Monday , January 18 2021
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Facebook, Twitter CEOs testify on censoring Hunter Biden story, handling of election

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testify before the Senate on blocking distribution of the New York Post story about Hunter Biden and the handling of the 2020 election.

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  1. US election "show me" don't matter what you show me,, it's all fake! Numbers alttered,, so votes keeping increasing, and increasing,, that's why Trump decided STOP! the counting!! There is a way "triky"…. cheating in other words,, but at the end,,, you'll be surprised!! Who's the President of the US for the next 4 years!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  2. The AP is not authorized to "call" a Presidential Election.

  3. So these guys start a company and it becomes successful, under free markets and capitalism. They make a boatload of money under this system and now they are so arrogant they think they can change all the rules. Markets, free speech, media corruption. They need to be held accountable.

  4. Lies Mark you don’t care about child explotación at all

  5. Is addicted and a danger to human nature as an electronic device that interfere in our brain!

  6. What make them think that prostitution is right for us or not as well as saying the true corruption regarding our leaders now day

  7. Even prostitution is allow in these platforms and they going to decide if we are lying or not!

  8. No transparency at all because we can not say or opine whatever we diside is true or not! We don’t need these platform to decide that over us

  9. We don’t need a any tech platform to tell us what to say or think

  10. What is he talking about! He sound molested! Who told him that our opinions has to be control!

  11. What about the news media’s assumed Biden win without investigations into the huge number of known voting irregularities being completed. There needs to be limitations on the news media to only broadcast news or in other words, facts and not political opinions.

  12. I hope I'm alive to hear how they were dragged out in the middle of the night by the very socialist government they worked to create.

  13. And the cats out of the bag on the election already no need to call for people to try to silence our president.. Either u agree with or not..

  14. Senator Kennedy hit the nail on the head when he said let both sides say what they want as long as it’s not causing harm. I will do my own research on what’s best for my family. I don’t need anyone to tell me what to believe that’s nuts..

  15. The lady said they are bending over backwards othing new going bk to 2019… ur it new or not.

  16. Testifying and then what? It’s becoming a joke!

  17. The lady said they are bending over backwards for Trump n Republicans, then she said this is nothing new going bk to 2019… ur it new or not.

  18. They put themselves in this position by being bias… and trying to regulate free speech. The phone company doesn’t listen to your phone calls.. and stop your conversation saying this may not be true..When they started doing that they lost the privilege for 230..They did this themself.

  19. The election was fraud… no need to add extra fact checking we know it…

  20. So with all this questioning of these two clowns what's going to be done with it
    What's the outcome

  21. Twitter and Jack Dorsey are really sweating right now because last week Twitter stock dropped 21.2% in one day.

  22. I guarantee you Senator Blumenthal gets campaign contributions probably from the big Tech lobbyists like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It just seems the way he's talking he wants to have his cake and eat it too. In my opinion.

  23. Start public hangings like This means something or are we going to just let our country die? this is becoming the Soviet States….it’s about proving a point, whose gonna make it?

  24. Why do 2 people acting in good faith look so nervous?… probably because they aren’t. It’s all a horse and pony show for them. From someone who writes code, I’ll tell you algorithms are only as unbiased as the biased people who write and review them.

  25. Fox !! Head down, chin up !!
    Your ratings will climb the more you keep your noses clean.
    The World is watching!!
    Trump 2020!!

  26. The censorship and bias from these two ceos is ridiculous greatly affects news and reality today.

  27. And who the hell are those two to know what or not we need to know? They're arguments are beyond scary and full of pride.

  28. Apparently hearings never ended up with any consequences for them. After hearing they just go back and continue their crimes against humanity.

  29. Who is checking the fact checkers? Or, at times are they leaving the foxes in charge of the hen houses?

  30. Lock em up
    Trump 2020 – 24

  31. wasnt Booker and Harris calling out Biden a racsist during the democrate debate? and now harris is Vp lmao

  32. its funny Zuckerberg was caught selling 50+ millions of personal user imformation secretly…but yet Zuckerberg bought many homes around him not to have his privacy invaded lol….wow simply wow lol

  33. Never trust a man that doesn't speak from the heart and mind on spot. If you need to prepare and read from something someone wrote for you then I don't trust you. Which is why I deleted social media platforms including Facebook. Mark and Jack does not care about us at all.

  34. Mark is reading what they wrote for him

  35. They don't need to fact check AKA (censor) anyone!!

  36. Hunter Biden and the Glass Dildo video soon!

  37. So why did you give democrats millions of dollars and Republicans nothing during the election

  38. U.S. elections Screw the AP!!


  40. To have these people make up this hypocrisy in , false allegations, conspiracy theory? What about their claims of election outcome? What about the fact votes were switched from Trump to Biden….fact, not theory. Their fact checkers are biased and misleading. The voices they block are speaking truth. The left and their hyperventilating followers threaten bodily harm. These voices are never censored. Truth tellers are labeled and marked falsely as dangerous content. Why is the truth dangerous. The voice willfully desiring harm are not admonitionished, not are their hyperbolic lies addressed as being lies. They act as publishers. Change the wording to read threatening instead of letting"them" choose what is considered"harmful". Truth need not be censored, when it contradicts the narrative. Truth is fact.

  41. Just kind of feels like a typical Scape goat ploy, Let’s blame social media and get all eyes off of us LOL

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