Monday , January 18 2021
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Facebook Removes Pages Pushing Health Misinformation | NBC News NOW

“NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny reports on the newest efforts by Facebook to remove pages spreading misinformation about natural cures and vaccines for Covid-19.
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Facebook Removes Pages Pushing Health Misinformation | NBC News NOW”


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  1. This passes for journalism? "Well, these pages sort of cover flu and vaccines…that they're dangerous" – smiling, laughing and not even giving ANY coverage to any of the information. This is like wolves, gnawing at prey they've slaughtered. Don't believe them. They are LIARS.
    Luke 10:3

  2. Really don't cause harm why are they indemnified then.

  3. Good thing Facebook & NBC reported the crackhead Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation”🖕🏽

    Immortal legend……
    No matter Flourish or Depression, always common peoples suffer difficult.

  5. I have friends from former soviet union and Venezuela. The first thing that the leaders of these countries did was censor and demean any opposing views. The only view allowed was state sponsored. Wake up. All these social media platforms are censoring anything that goes against official narrative.

  6. Mainstream media is the biggest misinformation of all time…liars and hypocrites

  7. Delete Facebook and never look back. It is a poison to the mind that allows idiots to spread massive misinformation as long as Facebook gets a cut of the profit

  8. Hmmm…Remember when people were banned on Twitter and Facebook for posting the Washington post article about Hunter?

  9. Facebook paid by big GOP and other psychotic donors.It's for money$$$$$ for FB.They just can't get enough,who is the biggest billionaire is their game

  10. Take down the Tobin Report. Massive vaccine misinformation.

    Immortal legend….
    No matter Flourish or Depression, always common peoples suffer difficult.

  12. I got the flu shot and I had a severe case of allergy that send me to the hospital three days now I afraid with this vaccine that neither passed the three face o level. I’m sorry but I don’t want to take a change of getting sick because of side effects.

  13. Censorship from fake news tech…and they want to label others as living in an echo chamber 😂

  14. Tulipar – A better place, a social network platform the is unbiased, simple, free of advertisements and without any affiliations, we are here to bring social network back to how it should be.

  15. Maybe its time for facebook to understand how he started ?

  16. "misinformation"***

    Just quit Facebook. Quit Twitter. Quit both of them. It's not necessary. It potentially eliminates the possibility of maintaining a healthy relationship, ESPECIALLY marriages, destroys self-esteem, brainwashes you, takes all of your time, and if people actually care then it is positively guaranteed that they WILL make an effort to reach out. If they don't, then maybe you did yourself a favor by not wasting your life on an illusion of friendships.

    Why continue supporting platforms that don't are about you to talk to people that don't care about you?

  17. Facebook is entertainment,how cohld you think it would have become a serious informative platform at the same time? Lets just make serious platforms and stop using facebook for that, it s not so difficult to understand lol

  18. Trump loves Twitter, how about Biden? Facebook?? 😂

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  20. Hey Brandy
    why did you drop the ball on extraterrestrial beings that Israel apparently has reported you reported that as if you picked it up placed it down and quietly walked away why are you guys not speaking more about it?

  21. How about the misinformation about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines?

  22. Also won't ever accept Creepy Uncle Joe as my president

  23. Dropped FB YEARS ago for their censor ship


  25. Is there a way we can silence a failure of a president who spews vitriol and misinformation? Sure is: VOTE HIM OUT AND IGNORE HIM.

  26. ⭐️🇺🇸⭐️TRUMP2020⭐️🇺🇸⭐️

  27. All this tells us is that big pharma now has its hands in face book. Keep acting like a 1st gen vaccine is going to solve all problems. Covid has a 99.7% survival rate.

  28. Yes… "Disinformation" I understand 🤫😉

  29. The problems is that Facebook gets to decide what is "information" and what counts as "misinformation" and can easily be manipulated by big lobbies or comporations

  30. My mother got the flu vaccine in dec, 2017. She came down with a severe case of the flu, that turned into pneumonia. Then she had a stroke. So this woman can say vaccines are safe all she wants. The real truth is they aren't 100% safe, so take them at your own risk. FYI, I'm a veteran, & a son of a retired veteran, my shot records are 3 books thick, I've been given just about every vaccine known, some I didn't have a reaction to, others I did. Now this is the truth. Take vaccines but beware people do catch diseases from them.

  31. Not to be snarky, but what was the point of this? If you're going to tell us that facebook dropped pages, tell us what they were.

  32. YouTube needs to do something about the trolls in the comment spreading disinformation about the vaccine

  33. Silly misinformation is not so silly when repeated ad nauseum.

  34. Vaccines have been known to cause harm… smh. Even the American Journal of medicine wrote a whole article on the cause of all auto immune diseases like als, Alzheimer’s…etc. 🧐 you can look that up yourself.

  35. all religions should also be removed for the same reasons

  36. Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  37. We don’t appreciate it in trumps information of his campaign

  38. I think it’s about time YouTube started censoring. A few times I have reported someone. Their message disappears, but comes back again hours later.

  39. About time….dangerous false information spread by paranoid unskilled people has no place in media.

  40. Facebook is a Distraction from Reality!

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