Sunday , October 24 2021
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Fake Covid Vaccine Card Imports, Sales Skyrocket Across U.S.

Imports and sales of fake Covid-19 vaccine cards are booming in the U.S., with customs and border control saying they’ve stopped counting how many packages containing counterfeit cards are coming in from overseas. NBC News’ Kevin Collier breaks down where most of these fake vaccine cards are coming from and how authorities are tracing them.

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  1. Lmao, finna get me a fake card

  2. Surely vakseen cards won’t lead to a Chinese-style social ID system 🤔

  3. anti vaccers will go to any length. anti vaccers are killing our children now

  4. well the way i see it they faked the ballots at the election now all the others that dont like the governments vaccines they gonna make there own cards

  5. GOOD NEWS Jesus saves us 🇺🇸🙏🙌😊I love you all love is of God

  6. NaziGermany, coming to your hometown soon.

  7. Nice! They made COVID and the bootleg COVID vacc cards! Cornering the market

  8. If someone is going to put their own life at risk for this ridiculous “cause” you would think that they would also have enough pride to suffer the consequences (inconveniences?).

  9. Perfect a fake vaccine passport for a fake vaccine. Just My Thoughts…

  10. Yeah, why pay money to fake it when the real shot is free? That's a real brain trust out there, I'll risk paying hundreds of dollars to some rando, rather than keep that money for other stuff like…bourbon. People are already complaining that they're short on money from stuff and they're just gonna blow a few hundred on a piece of paper? At least when you get the shot, you'll have a better chance of surviving or reduced symptoms, or not even showing symptoms, the card is just gravy at that point.

  11. 🤣😂"yes, all we need is your social security number, bank account info, your pin, and $200 in bitcoin." Are these Trump supporters ever going to stop getting grifted?

  12. What it means to be an American it is to be defiant. The Nation was born through defiance. To be a true American is to DEFIANCE!

  13. Can they just print it out?🤣

  14. I got a coupon for the early bird special

  15. Yo this laady is cute af..who is she

  16. I'm surprised nobody has brought Hippa to the table to sue vaccine cards violate HIPAA I'm shocked East Coast people are just going along with it like sheep 🐑

  17. They’re coming from the same place the fake ballots came from!

  18. China printed those cards several years ago

  19. Did we catch these imports using some kind of Department that Checks Imports or a Border to manage inflow? Thought those were bigoted constructs of the Pale Face Oppressors??

  20. To get in the bills game you dumnasses.

  21. Dont forget folks; we did all of these restrictive measures with polio and measles. This is nothing new. Get the vaccine.

  22. you're a failure to humans and as a society if you are actually the ones doing this you may think youre not but you genuinely are #naturalselection

  23. F your passports and your vaccines

  24. This is an excuse that will be used to implement the mark.
    Under the guise to protect the population.

  25. This is so stupid. vaccine Card you gotta be kidding me . The Times That we live in

  26. If you ever need a step by step illegal business tips come
    NBC lmfao

  27. WHERE DO I GET MINE 🖕🖕🖕🖕

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