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Fallout after historic House vote to impeach President Trump l ABC News

Trump is the third president in history to be impeached; he was charged with abuse of power and obstruction of justice, and the matter will now move to the Republican-controlled Senate.
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  1. Trump will always be marked as an impeached president

  2. Lmfao, why u guys voting to put trump in a peach!?🀣🀣🀣

    This is a joke please spare me

  3. This crap makes me laugh… Who gives a fuck of this impeachment…. If anything democrats have done is fucked themselves in their ass…

  4. How is it that all these useless millionares think they are so important and relevant

  5. The bad news -Trump impeached with NO CRIME.
    The good news-The Dems will be crushed in the Senate,
    the GOP is raising millions and attracting more Black
    and Indep. voters.

  6. He is not impeached until she finish the paperwork… She is HOLDING the paperwork!! This is just a game to confuse VOTES!!

  7. Isn't George Stephanopoulos the guy who worked for the Clinton's and is responsible for burying the Epstein story?

  8. President Trump is the worst president the US had. He needs to be impeached and removed.

  9. He is a great American president – what he has achieved is amazing. His works have increased USD that it's higher than it ever has been. One thing I'm thankful for, the USD will fall against other countries, and I'll buy some currency in the hopes he gets elected again

  10. Go Trump πŸ’ͺ Democrats corrupt

  11. I'm glad for once Democrats have something to be happy about even of it does absolutely nothing. It's like giving a kid an unplugged controller to keep them entertained while you're playing the game.

  12. "Maybe he's looking up at us", haha, he stole that bit from George Carlin. "Maybe he's screaming up at us."

  13. Trump is impeached, get over it, and πŸ˜ͺ😴 go back to sleep.

  14. He's going to get acquitted, this was low-key a wasted of time. The Senate is going to allow him to be reelected as well. I'm struggling to understand the logic of this impeachment.

  15. he impeached himself, no one to blame here but his vindictive self….looser.

  16. Funny thing is he's not impeached until they send it download Chain of Command if she even sends it one said she sends it it gets voided so he's not impeached these news media's are freaking a joke they're going to push the Patriots to go to a Civil War and it's pretty much closed in Virginia let's see how far they want to take it

  17. I wonder what our government is sneaking through while everyone is focused on this…

  18. There'll be no impeachment…

  19. Waste of time and money Thanks to main street media and Democrats God Bless America

  20. Still impeached, tho…πŸ˜‰

  21. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and stay Blessed y’all!!!!!

  22. πŸ†˜ It’s Not an Impeachment by the angry 😑 sore loser democrats — It’s a Coup and it failed. They have zero impeachment of duly elected President Trump now. Pelosi and democrats lose again. Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

  23. Nope not impeached unless it passes the Senate fake news

  24. the only reason that pres. trump does not win in 2020 is if he does not run,the people want someone who stands for something,i think they need to leave this man alone before they cause a war right here in america, i stay in the country and just heard guns that sounded like cannons going off as if they were training for something, again i say leave this man alone and fight it out at the poles, the dems know they don't have a chance, if he runs he will win because they are pushing the american people into thinking that he must be doing something for them,dems have just messed up again,they cannot see past their hatred,i am ashamed of the way they are acting.

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