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  1. BREAKING: It’s the weekend and our President is not spending our tax dollars at a golf course he owns.

    How refreshing.

  2. Biden press secretary Jen Psaki is not playing. When asked why Biden wasn't prioritizing Republican issues in the name of unity, she said: "Is unemployment insurance not a Republican priority? Are schools opening safely not a Republican priority?"

  3. fun fact: trump spends 2.5x of his annual paycheck for every round trip he does to any of his golf resorts!!! since he told everyone that he is NOT taking his paycheck; we the taxpayers are paying for it every time!!

  4. fun fact: You can actually IMPEACH a former president of the United States!!!:-)

  5. Biden was a Senator and VP for many years. It’s okay for him to have nice things. Meanwhile we taxpayers paid how much for Trump to play golf at his resorts?

  6. Lyndon Johnson may have worn a Rolex, but he got a lot done for the poor, suffering and disenfranchised:

  7. Biden moved swiftly to oust Trump loyalists at Voice of America.

    Hours after he was inaugurated, Biden forced out the controversial head of the agency that oversees VOA. This was followed, domino-like, by the removal of VOA's director and deputy director.

  8. oh…let's start blaming Biden for everything from January 20th 2021 eh?? lol!!!!

  9. trump will be a prisoner in his own zip code:-)

  10. Facebook employees are gays and whores

  11. That is not their Job. They have no right to do that. 1984 sheep wake up.

  12. I wouldn't go back on those sites if I was him. He should make his own site or go on Brighteon

  13. Trump should make his own site

  14. I abandoned my 9-5 because of that here seek online this g r e a t e a s y p a y

  15. They’re going to wait to study how much he’s missed. When they realize they’re costing themselves too much money, they’ll let him on. He should buy Parler! Lol

  16. Prediction:
    Twitter will restore Trump’s accounts.

    Trumps first Tweet “Good Luck. Remember that word, it’s a very important word”.

    Trump then permanently shuts down his accounts.

  17. There is credible proof that the Trump Brainwash Virus is 100% effective for his cult members and probably irreversible: it erases all traces of common sense from their brains. Sixty Courts, fifty States, and Congress found no credible evidence of election fraud but the brainwashed insist there’s tons of it because Trump says so!

  18. Facebook is no good and evil to do all they've done and to do that to the president of the United States ,drop them like a hot potato

  19. So they band 45 what make him so special. He is the one that ask the protesters to walk with him & his minions did. Do to what he said to them 5 people died . Now that is sad that his minions thought that they could take over the capital the way that did. Well let's see if 45 will pay there layers. All B.S !

  20. Joe Biden – Worst President in the history of the United States.

  21. What if he doesn't want to reopen it. After all the bashing I would of divorced them years ago. Oh ya I did.

  22. President Trump, delete all your Accounts, move to meWe

  23. I am not a member of the dictator app!:) I DISCARDED THE FACE BOOK ACCOUNT ABOUT A WEEK AGO!!!!!!

  24. All entertainment for their fake pandemic.

  25. Can convicts have Facebook in prison?

  26. They won’t keep him suspended. He makes them too much money. Especially. Now!!!

  27. Why the hell would they restore it after all the damage he has done? He's continually violated rules and only got away with it for so long because of his then Presidental status. Action was only THEN taken because of the sheer danger allowing him to remain on the platform brought. Are tech companies perfect, no. Do they censor where they shouldn't yes, undoubtedly so. Should they be held to stricter standards very much a resounding yes.

    But in the case of Donald Trump and the January 6th capitol riot action HAD to be taken. It should have just been done a lot sooner once he started spouting lies of a rigged election and spurning his supporters to take action. It's one thing if he had just whined he lost or he felt he was cheated, but it's another when he starts accusing fraud, wreaking havoc on our democracy, and throwing thinly veiled threats to his own Vice President.

  28. Something tells me the Facebook oversight committee lacks describable pupils and eyelids, just like Mark Zuckerberg.

  29. They already made decision this is just a show

  30. Trump doesn’t represent conservative values. His account did not get shut down because of his conservative ideas

  31. 60 million idiots is no reason to let that mangy dog out 👌🏽

  32. Screw facebook…their stock went down, thats the only reason they are doing this!

  33. It's so sad everybody is still afraid of president Donald Trump he has power and these guys are afraid it's funny did you ever hear a free speech that's right you can't have three speech unless you say what people want you to say

  34. Mind Begs the Question:
    Albert Pike wrote 3 Evil World Wars,
    World Events unfolding as he scripted,
    Governments governing Nations,
    Or World controlled by Albert Pikes Agents?

  35. Even though every private platform has the right to censor whatever they want and not uphold 1st amendment, I do think in long term if we don't have a platform that upholds 1st amendment, it will divide people more

  36. Sometimes our speech can get us in trouble if it causes harm to others or if your slandering someone deformation of there caracter and its untrue and it causes that person to loose income.


  38. I hope President Trump does his own sight…THE AMERICAN PATRIOTS!!!!!
    I want a BOOK written too!!!! EXPOSE ALL MR PRESIDENT!!!!! Then…a movie!!!!!!

  39. “The censorship of Conservatives is popular.”
    Trump’s politics of grievance and victimhood lives on.

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