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Famed scientist searching for Amelia Earhart wreckage l ABC News

Robert Ballard has directed his ship to the island of Nikumaroro to try and solve the mystery of the American aviator’s disappearance.

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The world-renowned scientist who discovered the underwater wreckage of the Titanic now says a new clue may lead him to the spot where Amelia Earhart’s plane went down more than 80 years ago.

Robert Ballard believes a photo taken in 1937 may hold the answer to where the American aviator’s plane crashed as she tried to become the first female pilot to circumnavigate the globe.

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  1. A autistic closet lesbian jumps in a plane, gets lost and is eaten by crabs.
    Weird tragedy ? Yes.
    American feminist goddess hero?
    Certainly not.

  2. If anyone can find Amelia Earhart’s plane, it’s Robert Ballard. He has a way of looking at the evidence, re-examining it for mistakes, and then using that to his advantage in locating what remained elusive for others, like the Titanic. As for Amelia, I predict that her and Fred died when the plane crashed into the ocean. They may have tried to reach that island, but their plan didn’t succeed or they would’ve been found long before now. The plane crashed, took the bodies with it, and Ballard will find them the same way he found Titanic victims. Reduced to powder, with only their shoes to tell them by.

  3. I didn't know this oof but did they find it

  4. Maybe Ballard's latest self-promotion tour will find some answers for middle-aged, middle-class, middle-brow suburbanites who need a new glossy, photo-filled coffee table book and "documentary," available at your local Barnes and Noble or through Amazon.

  5. Why do we think her plane is in the ocean? what if it landed on a random field out of nowhere or she was assassinated

  6. U guys my theory is She and Fred were captured by the Japanese. They were murdered then a few years later the President avenged her death by going to War with Japan and sizing the Island she was killed on. Saipan

  7. This is the same photo from the report below:


    Published on Mar 20, 2012

    An old photo rekindles interest in the search for Amelia Earhart. CNN's Lisa Sylvester reports.

    So, seven years later, this is some sort of new story. Doesn't ABC have researchers to find 'old' stories about the same subject? Geezeee….!

  8. I am excited Ballard is searching for Earhart’s plane. Good coverage overall though I think they did a disservice to TIGHAR, the organization which has done so much work over the last 30 years to solve the mystery, by not mentioning them. It was TIGHAR that did the initial analysis on the photo shown in the report, and is one of the reasons Ballard thinks Nikumaroro is the place to look.

