Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Fact check: Trump's campaign-style video touts coronavirus response, omits context | USA TODAY

President Trump played the video at a White House briefing, slamming what he sees as unfair media coverage of his administration’s pandemic response.

Pushing back on reporting that has questioned the scope of his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump played an unusual three-minute-plus video at the White House this week touting his efforts.

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  1. Don't worry about that:"I am the present and future of this world, whoever wants to follow me will be with me in paradise" – China.

  2. Quote from his tweets when questioning him at his daily briefing which are really only election campaign rallies

  3. Why don't the reporters and journalists just quote the tweets that trump tweeted earlier this year praising China and the who on their handling of the crisis to show the lies and lack of response from his administration until it was too late

  4. Facts to the GOP? Whatever will get more votes to keep them in power. Provided they don't kill off everyone they need to have vote for them to keep them there. But…since it's mainly the sick and elderly that are dying…those are the ones who would vote Democrat, anyway. So it behooves the GOP to keep up the lies….

  5. what happened to February?

  6. The Alberta government started ordering PPE equipment when the first repots were coming out of China in December. They are now sharing the extra PPE with other Provinces. We heard about it in BC in December as we tried to talk a family member and his wife from travelling during that time. So what I don’t understand is how come the President didn’t hear about this rapidly spreading virus in December? Or maybe he did?

  7. I'm gonna vote for Trump!! I'll meet any of you Soros paid cowards in person and say it to your face!!

  8. More "orange man bad" propaganda from USA Today. I fully support President Trump and I'm definitely voting for him again!!

  9. Of Course … What Did You Expect ?

  10. As a Nation we need to conclude that we voted in a con man celebrity President. Trumpers should understand its not their fault and never Trumpers should not rub in this fact. Be kind to one another and let's do the right thing and remove this dictator President while we still can.

  11. Sounds like Kelly Conway had some input into making the WH video.

  12. Trump is a liar and only cares about himself.. he's a sociopath that now wants to claim he did things first.. Governors did things first because he refused to believe this was real.. he spouted for weeks it was a Democratic Hoax … He needs to be voted out.. he's a joke and a clown

  13. @USA Today: FACTCHECKING USING LIES IS NOT FACTCHECKING. 1) He did not call COVID-19 a hoax. He called the media's criticisms of his response a hoax. 2) Most of what you call "facts" is opinion, which is why you are losing readers. You cannot tell the difference between your opinions and facts.

  14. If you believe everything that USA today says you’re a sheep. The New York Times was the first supposed great newspaper to play down the coronavirus they didn’t think it was all that serious it was in January. The president has done all he can to help protect the American people . Before you go and believe what USA today says do your own fact checking.

  15. I was watching China go into lockdown back in January an once I realized our government wasn't stopping flights from China I took my kids out of school an the school told me were doing everything to keep the kids safe😂 no thanks a month later all the schools closed

  16. TRUMPs time left to play a President⏳⏳⏳ November is coming DONNIE😉

  17. So you fact check then don’t show the actual clips you talk about …FAKE NEWS

  18. It is done thru prayer!🙏 God is in control!!!👏💜💜

  19. wow some of you are bashing Trump, but you are forgetting to bash creepy Joe with the wandering hands, kissing his granddaughter on the lips, AR-14's, "we hold these truths to be self evident, that all….. well you know"
    "Look me over. If you like what you see help out. If not, vote for the other person."
    Can"t remember where he spoke at, "JESUS"
    Can anyone else in the world stammer and stutter more than middle class Joe?
    When you tards vote for old Joe, just imagine his wrinkly old fingers penetrating you.

  20. You lose again, libterds

  21. Wwaaaaaaahhhhh orange man mean to us….yall gonna have enough energy to throw tantrams for another four years?

  22. Let's go with hydroxychloroquine with zinc as a cure. An orthodox Jewish doctor in New York City prescribed this to his patients and it worked:

    Let's give that a chance rather than going with Gates' obsession with vaccines. Gates' dad was a eugenicist.

  23. If you believe anything he says "you are a sheep!"

  24. If it were Obama, the leftist press would have gone gaga instead.

  25. the president tryna save us while yall bashing him!! he is surrounded by ppl who seem to be working with china ! fauci was caught lien several time about the seriousness of the virus! even criticizing trump for closing the boarders!! Pay attention!!

  26. Being over smart habits of trump makes own country people turn to death….!!!!

  27. Remove this embarrassment Trump 2020

  28. Trump never takes responsibility for the harmful impacts of his actions and inaction. He is still trying to lie, blame, deny, deflect, bluster, scapegoat, obstruct, bully, insult, gaslight, and obfuscate his way out of this pandemic mess he’s created. All the while his allies, goons and lackeys flood the airwaves and social media with the same bs.

  29. USA Today talking about leaving things out of context? Now that's funny.

  30. Basically, the video is equivalent to a campaign rally. How long did it take to prepare? Who all worked on it? How many of those who worked on it get checks funded by the taxpayers?

  31. I think our governor of Michigan is doing a very good job it's the people that are not following through what she is saying if the people would stand up and do what she wants done there would not be no problem our governor is doing a fantastic job for our beautiful state of Michigan

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