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Face mask from a t-shirt tutorial: How to protect from coronavirus | USA TODAY

How to make a face mask from a t-shirt.
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If you can’t purchase a mask, here’s how to make one from a t-shirt.

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  1. If you can use the shirt then cool but I ended up ordering a good one for free from http://www.empiremaxoutlet.com because cotton does not protect you fully.

  2. 1. Skip the cutting and use the whole shirt.
    2. Make a t-shirt ninja mask instead.
    3. Bring more than 1 shirt.
    4. Wash after use.

  3. Put a Bin Liner over your head or Balaclava

  4. instead of coffee filters it's better to get a MERV 13 AC filter material. Or HEPA vacuum bags

  5. Am I the only one who in their area face masks have run out? I could not buy one and had to make one myself

  6. How the hell the strings got longer

  7. Very interesting to see made in USA

  8. awesome video you deserve more views

  9. But what if the piece of cloth is already contaminated?

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