Monday , January 18 2021
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Facts Over Fear: CDC Walks Back Guidance On Airborne Covid-19 Spread | NBC News NOW

The CDC walked back information posted on its website stating the coronavirus can spread through aerosolized droplets, causing confusion among medical experts and the public. NBC News’ Dr. John Torres reports on the information and what the public should know about the coronavirus spread.
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Facts Over Fear: CDC Walks Back Guidance On Airborne Covid-19 Spread | NBC News NOW


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  1. You are a fear mongering farce

  2. Be Strong & Courageous don’t be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go

    Joshua 1:9

    The Lord is stronger the the virus.

    Don’t believe in the TV News because they just want to make people scared and afraid. Obey the Lord because the biggest than the virus.

  3. What does the media know about facts over fear???
    All they do is pump fear.

  4. Getting it under control didn't meant there wont' be cases it means the death rate will not be out of control. I'm tired of hearing about asymptotic symptoms. When in human history have so many healthy people been tested for a disease that has for almost everyone under 50 doesn't even make them ill. No doctor the death rate has held fairly constant as cases arise. I urge people to find a bio of these CNN doctors. This is yet another guy who hasn't seen a patient in decades.

  5. It's not. Don't believe the exaggeration.
    S. Dakota governor did Not shutdown the state.
    2nd lowest unemployment rate
    Only 12% of all hospitals had COVID patients at its peak.
    But the media said the hospitals are surging with outbreak. They lie and want to scare the public. Do your own research.

  6. You cannot avoid sickness or death. Get out and enjoy life and stay away from liars and fearmongering.

  7. covid-19 hyped up full control and manipulation of the public everybody in the world should stand up as one and say enough is enough everybody take off the mask what can they do to 5 billion peopleeverybody get together and take off your mask and one time it's a form of controlling abuse is hyped up coronavirus and it's bad psychological effect on the children of the world Hebrews should not take this abuse anymore from the leaders who make these rules of manipulation and deception only way to work and get better if people unite the lie is the disease the truth is the vaccine we should all rise up for truth

  8. I would like to believe him, just can’t trust the counts or main stream media.

  9. The only reason people are still dying is because it is political. Hospitals get a huge kickback for Covid patents. They are not using the medicines right by administering them early. People are dying that don’t have to.

  10. Nobody was prepared that Covid-19 will hit the USA so hard … better prepare now :

  11. Remember people its always a war against up not a virus

  12. Corona is declining Worldwide. More and more populations are migrating from Azithromycin to Penicillin. Penicillin tames Corona and Chloroquine ends it. Ending in October 2020, Corona will never be a dangerous disease in future.

  13. Let's not talk about cases. Cases aren't sick. Cases means nothing. Count seriously sick people. Prove those cases to be sick because of this virus. Number of infection means nothing. The more you test the more cases you'll find. Not relevant. And those transporting this panic propaganda know it.

  14. God bless Trump and his family

  15. Thank God for Trump and his familly,

  16. covid-19 is hyped up 75% many people have died from cancer diabetes high-blood pressure many other things car accidents whatever not even covid-19 related and they still put covid-19 beside the individual s situation the LIE is the real disease the truth is the vaccine whoever keeps this lie going is part of a manipulating if we want anything to get better in the world the truth will make it happen Dr fuachi bill gates many people of the media and the CDC should be held responsible for the lies and crime and manipulation toward humanity whoever believes the LIE of covid-19 is really being hoodwinkedwhoever keeps it going that knows the truth about it is just evil covid-19 is real nowhere near as severe as they make it once again hyped up 75% man-made disease plan demek hyped up numbers they even pay the hospitals to put covid-19 besides someone's cause when they don't even have it time to wake up people

  17. What exactly is an "unsure trend"

  18. I would bet trump (and others with money, power and connections within Russia and/or China) is taking Arbidol, a reportedly highly effective antiviral medication (which reportedly has minimal, if any, side effects.) This medication is widely available and very inexpensive in Russia as an OTC. If trump is taking Arbitol, it would explain his not wearing a mask and his apparent lack of concern that he (the ONLY person he truly cares about) could potentially be exposed to or get COVID-19. Arbidol (being used in Russia and China for prevention and initial treatment of Covid-19, as well as other viruses) could also explain why those two countries have had a significantly lower death rate during this pandemic. If what I have read about Arbidol in various medical reports is correct, this would indicate, among other things, that the Russian and Chinese governments care more about the health and well-being of their citizens than the USA does (and that we have been 'brainwashed' into believing the exact opposite.)

