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Fact-Checking The Democratic Presidential Debate | NBC News Now

NBC News’ Jane Timm fact checks the candidates’ claims made on night two of the second Democratic presidential debate.
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Fact-Checking The Democratic Presidential Debate | NBC News Now


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  1. i literally only wanted to see them check tulsis campaign killer on harris

  2. 1.4 followers and only at the time of this post 4100 views after 5 days with only 48 thumbs up/down interaction of which half are thumbs down. That’s when you know you have completely lost the trust of the people. You are very fake news

  3. NBC lies, family seperations is an Obama administration policy trump inherited

  4. 2020 ELECTION
    Democrats fret Obama could become collateral damage in nomination battle. DUH! the monster the first Muslim POTUS and Joe Biden created. Joe Wilson was right to call Obama a liar
    "There are also those who claim that our reform effort will insure illegal immigrants," Obama said. "This, too, is false — the reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally."
    And guess what has happened as all of the Democratic candidates for POTUS declared. So taxpayers prepare your wallets to pay
    free illegals👽 health-care 😲

  5. Fact check the fact checker for the last 3 generations family's have been separated at the boarder for many different reasons Not just by the Trump Administration I think that's why the Media call's them story's that's all the Media do these days tell Story's I wish the journalist would start asking Question's and the Media stop pretending they are journalist

  6. Fact Check: NBC YOU ARE A JOKE

  7. NPC ‘news’ is fact-checking anything? How is that even possible? Maybe they’re checking something to assure that it contains no facts, only feelings, identity politics nonsense and corporate propaganda before publishing it as news?

  8. Facts and Democrats combine like water and oil.

  9. Are you planning on uploading the debates from july 30 and 31?

  10. 2,524 views and only 16 comments I'm sure mine will be removed … Truth is dangerous to the left I think we all know who will be re elected

  11. I like this segment. I have never seen it and I think it gives people like me a little more to fact check. Thanks for the quick set.

  12. #MoscowMitch McConnell probably weighs about 210 pounds and Kevin McCarthy probably weighs about 215 or so. Now that John McCain and Jusin Amash are gone from the party there's evidence to prove that all of the republicans taken together still only amounts to a waste of human flesh.

  13. I just want to remind everyone that NBC is fake news.

  14. NBC "fact checking" would be laughable if it wasn't so sad … I mean, the debate was in Detroit. A city that was completely ruined by Democrat polices … and not one question that reflected that fact ? CNN is a trash network and NBC isn't much better.

  15. How exactly do you manage to skip Gabbard's points about Harris' record?

  16. I can’t believe they attacked Obama the way they did. This crop of Dems out of control. …poor Biden😢

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