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Families of victims in Atlanta spa shootings speak out as investigation is underway | Nightline

Randy Park’s mother, Hyun Jung Grant, was one of eight victims in the shootings at three spas, where most victims were women of Asian descent.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. "A bad day for him…" this is the kind of statement that encourages these hateful acts. When you have a bad day should you kill people? I wish this man could answer my questions.

  2. May their soul Rest In Peace to my Asian brothers and sisters May God protect you all your are in my prayers.

  3. I'm not surprised as usual the media sort of paints the picture like he is a victim. "Oh the suspect did take all responsibility" as if that makes it less severe. That officer should be fired. He paints the picture of the suspect like he's a christian whos just trying to his urges. But is killing even worse?

  4. Something is really wrong with the white people in America….even though they are the most privileged n richest n also the dominant population in USA, they still show racial discrimination. Thank god i didn't accept that green card lottery i won."im proud of it"

  5. Is it just me or does the video at 1:17 look kinda weird? Look at the outline of his body

  6. Temptation??? Sexual temptation??? Why would he be going to the Asian
    Spa if he have sexual temptation? Should he have been going to the
    Nuddy bars, the Strip Clubs, or Prostitutes and street walkers?? This guy is a racist
    and he wanted to kill Asian people that's all. I bet the guy didn't even
    mention anything about sexual addiction. It's the white cops that put
    those words in his mouth so that he won't have to face any hat crimes.

  7. This police officer is lowkey trying to protect the murderer.

  8. Why make excuses for the perpetrator? Where is the presumption of innocence and protection of privacy and honor for the detectives?

  9. The shooters lying, he probably lived a miserable life and snapped , now he wants his 15 minutes

  10. I guess she got Kung Pao’d.

  11. I dont understand why the left seems to think that shitting on the china communist party for their mistake is somehow hateful to Asian people, because the only way that would remotely be true is if they were at the same time calling all Asian's "Chinese communists", which sounds pretty racist to me

  12. To all my Asian brothers and sisters I am a black man. I love Asian culture. When i was younger I got Chinese symbols tattooed on my arm. I have no clue what they really mean and regret it. I would remove them but I would never want to remove you From my heart. I love you.

  13. This is absolutely heartbreaking 😭

  14. I dislike how this starts out like once upon a time couldn't the beginning the middle and the end all in the beginning the scenario of the story to get you to start believing mind games this is not a game though this is real life real blood that bleeds

  15. I told you during the election if you vote for democratic party u will see nothing but mads shootings and terror attacks. A week after the trailer bombing now this. Four years TRUMP IN OFFICE NOTHING. Democratics I HOLD U RESPONSIBILE U FAKE LEADERS. U want money n power nothing more nothing less. Also the texas power outage are u kidding me? This is leadership? Its killers in office.

  16. Illuminati u 🦮👈🏻u responsible. Elites democratic party explain ur leadership?

  17. Our leadership needs to change. People vote for the right leadership. THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN UNDER TRUMP

  18. I have bad day so it’s okay to kill? Is it normal? To say it especially official who by the law protect us???😰😰😰😥😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. the media stirring the pot again great job crises actors

  20. What that cop said, he had a SEX ADDICTION meant he had a HATE ADDICTION he want in there to ELIMINATE not to Penetrate. That cop is sick just like D.A. who shot those victim’s.

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