    Watch "The Arbidol Story: How a Clinically Used Antiviral Drug Inhibits Hepatitis C, Ebola, and Zika Virus" on YouTube

  19. 20 yr Respiratory Therapist here. On the front lines since the beginning. COVID-19 is absolutely AIRBORNE in the right conditions. 6' won't save you. Better make it 20'

  20. @5:21 mistakes or lies being discovered?

  21. @5:27 at what point does "being wrong" go from that to being the wrong person to listen to? Or even a liar?🤔

  22. It just a really long endless hairpin turn that keeps going. The CDC is just trying to cover up that they lied about aerosol in the begginning because they wanted people to die or get sick enough to be willing to get poked with a dangerous subsidized vaccine. Just the pure contagiousness of covid-19 screams aerosol, never mind droplets. They all exist and have existed before covid. Why wouldn't a tough little virus survive in both of them? Wear a mask and hope for a good variolation if you are up to it.

  23. I cant believe how dumb he is. I'm so glad I don't live there

  24. So I'm being forced to muzzle myself in public for basic necessities over a virus that I have a 99.98% chance of surviving IF I catch it. And of course, you wonder how legitimate the "official stats" are in the first place. The US govt last week updated the survival rates (i.e., IF infected) for Covid19:
    0-19 99.997%
    20-49 99.98%
    50-69 99.5%
    70+ 94.6%
    #FactsMatter. 🇺🇸#takeOffTheMask🇺🇸🇺🇸

  25. Trump claims that his administration has done a great job on the virus. Actually they have done more to hinder than to help get covid under control.

  26. How long to make a vaccine? I heard 8 years. I think we're still waiting for an HIV Aids vaccine. Screw it, just go to the Center for Disease Control and check the updates as of 9/20/20, and move on.

  27. Get Palast book on how trump steals 2020

  28. No point in educating yal stuck n brainwashed watching fake as twisted news… trump is the last hope here n for the world

  29. Few people are stupid enough to listen to Trump or, more recently, the information from the CDC.

  30. So China was pure evil for not releasing NOVEL Corona virus information because their wanted to study it a bit more and provide us with more solid data, yet 9 months later, the CDC, NHS, and all most important medical American institutions have delayed testing, no tracking, alter statistical methods, wear or don't wear masks, transmitted through air or not, two days ago about getting it while flying, disregard scientific methods, fxck 200,000 dead Americans because freedom blocking nostrils, firing Navy Captain for wanting to take care of our soldiers, and of course altering life and death rules because of politics while we are STILL IN PHASE ONE. BUT! We care about human rights the most.

    I stopped buying any of the horseahit this country was selling a long time ago by treating us as if we were total buffons, and it is see it implode by looking at a new pair of lawyers throw money to make thing worse, while shaming China and others.

    Have we no shame? Even sadder to say, I don't think new Presidents and VPs will make a difference, because it hasn't been going down for ages now : Hope and Change, MAGA, Build back Better…….The game is nearing over……sad

  31. Big scam to enrich the Pharma companies, hospitals plus destroy nations to incorporate them into a global NWO tyranny. Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci two crooks would agree if they wanted to be honest which is never.

  32. No proof that lockdowns and forced mask wearing help prevent COVID19 or any other virus.

  33. The U.S. and the Philippines are doing the very bad with endless lockdowns and endless forced mask wearing.

  34. Sweden and New Zealand are doing the best with no lockdowns and no forced mask wearing.

  35. Countries that do the best have no lockdowns and no forced mask wearing because these things destroy the health and immune system.

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