Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Fact Check: Trump’s Allegations Against The Bidens | NBC News Now

President Trump is still pushing unfounded theories of wrongdoing by Former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in Ukraine. NBC News’ Jane Timm fact checks the president’s claims.
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Fact Check: Trump’s Allegations Against The Bidens | NBC News Now


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  1. Remember if Biden's son getting money after Joe left office was wrong, then Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric all will be in the same situation if they aren't already. I'm more than happy to investigate both sides, but the White House would have to give evidence instead of obstructing another investigation…

  2. Dishonest liberal media – Makes me love to vote for Trump #Trump2020

  3. Hunter Biden-a man kicked out of the military for drugs who left a crack pipe in a car rental.
    A guy who does not speak Ukraine with no experience is gas and oil yet earns $50K/mo
    serving on the board of a corrupt Ukraine company. A guy who daddy was tabbed by Obama
    to handle foreign relations in the Ukraine.Sound fishy? It should.

  4. These ladies are so young to have permanently undermined themselves for life by putting this on film. On broadcast. They'll never live down this level of stupidity, being duped, and outright lying to millions (lol, ok, thousands) of American citizens. I would not want to be them.

  5. Hunter Biden was under OPEN investigation for money laundering. FACT! Nice try though NBC

  6. I see 55 people actually showed up @ Joe Biden's Rochester New Hampshire event.🤣

  7. There it is there, Baby Biden was just doing "charity work", I'm going back to bed.

  8. I am no even going to waste my time listening to even the first sentence of this. MSNBC is owned and operated by far left people and so all their stories are lies. Americans should absolutely want to know the facts in how the Dems tried to screw the Republicans in 2016. I can't follow all this stuff but am committed to never, ever again vote for any Dem ever on any ballot. Schiff and Pelosi and AOC have ruined the party and although I am a registered Dem in a blue state, I will do whatever I can to fight their corruption. If anything, I know that I need to vote against late term abortion and slandering good men and letting the Dems try to stack the courts with far left judges.

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Nothing to see here eh? Dems are done

  10. Pence is going to need Corruption Conversion Therapy.

  11. Corrupt fake news! Biden and his son need to be in JAIL!

  12. And remember you don't hold the Senate.

  13. Unfounded claims? Hunter Biden had no knowledge of Ukraine or China. He knows nothing of the countries and their energy sectors yet he made a billion dollars in the energy sector while his father was Vice President and point man for the two countries. It reaks of corruption. If Trump and his sons did that the scandal on your fake news network would play 24/7. This video proves that NBC is a democratic media site and is not interested in the truth. DISGUSTING and the company should be ashamed.

  14. Next time I do fact-checking I wont follow their method of asking my goldfish

  15. So what. Nobody cares that he is a pedo, why would anyone care about this. You wanna play you gotta pay.

  16. $50,000 a month, barely enough for Hunter's coke habit.

  17. You moronic jackwagons would be faithful followers of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler if you had been born in 1930.  Stupid little sheep following your Pied Piper over the cliff. You really need something beyond a high school education before you start spewing your idiotic crap.

  18. The Joe Bidens? He named his son Joe too?

  19. We need filthy Uncle Joe's transcripts back when he and his son were raking it in in the Ukraine. Going to have to shed some daylight on Trash Heap Biden's dirty Chicom deals also. Maybe there's a video of dirty Uncle Joe bragging about that. Would not be surprised.

  20. I bet NBC is happy nobody ever talks about the DNC emails where we saw that they colluded with the Clinton campaign to help rig the primaries.

    I knew NBC was incompetent trash when they got caught editing the george Zimmerman police call. Enemy of the people.

  21. NBC, the only station that can be wrong more than the weather guy and still keep their jobs. After 3 years of pure lies, I'm really surprised you still have an audience. Wake up Liberals, the Democrats will toss you to the side if you are not in lock step with their agenda.

  22. No wonder women have a hard time with being intellectually inferior to men. With ignoramus' like this, this sets woman back ten years.

  23. Show FACTS… Look at John Solomon @thehill if you can't figure it out yourself. Even Glenn Beck figures it our and showed it on chalk boards… PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK

  24. Whats sad is a lot drones believe what they are saying.

  25. can't believe so biased media… time for a cleanup

  26. Nothing to see here….move along!

  27. Ok. Now it's time to investigate Ivankas business in China

  28. I don't have experience in any fuel industry Ukraine can hire me immediately $10k a month will do.

  29. Unlike the left's accusations about Trump right ? Gfy commie traitors.
    MUH RUSSIA !!!!

  30. Dems are extremely disappointing. DEMS are spinelessly WEAK. Paedophile trump aka individual one walks all over the DEMS. DEMS deserve to lose in 2020 for their inaction.

  31. And what qualifications gets him this position and this salary that came from it. Or the monthly income from it.

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