Famed stock picker predicts Amazon will have more robot than human workers #shorts

CEO of Ark Invest Cathie Wood claims Amazon will have more robot than human employees by 2030.

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  1. Nothing to do with AI. Just automation to cut labor costs.

  2. "Raise the minimum wage" mantra kills jobs. Businesses, especially large corporations, will look for a cheaper way to do business; replace people with automation. Just go into McDonald's to see the change. This has nothing to due with AI.

  3. Amazon wants cranes at ports to be ran by automation. Same with semi trucks. At what point do we stand up for middle class jobs?

  4. I'm working on the construction of a new fulfilment centre and I can tell you that there are A LOT of robots in there. Roomba style. Four floors of them. They reside in caged areas that are off limits to people unless you wear certain PPE so the system knows you're in there lest ye be run down by the terminator. haha. They slide under these movable shelves to lift them and bring them to these stations that do whatever with the products on the shelves. It's all QR codes on the floor and shelves, grid lines, etc. It's considered to be fully automated but will still employ a thousand people. Someone was caught the other day posting pictures on social media so you'll just have to take my word for it. I still have to pay off my new computer. lol

  5. If Amazon didnt treat their employees so bad they could get more people.

  6. If that's the case then they need to be boycotted

  7. Most people will end up broke and homeless while Wall-e goes to work for free every day…sigh :(.

  8. It why their stating it, they firing people then stating we have no works don't worry you will believe them rich win

  9. Yes God help all humanity the Devil Is Real. 🙏🏽

  10. Considering that so many of us have become so fkng Lazy, regardless who's to blame, what should we expect?

  11. Walmart is doing in-store testing of shelf stocking robots

  12. Humans selling their souls. No creativity.Flesh bags

  13. Look at these people. None of them look healthy. the chip. Cannot buy or sell remember?

  14. Then robots and other automated systems need to be taxed in direct proportion to the number of people that these robots replaced . For example….if a system replaces 10 individuals making an average salary of 50k per year …and the individual salary is taxed at an average rate of 28%….then the company employing this robotic system would be obligated to pay 28% of the aggregate salaries of the 10 individuals that were replaced within this company. This will be necessary to keep the economy balanced as we transition. Over a 30 year period this tax would be phased out as technology will replace all forms of currency….at this point we will be at the very beginning of a Star Trek like society.

  15. All I am going to say is look up what Amazon does currently for automation. They really aren't that far off now!

  16. Robots don't lie about a relative dying just for a day off. Robots don't play on their phones 2 hours a day.. Robots don't take an extra 20 minutes on a break. Robots show up every day. Robots get along with each other. Robots don't worker harder to get out of doing a job than it takes to do a job. If you have ever owned or operated a business you understand this.

  17. Amazon in the internet it's going to fall. It will bring a great destruction on the American people till they hardwire their communications in internet back online. Understanding the true function of America

  18. I’m grateful a robot can’t do my trade.

  19. I did work for Amazon it isn't bs. They want to get the human out of it as much as possible.

  20. Well stop buying from Amazon they take millions to donate to democrats.

  21. God help all of us patriots under this horrible Regime .

  22. I hope so I don't wanna pay 100 bucks for a blu ray because some bozo wants decent wage