Thursday , December 2 2021
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Facebook Under Fire After New Documents Leaked

Facebook insiders have leaked new documents regarding employee anger over the company’s role in the January 6th riots. The documents show Facebook knew its algorithms pushed users to extremes and failed to stop the growth of conspiratorial groups.

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  1. Leave Facebook alone. Is a great site.

  2. Mark Suckerberg is an alien.
    FaceThing is crap because of selective censorship.
    NBC is just as bad if not worse.
    Buck Fiden!
    Let’s Go Brandon!

  3. Mark was always pretty untrustworthy from the beginning, there’s footage of him an the news saying stuff about the professors like “ these idiota trust me with their info” something like that

  4. Fake fake paid whistle blower by FB.

  5. Fake whistle blower. It's a media stunt to create censorship.

  6. So it’s Facebook faults that conspiracy theories exist ?

  7. Good. I hope they totally fail. 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. I bet Facebook played a lot of NBC's fake news. How's that Russian collusion going nbc? 🤣

  9. This is all to control our speech!!

  10. Democrats want Facebook “more safe” lol meaning more censorship and less point of views from everyone

  11. It's the same as if people were listening to conversations on landlines in the day…..wait…. the same people are actually in control of FB. People were listened in on and that's how families and such got out on " lists". It happened and hopefully that will be exposed be too !!!

  12. Is it still a conspiracy if the documents come from the business or department under scrutiny?

  13. facebook is very arrogant. that's it. they have so much money and they think they are more powerful than government even God.

  14. The down fall of Facebook like MySpace 👍

  15. She has already given facebook the idea to start charging people that use Facebook

  16. How do you fire Facebook shut up

  17. About time!! FB needs to be held accountable for its hypocrisy!!!

  18. Whistleblower scam calling for more not less cancellations of our liberties. So blm, antifa, etc. are all ok? Nice try fools! Incase you missed it kiddies, the fbi determined none of this was "organized" especially on facebook. This is what happens when sociopaths become leaders in big companies!

  19. Weird…who could have guessed that the “leaked” documents would support censoring Trump supporters just as Trump starts talking about running again in 2024. Almost like they found a way to paint any of the 76 million trump voters as violent right wing extremists. And when you look at THIS footage from Jan 6…starts to almost look like a Psy-op…but only to a crazy conspiracy theorist obviously.

  20. Why does anybody still use this crap?

  21. This sounds like the concerns of a Tyranical Authoritarian Communist Country Americans are supposed to have freedom of speech meanwhile The sometimes vacant minded Joseph R Biden Jr Demands censorship? So to any Patriot they remember documents declaring our government is meant to be for the people and by the people though currently Washington DC is For the Corporation's and by the Insurance Companies? If you ask me January 6'th was begging to Happen! It's far more American than Joe Biden's vision of America?

  22. Why do people love strife more than peace

  23. Ah yes blame fb for not being pc.

  24. Facebook is a cancer to society. Twitter too

  25. Sounds to me like that zuk has put all the work into a VOLUNTARY spy and tracking network now the government NEEDS to "take control and regulate"

  26. I left Facebook 10 years ago. Life has been amazing.

  27. It wasnt an attack the capital police allowed it and let the protesters in

  28. We’re still talking about that??!! How about Afghanistan??

  29. Never had a FB, YouTube my only social media app, just get rid of it, I hear alot of ppl saying how toxic FB is…. YouTube Is toxic now, I can only Imagine what happens on FB

  30. What possible reason should a social media site censor its content? Unless of course you are against free thought and expression. Sounds very Orwellian to me.

  31. Didn't know Facebook was the freedom of speech police 🤔

  32. I'm starting to think January 6 was a setup just like 9/11, BLM roits and Covid. The government is considering More security unless freedom. Just like every false flag we are sacrificing our freedoms for security and these fake news I'm going to wrap this pill up as a good thing. What a bunch of sellouts.

  33. Aw the "attacks where one women was murdered and the officer got of Scott free yes I remember that. But if it was black people walking around this would be insanly racist

  34. It's not facebooks job to censor speech

  35. Here's an idea. Stop blaming everyone for everything. Who cares if Facebook is spreading fake news. Stop using it! Be aware it spreads fake news. Stop believing it. I quit using Facebook two years ago and I haven't missed it one bit.

  36. Time for the Lawsuits to begin.

  37. NBC is a 10th rate CNN wannabe- No longer a great network!!!!!!

  38. Fake whistleblower to censor even more

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