share space with idiots.

  17. I hate to say it but i've been working in the theme park business for 20 years and unruly behavior has always gone up when things are cheaper priced/discounted. During the pandemic flights had hugely discounted fares, even at the theme parks I work at we have had big discounts to get people to come and there has been way more bad behavior.

  18. Another Example Of White Male Privilege 🙄 …..Take The Alcohol Out Of Airports & STOP Serving It In Flight ✈️!!!!!…..People Should Always Wear A Mask In Flight….They Are Breathing In Not Only Airborne Germs But Toxic Fumes!!!!!!..People Have The Right To Wear A Mask 😷 For Their Health !!!!…When You're On Public Transportation….Mind Your Own Business!!!!..You Learn That At 5 On The School Bus!!!!!!!…..

  19. Ban manbuns on flights. They are gross. I saw one on a flight attendant that looked pretty clean, but usually it looks like ugotaturd rubber banded in there. Take a shower.

  20. Looks like a "mostly peaceful" flight to me.

  21. Are drugs really a victimless crime?

  22. When airlines conduct themselves in a manner to take advantage of the passengers, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!

  23. I’m going to fly and I do what I want. Got a problem? Deal with me, have your wheaties that morning

  24. Why are you Walmartians always trying to get to the restroom in first class? It's not a spa or anything. Use your own dang restroom.

  25. The airlines have turned to crepe. Passengers want to get on in their PJs with their "comfort llama". The US is spinning toward becoming a 3rd world country due to leftwing idiocy.

  26. Stupidity in the air is doing the work of the terrorists!! Cabin crew are not paid enough!

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