Saturday , October 16 2021
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Families Of Color Feel Forgotten In Search For Missing Loved Ones

As Gabby Petito’s case grips the nation, families of color are pleading for the same attention as they search for missing loved ones. According to the Black and Missing Foundation, more than 500,000 people went missing in 2020 and nearly 40 percent of them were people of color.
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  1. Okay – how many other of those thousands of missing have been highlighted next to Gabby Petito? Gosh, why make it about colored when there is ONE missing woman that is white? Maybe those black internet sleuths should get to work like the "white" ones.

  2. They did not look for him for 3 DAYs they found his car less than 2 miles from the work site his clothing wallet and everything of value at the the car. THAT IS F UP …they CLAIMED to have looked by helicopter and on the ground that… was a bald face lie. They did not look until they were pressed and by the time they did react we are looking for a body at this point.

  3. What you mean "FEEL" forgotten …. The media and social engineers love playing these stupid games …Wonder how long it took these idiots to come with "FEEL" instead of "ARE"…. Looks like they're slowly trying to start a race/civil war….. All the races against each other and their own ….Don't fall for it

  4. Mario Gonzalez who died while offers were kneeling on him , NBC didn’t even publish anything about the incident.

  5. Once they go missing chances are not good in terms of outcome. It's an evil day and age. Look to God while he may be found. Time is short .

  6. I hope and pray that you find your son alive.

  7. Playing the racial cards huh???🤔

  8. So the news reports this story….yet it's the news who decides what missing people get reported on. This is 100% the news media fault. That stupid don Lemmon at CNN should just start spending all day long reporting on black people instead of complaining about Trump. Not my problem.

  9. 🤣 the media reports the news and then acts like we are racist because they didn't report news about people of the right color

  10. JUSTICE for ALL who are murdered! No matter who you are, Reporters must do their job and talk about All cases and keep putting it out there.
    Do like Gabby's Dad did, he begged & begged for help for us all to help him/family. REPORTERS do your job, you must help ALL Families out by reporting deaths daily non stop. Don't worry you all will get top ratings for doing so.—Just saying.

  11. While there will always be racist people, this is mainly the media’s fault. The public don’t dictate to them what stories to run on their programs. If they spent more time reporting on people of color who go missing as much as white people then the broader public would be more aware and empathetic to all people who go missing.

  12. Blame the media quit pulling the lame race card. We're all human no aliens here…..

  13. Don't make this about color… Poor sad people


  15. Hello American citizens, are you observing the incompetence about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Both will go destroy USA completely, wait and you´ll see.

  16. I just hope they find this kid!

  17. Hey, two white women were murdered in Moab Utah around the same time as the Gabby's disappearance, and nobody cares about that so much either. It is not just about race… also the amount of social media and social economic class. Do you really think that if Gabby were from a poor family and unattractive people would care so much?

  18. Why does it have to be families of color? Why can it not just be “other families…”? Bad choice of words NBC.

  19. Why not, cause you all always cry foul. Live with it. That's why.

  20. Blame the Liberal media for this.

  21. That's more than your Corona virus. 500000+ a year?

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