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Fact Checking Joe Biden’s War Story | NBC News Now

Former Vice President and 2020 hopeful Joe Biden faces backlash for misstating the details in a touching war story he told voters while campaigning in New Hampshire. NBC News’ Jane Timm reports.
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Fact Checking Joe Biden’s War Story | NBC News Now


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  1. NBC news fact checking, now that’s laughable.

  2. "…misstating the details in a touching war story…" — LOL!
    "…misstating the details…"
    Oh you fukcen lying leftist shills.

  3. Stop trying to force feed us Joke Biden and stop making excuses for him.

  4. Crazy Bernie is the oldest from them all. Joe china 2020

  5. Truth over facts! It wasn't a gaffe, he really meant it. He's just given you an example.

  6. all wrong , just like JOE all wrong for the democratic party .Maybe he should apply at the REPUBLICUNT party . Where all the PERVERTS and PEDOPHILES hang .

  7. You could spend the rest of your life fact checking Trump's lies.

  8. Dumb, old, memory lost Joe Biden is the front runner for the Democrat party, I like it. Fake news and stupidity of NBC

  9. May I ask all of all to consider doing the following? Plead with your Democrat friends and neighbors in a calm convincing way. Ask them to remember a senior citizen they know who is not only not as sharp as they once were, but who is most definitely showing signs of dementia such as Alzheimers.

    Ask them to watch and listen to Mr. Biden. Ask them to consider if the poor man should not receive some kind attention for his own good and especially from those around him. The people enabling Joe Biden know what is going on and they are USING him and it is DISGUSTING! Ask them also to consider if people who would do that – that is those who hold power in The Democratic Party – really care about anything and more importantly ANYONE- except themselves and their lusts for power. Plead with them gently so they will see that if they are willing to do what they are doing to Mr. Biden, than they will surely be willing to do anything to us! Plead with them gently so they will see the truth.

  10. Stick a fork in him. He's done. Looks like Warren 2020. She's really the only sane choice.

  11. The far left media attacking Joe is sickening. Leave him alone!

  12. First Hillary lied about landing amidst gun fire and having to run for her life for safety, then Brian Williams tell the stupid war story of being under fire yet again. And now boring old joe has to make up war stories. Don't any of these people tell the truth? And is joe really so stupid as to think that no one would check? This is who they want us to elect as leader of our country? No wonder we are in so much trouble. First trump and they want us to have this next? I think not!

  13. And they said Trump …..well you know

  14. Biden lying? Say it isn't soooo ! He lied about a trucker for over 30 years. Biden first wife caused the wreck that caused death. She had numerous speeding tickets. Truck driver was not drunk and even officers said he had no alcohol smell. But Biden trashed that man for years , labeled him a drunk driver.. Biden's lies period.. If his lips are moving, he's lying.

  15. Trump is guaranteed a second term if Biden wins the primary

  16. In the space of three minutes, Biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony.

  17. Somebody wants Joe in there but I don't think Joe wants to be there

  18. Biden's story about saving a bus full of pregnant Black librarians from a runaway burning gas tanker is equally compelling. I wish he'd also tell that one more often.

  19. Biden is past tense. He tells stories he imagines that are NOT true. Parkland and the war medal were not decades ago as Biden is mentally not up to job. The man has mental problem. Obama right, Joe quit now…

  20. Just like Hillary dodging sniper fire in Bosnia. LOL.

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