  9. Why is this famous mystery is still going on

  10. The “under the sea” song came to mind when I saw this. My smart ass brain smh 🤦‍♂️

  11. AMELIA, a heroic superstar of her time, is an inspiration to all Americans. The nation admires her greatly, and it’s saddened to hear she was apprehended on Mili Atoll (Marshall Islands) by Imperial Japan in July 1937 for photo reconnaissance, to endure brutal agony, to expire on Saipan, never to return home again. Since this unfortunate tragic story is humiliating for the federal govt., the powers-that-be have attempted to hoodwink the public and not expose the truth. TIGHAR’s claim of Amelia Earhart’s demise on Nikumaroro, original hypothesis from Fred J. Hooven (1982), is a bamboozle, diverting the public from the historical fact of A. Earhart and F. Noonan’s perishing on Saipan for espionage. Hooven soon abandoned the Gardner Island (Nikumaroro) theory after shown that many Gilbertese Island settlers had lived on Nikumaroro for many years (1938-1963), without a trace of Earhart, Noonan, or the Electra. After the disappearance, Navy Task Force planes rigorously searched the immediate area of Nikumaroro in July 1937 and found the island unoccupied. In October 1937 English anthropologist Henry Maude, who regarded TIGHAR’s claims as “bull”, visited Nikumaroro and saw nothing related to Earhart, or the Electra only 100 days after their loss. Fred Goerner sent a 1990 letter to TIGHAR’s Ric Gillespie, in which he was warned the media would not tolerate false claims about Amelia Earhart’s alleged July 1937 landing on Nikumaroro. In July 2017, the Marshallese Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledged the Jaluit Atoll dock, depicted in the now famous 1937 classified ONI photo, was built by the Japanese in 1936, making the photo valid evidence that Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan were on Jaluit Island in the summer of 1937. In 1987 the Republic of the Marshall Islands issued a set of 4 commemorative stamps and envelope covers in honor of the 50th anniversary of Amelia’s landing on Mili Atoll on July 2, 1937. For more substantiation, see Mike Campbell’s ‘https://earharttruth.wordpress.com/’, & Rich Martini’s ‘earhartonsaipan.com’.
    ADMIRAL Nimitz’s immortal words to acclaimed KCBS investigative correspondent, and Amelia Earhart researcher Fred A. Goerner, “Now that you’re going to Washington, Fred, I want to tell you Earhart and her navigator did go down in the Marshalls and were picked up by the Japanese.” A Lockheed engineer, interviewed by Randall Brink and F. Goerner, claimed to have installed two Fairchild spy cameras on the Electra 10-E. The US govt. built a Howland Island airstrip, docked a Coast Guard ship to guide Amelia, created flightplan worldwide logistics, and assigned a 17-day Navy Task Force search, for her clandestine surveillance using celebrity status as cover, not for her daredevil aviation. ONI discovered Earhart’s captivity through Japanese radio intercepts and a 1937 Jaluit Atoll intelligence photo. ONI, Adm. Nimitz, USMC Gens. Erskine, Vandegrift, and Watson, the 2nd Marine Division commander that invaded Saipan in 1944, substantiated A. Earhart and F. Noonan perished on Saipan for espionage through evidence found, and interviews conducted by military intelligence services. These famous highly decorated flag officers made this pronouncement, with no axe to grind, and with no ulterior motives. Hundreds of witnesses from Mili, Jaluit, Kwajalein Atolls, and Saipan, placed her in Micronesia, west of Howland Island. Scores of US military witnesses (Thomas Devine) observed Amelia’s Lockheed Electra in hanger,(Julious E. Nabers) ordered destroyed, (Robert Wallack) her briefcase and personal effects recovered on Saipan. In 1964, Everett Henson Jr. of Sacramento, and Bill G. Burks of Dallas, came forward as the two former U.S. Marines who recovered skeletal remains of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan in an unmarked grave, with Tracy Griswold supervising, outside a small graveyard on Saipan in July of 1944, and placed them in metal canisters for transport to the U.S. For more substantiation, see Mike Campbell’s ‘https://earharttruth.wordpress.com/’, & Rich Martini’s ‘earhartonsaipan.com’. Follow the military’s, Saipanese and Marshallese corroborated facts, not CIA-paid scientist or mouthpiece fraudulence. Amelia’s Earhart’s 1937-1944 last days captive are classified and suppressed by the federal govt., due to govt. incompetence, political (FDR) elections, wartime secrecy, and post-war diplomacy.

  12. This guy will be a bigger legend than he already is

  13. She died on impact or drowned. Mystery solved.

  14. She was one of the greatest Americans ever to live and an inspiration to women and little girls world wide ! YOU CAN DO IT ! What one person can do so can any other !

  15. She hid from society, let it be.

    I wanna know what Bigfoot tastes like. Willing to pay $250 a plate.

  16. Ok what's he really looking for? We know he was looking for a submarine so now what have the military lost?

  17. We need more news like this in America because I'm tired of Trump and the Democrats talking about Trump!!!

  18. They still searching for that trick and her plane

  19. Amelia Earhart is on an L Class planet in the Delta Quadrant…The Briori kidnapped her in 1937 along with 299 others to take them back to the Delta quadrant to be used as slaves.. Captain Janeway found her there in Cryo-Stasis…When Captain Janeway and the crew decided to carry on their journey home and resume a course for the Alpha quadrant, Amelia Earhart along with the other abductees decided to stay there. Live long and Prosper Amelia 🖖🏼

  20. Are we still on this story? Come on! The mystery was solved years ago. Time to move on to a more current feminist-sexist story.

  21. Wow, 3 out of 4 anchors are black

  22. Go look for MH370. That's the one we need to know about.

  23. It's Obvious Amelia When Thotting!

  24. SO EXCITED.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  25. That is great i wish him all the luck . To find the plane if any one can find it he can.

  26. The wreckage is like my soul, lost forever

  27. This would be incredible for her family, some closure after all this time.

  28. She was ate on a cannibal island and her plane is so far down in the ocean no one can locate it , boom solved

  29. Searching that is like searching for the infinity gauntlet or a girlfriend.

  30. NO ONE CAREs about Her it s WASTE OF TIME

  31. I hope they were find the plane before my demise..I was thrilled when then found the titanic..if anyone can find it Ballard is the guy to do it

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