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Fallout from Jon Gruden scandal will continue for weeks: ESPN’s Adam Schefter

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with ESPN’s Adam Schefter about former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden, who resigned after the leak of his homophobic and racist emails.

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  1. We could put this in perspective, these were just emails. Not even spoken words, unlike Biden who was caught on a live mic saying the n-word. As well as making racist, and sexist remarks.

  2. The autumn wind is a Raider

  3. Schefter is a little bitch that likes to get people cancelled – get TF off ESPN jackass

  4. Ah communist cancel culture at its finest here ladies and gentlemen

  5. I really want my portfolio to be up to $100,000,000 before a year, I guess it can be possible😃

  6. Who would've thought that the fallout starts with Schefter himself.

  7. I have about 5% of my portfolio in uranium stock any advice on any other stock that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

  8. He did it to himself how are you using racist remarks , anti gay statements, and sending naked pictures on your work emails i just want to know how does anybody with common sense does this wtf

  9. Glad the raiders are on the bad side of the news. They’re a pathetic organization that losses more the the browns

  10. He's a creep. A nasty bigoted stupid arrogant bonehead. He's representative of a dark past and we'll all be better off when they're all gone.

  11. Garland is a pile of crap. Corrupt, demonic and a water boy for the liberal/communist Democrat Party.

  12. Will Roger do a sandwich with Gruden and Kap?

  13. Free speech under assault by the democrats.

  14. he was cool being racist, but when he was homophobic it was time to can him smh

  15. I stopped watching and support professional sports. I don't miss it.

  16. Meanwhile they have snoop and Eminem perform at halftime who have said far worse in public

  17. The same deplorables defending Gruden, cry reversed racism for any little thing, in every chat room.

  18. Sweetie could we also stop referring to women as females thanks sir lol

  19. Private texts should be private. What happens next? They start looking into yours. Crazy world in which we live.

  20. ☝️ .made me happy today on YouTube and I promise him to tell world he’s a great person

  21. ☝️ made me happy today on YouTube and I promise him to tell world he’s a great person

  22. The symptomatic cello ironically tease because grandson dfly drown via a lush example. steady, few fierce boat

  23. The NBA also needs to be investigated for supporting and funding violent hate group BLM.

  24. Madame Mao’s cultural revolution

  25. Why does the delight of denunciation feel creepy to viewers?

  26. Johnny is done forever, to live in a hole

  27. He never said anything racial only calling obamas b.s

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