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Facts Over Fear: What Happens Once A Coronavirus Vaccine Is Approved? | NBC News NOW

Multiple pharmaceutical companies have pledged to come up with a safe coronavirus vaccine. Dr. Natalie Azar explains what happens once a vaccine is approved and how it can be given to patients.
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Facts Over Fear: What Happens Once A Coronavirus Vaccine Is Approved? | NBC News NOW


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  1. 🌞 Grab a Hi-c or a V8,…. feel, be confident and positive,… love, laugh, live and call it a great day, 🖼

  2. Hey if you want too get better take your Vaccine! Deal with the be Side Affect Witch there will because of all the Drama queens in America! No matter what you Inject them with!

  3. I got Gamma Globulin COVID Antibodies I am Fine! More Drama!

  4. US death may reach 5.39 million if Herd Immunity before vaccination (20200908No.0056)



  5. Many scientific studies show the lack of effectiveness of flu vaccines. It would seem the Pharmaceutical vaccine
    industry via mouthpiece Fauci would have us believe otherwise:
    Who funds the mainstream media? Follow the money trail. 1) This
    investigative journalist hits the nail on the head:
    and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkYen0g4TRU and here:
    2) Meanwhile George Soros is controlling mainstream news agencies to
    support his 'agendized narratives'.

    3) How Bill Gates monopolizes global health – The Corbett Report
    4) Death certificates are being manipulated: Montana physician, Dr.
    Annie Bukacek, discusses how COVID 19 death certificates are being
    manipulated. Since her disclosure, she is being harassed and her video
    is being taken down from Facebook. This confirms Robert F. Kennedy Jr's
    statements that Big Pharma is controlling the entire agenda.
    5) The documentary titled: Plandemic ll – Indoctornation (Full Movie)
    This documentary exposes Wikipedia, Google, Snopes and various search
    engines 'false claims'. Basically, "Who programs these search engines?

    6) Questioning the Covid numbers and the PCR tests:
    7) Who patented the Coronavirus in 2003? More questions answered
    regarding this "Plandemic".

  6. Why would anyone under 80 years old take this vaccine.

  7. Doctor's report: C19 vaccine changes your DNA and both the vaccine and the swab 'test' have smart nanoparticles in them that make you trackable and scannable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywuCRVJVDqs

  8. I love how many down votes these videos get. We have democratically voted that these people are trash.

  9. Fear monger control news network

  10. HOW TO
    Recipe Book


  11. Will NOT be taking this vaccine.

  12. What is with opening up and closing again? Stay away the moment you start feeling sick, and for the ones that are not sick they can go out, the virus is only going to slow down does not mean it's gone for good. How long are we going to be in fear?

  13. Now the pharmaceutical companies care about about vaccine safety🙄 The mainstream media, YouTube and other social media platforms have spent millions trying to supreme those speaking out about vaccine damage.

  14. I only reason I dislike because the dislike number was ar 666😬

  15. Wear your masks 24/7 and take the vaccine.

  16. Yes, and years down the road, we could get anything. we need to trust our bodies, and quit playing God!

  17. What leader won't warn the people that they are leading of sudden danger, and to act upon all they can do to prevent loss of life and protection of any onslaught on society.

  18. She said her son been out of school since January mind you we didn't get shut down until March 😶 the smh

  19. That survey was missing one obvious choice: "Will never take the vaccine voluntarily"

  20. It judgment on the Europeans nation

  21. Not to mention that this is an RNA vaccine never before used that must be kept on dry ice to remain viable and effective as well as needing multiple booster doses..no thanks..my family will pass on this…Mr. Trumps magic cure to get him to elected..

  22. Forget about money or Science what about people lives you greedy

  23. Smash that dislike and read the comments!

  24. First. The vaccine then the Chip

  25. Vaccinating 327 million for something 200 thousands (0.061%) people “died” from. & 3 million recovered from smh

  26. Ethicacy? You stole it from human commerce….it will backfire.

  27. Fear is permeating everyone's judgement. The actual data as to what is known about the virus are seldom publicized.
    As to vaccines, I would touch it with a ten foot pole for at least a year after it goes public.

  28. whoever is reading know that Jesus loves you

  29. Good luck getting through to all the anti vaxxers and Q conspiracy nutters.

  30. i swear boomers will find any reason to be in abject fear of the government. go play golf jim. maybe smoke some weed.

  31. "i'm not getting it until the ceo's get it" or like…..the thousands of people who had to volunteer to get the vaccine to make sure there are no adverse side effects….

  32. "If you or a loved one received the first Coronavirus vaccine, you might be entitled to financial compensation." – medical lawsuit ads in 5 years…

  33. I want a politician to get it and test the vaccine from themselves. I doubt it. How can you give innocent people a fast vaccine and you're the people who run this country. Filthy cruel people who set this up and killed innocent people.

  34. Main Stream Media, including NBC. Thank you. Information is powerful. There is only one reason Steve Bannon told Trump you don't have to worry about the Democrats, you have to worry about the media. The media brings information the liars, thieves, corrosive and corrupt don't want Americans to know. Under relentless attacks by Trump and the crew, MSM has still remained The primary reliable source for information in the United States. Thank You.

  35. Facts over fear? From the MSM? It would be the first time since this plandemic started.

  36. 📺


    Same satanic bloodline

  37. Well……… First I want Trump to take it live from Dr fauci while Dr burks looks on smiling under her mask.

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