Saturday , July 31 2021
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Fact Check: Do Violent Video Games Spur Mass Shootings? | NBC News

Researchers and politicians have long sought links between real-world violence and bloody video games. In our series, “60 Second Fact Check with Jane Timm,” we look to see if the link is real.
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Fact Check: Do Violent Video Games Spur Mass Shootings? | NBC News


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  1. Violent videogames cause mass shootings
    Mario makes you become a plumber and take shrooms while throwing turtles at people
    Any sports game qill turn you into an athlete
    Playing halo will make you a space warrior
    Playing minecraft makes you an expert carpenter

    This is how the media sounds when they say videogames cause violence

  2. Blame violent movies. My brother grew up watching Jurassic Park and he got arrested for a mass biting in his school.

  3. There are violent video games and violent movies all around the world but there are mass shootings pretty much only in the US. Try again.

  4. This is NBC talking. They have a liberal bias so its hard to believe them

  5. People are disliking even though she says video games are not causing violence.

  6. So video games are all over the world and America is just known to have mass shootings but there are other continents and countries that also play a lot of video games but not has many mass shootings… therefore VIDEO GAMES DO CAUSE VIOLENCE EVEN THO THE LOGIC OF IT MAKES NO SENSE.

  7. Take the guns away instead cause rainbow 6 is lit

  8. If video games. Are so Violent What about National Television is that violent too?

  9. Fox news : what should we blame voilence on .video games .games abusive parenting fox:throws guy out window

  10. We made our own game using media liars. We hunt them and then we eat dinner.

  11. A yes moving my thumb automatically teaches me how to shoot an AR-15

  12. I enjoy a game of minesweeper as much as anyone else but I'm not going around planting bombs

  13. Although your focus was generally on violent video games in the{ most widely used theme's and formats}. The area of focus according to the recent incident in El Paso Texas used a term in the new's called "Domesticated" {to make familiar} violence. There are game's that incorporate a criteria in Environment's within {familiar location's} and land mark's etc. This mean's what we as U.S Citizen's are accustomed to living within. That's a very big difference, in most shooter war type game's ! One particular game that has been very popular. That portray's domesticated violence and warfare is G.T.A. #5, in this game's format concept it revolve's around organised street crime. That deal's a corrupted business angle to create a clean front as deception within multiple towns,city's and districts etc. I also have noted two other similar game's that use " domesticated " violent organised crime as the backdrop theme and format. Saint's Row {very similar to G.T.A.} & A game that I viewed the trailer- clips for about 2-1/2 years ago. That detailed domesticated organised crime by using hacking method's against varied Corporate entity's within the U.S. The game focused on high tech crime by mean's of espionage and sabotage element's etc. {while maintaining a criminal "stealth" clean front} I think the game was called Dog's of war ? Witch was very similar to the G.T.A & Saint's Row concept format.

  14. I hate this video because back when there were incidence like this the media or news will always use the escape goat that video games were the problem and now that someone they don't like use this excuse they finally say video game aren't the problem.

  15. What's next Violent t.v. shows and movies

  16. No. Want proof? The normal answer is obviously America isn't even in the top 2 countries who play the most video games. It alone has this problem. 2. In America there are gamers who are girls, black, Asian, Hispanic. Yet it is white males who most often commit these heinous acts. Are only white males at risk playing video games? No. It's not the games.

  17. How come nobody says its the parents fault for not paying attention to their childs and not noticing that they are psychos

  18. Maybe parents should monitor and regulate what their children are playing/watching rather than blame the video game industry entirely.

  19. I think 🤔 that pork chop choppers are the blame for mass killings, guy who can’t afford to go pig 🐖 hunting or are just bored 😑 of killing wild pig 🐖 revert to killing humans. Have a pig 🐖 ever took a job from you or sold drugs in your community. Some stupid people equate this to their warped reasoning to killing total strangers.

  20. Stupid kids. Of course there is no evidence linking video games to violence. What we are going to have a study where we take some of these pathetic Zombie brats and purposely make them violent. Can you imagine how loud their fish smelling teachers would cry for the ugly little mindless monsters?

  21. I wonder why old people are so dumb? Are you guys going to be dumb after you learn more over the years. It's weird how experience and knowledge makes you dumb.

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