Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Family and friends celebrate the life of Tessa Majors

Majors’ memorial took place back in her hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, as authorities continue to search for suspects in connection with her stabbing.


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  1. NYPD whats taking so long go find the little thug monster piece of sh$#…firing squad please

  2. Tessa Majors…Molly Tibbetts…Kate Steinle…

  3. When do White people riot and loot and then burn NYC to the ground?

  4. Murdered by
    BL@CK $@v@GE$

  5. 13 percent of the population.

  6. Remember in the Terminator when Reece told Sarah Conner "If you want to live come with me"
    If they ever make a remake of the original Reece would say to Sarah "if you want to live avoid TEENS"

  7. More liberals oblivious to reality, they march alongside BLM in order to propagate a myth, then they send their kids to live amongst them in College citys surrounded by projects and "TEENS" and they are shocked that this happens. liberals never learn that good intentions have deadly consequences, it's really simple though AVOID THEM at all costs and you will be fine.

  8. Racist murder
    She was lynched

  9. Rest in peace Tess and deepest condolences to the Majors family.

  10. There are people hiding and protecting these thugs but no matter where they hide them the Detectives will find them. Check every NYCHA project until you find them.

  11. Just think. This could have been a graduation celebration three years hence.

    And why shouldn't the "suspect(s)" be identified and named? Stop coddling these vicious "children" who are perfectly able to discern right from wrong!

  12. When the government told us disciplining your kids is child abuse, and there is a difference between disciplining and abusing your kids, society as we once knew it began to crumble.

  13. The parent's (or parent) of this 13 year old should be charged as an accomplis! WTF was this kid doing out running around doing gangbanger initiation killings at 13? It's rediculous what is going on with our youth nowadays! We need to start some sort of youth programs to help keep kids off of the streets and tougher law's with longer prison sentences for known gangbangers that are recruiting these kids with burglary and murders for initiation into the gang.

  14. Wow a whole 47 seconds for this young girl who was murdered for no reason way to go ABC go back to talking about trump that no one really gives 2 shits bunch of morons 😮

  15. When 13 and 14-year old boys are filled with such hate and racism that leads them to kill a young innocent beautiful girl, there is a serious problem in our country that seems to be getting worse. Just 2 weeks earlier, 2 hateful racists shootup a Jewish store in New Jersey and kill 4 people which included a Police Officer. All because the Suspects were filled with so much hate against anyone who was Jewish.

  16. Should be charged with a hate crime also, if multiple white men killed a black girl they would be..

  17. How to stop a Black kid from jumping on a Bed?
    Put Velcro on the ceiling!
    How to get him Down?
    Give a Mexican a stick & tell him its a Pinata

  18. What do you call mass Confusion?
    Fathers Day in a Black Neighborhood

  19. Best place for the 14yrold killer to hide is in School.
    No one would think to look in school for a Black kid

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